LOL Flowsik cannot hide how much of a Dara fanboy he is with his fellow Aziatix members! ^^ They were asked to choose one Kpop artist they’d want to work with. Then Nicky says, “I know one artist that Flow would want to work with! Sandara Park!” then everyone just grins and starts to tease Flowsik about it, kekeke! ^^ Then Flowsik said, “Yes, yes, I’d like to work with Sandara Park! With her group, the whole group!” then Nicky and and Eddie affirm it, saying that they were “amazing.” ^_^

[24-7KPOP] Aziatix Discuss Music & Cash Money Records


Comments on: "Video: Aziatix Mentions Sandara Park in their Interview with 24-7 Kpop – “One KPop Artist That They’d Want To Work With – Sandara Park!”" (8)

  1. yeah ,I’m their #1 fan ever since i saw their video of “nothing compares 2 u” and when they received their 2011 MAMAS AWARD(i love when they did their thank u speech}I hope we asean support them and they are fans of 2NE1 too.

  2. i_love_dara said:

    I love flowsik..!kekeke..
    He really like dara…just mention the name Sandara Park..then, in a snap he’ll turn into a highschool boy who just saw her crush..hehehe..number 1 fanboy indeed..

  3. Wow flowsik lost a lot of weight!

  4. Now, I’m loving Flowsik more and more. Now tell me, who’s the greatest Dara fanboy there is???

  5. if only YG is not so possessive of his artists..hayzzz .lol

  6. yg, 2ne1 and aziatix juseyo plsssss kkkk

  7. desiweelovesaples said:

    Ohmygosh!! That is soooo totes adorbs!! 😀

  8. Nyongdalph said:

    Aigoo~ so cute! Such a fanboy! 🙂

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