Dara didn’t even answer his question. Kkkk~ So cute. ^^ Does this mean she isn’t at GD’s concert today? Some fanaccounts said she, Bom and Minzy are there but based on her tweet, looks like she isn’t. ^^


JAEWOOK: When are you coming to the concert?

DARA: I will be supporting (the concert) in my mind. Fighting ^^

Source: @krungy21 + @ganzi78

Translated by: @ilove2ne1girls

Comments on: "Twitter: Dara to Jaewook – “I’ll support the concert in my mind”" (46)

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  2. Where are you, Dara? Hehe… =)


  4. I honestly believe there is nothing wrong with what was posted here. It is within the thread topic, even the mention of Dara not attending GD’s concert since it is part of what Dara and the choreographers conversation. I’m actually happy that everyone’s quite polite even though I think emotions are running high and low. It’s inevitable that applers will be sad by this since they are self confessed shippers. As long as negativity is not fostered I’m cool with that.

    Fighting to all the concerts! MBLAQ, GD and Dae! Dara will always stan YG family but her own family definitely carries more weight. She is sending her support mentally! hahaha 🙂

  5. ot: more than 26M hits, congratz ohdara! i’m supporting you in mind and in my heart always! ^.^

  6. if she attended, i’m happy, if not, i’m happy too. either way, it’s obvious her presence or absence is a big deal to some fans,shippers and antis alike.lol i’m tired reading about shipping issues i’m just glad there’s no confirmation whether she’s there or not.
    dara is dara regardless of her association with gd. period. she’s her own woman so in a strange way, i’m actually happy there’s no confirmation whether she’s there or not.

  7. isn’t everyone just a little overreacting? i mean Dara couldn’t or for her own reasons decide not to attend the concert. But it’s not like its out of spite or anything, she even replied to Jaewook she’ll be supporting regardless of her presence. I just don’t understand what’s the big fuss about

  8. Dragonfly87 said:

    I don’t want to spoil the mood here but after reading the comments i just have to voice out some things.

    Please stop with the shipping-related comments in a non-shipping site. I know a lot of us here have our own ships but please respect this site and not post anything that may cause conflict between Daralings. 🙂

    As for her not attending the concert, she has her reasons. One can never please everyone (despite all that she has done for YG family members the past years) in his/her life. There will always be a time when one cannot do what he/she wants to do.

    So let us all take this with a grain of salt and avoid saying things about “disappointment” and whatnot. As a fan, you should have the capacity to understand and respect your idol.

    ANYWAY, I love love love YG family! ❤ the support they give to each other resonates within me. (Cue in dramatic music)

  9. yeah that’s what i was saying.. so it’s really confusing that some updates saying she was not at the concert..

  10. Hengsho everyone!

    • Yup! =)))))))) I’m waiting for Dara’s picture at the airport together with her family and MBLAQ. I am sure Filipino fans will be crazy tomorrow. Haha. =)

      • same here.. I wish they will have a TV appearance ^_^

        • I wish Dara will participate in “Deal or No Deal”. The host is Luis Manzano. It wil be really great. =)

          • I hope so,but I even in ASAP would be great. maybe sing her song kiss? or back2back with MBLAQ. what do you think? bUt i guess daddy YG wont allow her to have a TV appearance..

            • Yeah. He’s very strict when it comes to 2NE1. I hope he will let Dara to do drama this year. I feel that Dara will be one of the greatest actress in South Korea. Let’s hope daddy YG is just waiting for the right time. If she will be the main actress in a drama or movie, I’m sure she will gain a lot of advertisements. haha. =)

              • nyahahhaa.. I hope so too. I hope she will do a romcom with a lil drama.. I think it will be daebak.. ^_^ Angel is our mind connected?? Kyaaahhhaahah

  11. Unlike some people on here, I would be disappointed if she didn’t go to her brothers concert..Contrary to what some of you might make yourself believe, there is nothing going on b/w GD and Dara. i find it weird how you guys make a deal about everything GD related..As a huge VIP, I don’t mind saying NOT EVERYONE needs to go to his concert. So please, it is better to drop it and no tweet her weird things like how YOU are “disappointed”

    • I’m so happy that Dara is going back to Philippines with HER BROTHER AND SUPPORTING HER BROTHER at his own concert in their ex hometown. If Dara went to BB concet in the Philippines what more for her brother right?

  12. Be strong Dara, no matter what, I’ll always support you, with all my heart(^=^)

  13. I’m so excited tomorrow. Dara, Thunder and MBLAQ!!!! Waaaaah!! =)

  14. Jeaners_Stan said:

    Thank you! Very well said 🙂

  15. yeah ,family first before others,boyfriend and friends are not there for u all the time,family are the only guaranteed that stay with u during the hard and good times,Besides that’s her Baby brother first concert in their 2nd home,placed they grew up with,that’s nice 4 them to go see his show,fighting that’s what u call real family bonding.

    • very well said…hehehehe

      hope they well have a lot of good memories in the ph…

    • I’m a appler but I totally agree with you. Though I support Daragon but the I really want her to take the time to prepare for the trip of her whole family. Especially, this is the first time Thunder return and perform on his 2nd home. It has a very special meaning for the Thunder, as well as her family. She is the big sister of the family, occasions like this she should spend time with the family. We know how she loves her family right?

  16. Jonna SJ said:

    We all know that she loves YG Family so much. Please don’t be sad about it. There are plenty of times for her to support him/them. Besides, she is not present at Dae’s concert too hihi.

    Maybe she is going to Philippines together with her family for MBLAQ’s concert?

    please be patient guys…

  17. Why do i feel so sad right now? Aigoo.

  18. dara treasures everyone around her, her family, friends and us fans. she’s one person that wouldn’t disappoint the people that she loves. Being a very supportive person that she is I know she already talked to GD about her not attending the concert and for sure he understands her. Don’t ever forget that she flew from Korea to the Philippines just to support BB concert last year. Missing one concert isn’t a big deal especially if there is a very good reason behind it. Relax people…

  19. lougee27 said:

    @ Angel so true An amazing woman indeed. She’s made us all realize that dreams do come true//

  20. theyseemetrollintheyhatin said:

    Absolutely! Dara had supported her YG Family enough. Missing this concert doesn’t mean that she loves her YG Family less. Maybe she had other things to do.

  21. lougee27 said:

    sorry if we get you disappointed, it’s just that there was different updates about her being spotted at the concert, And I didn’t know she’s with her family. I hope you understand. ^_^. Let’s just hope for the best.

  22. Ebyangskie said:

    perhaps they have other schedules?

  23. It was announced by the local promoters in PH that Dara will be flying to PH to support Thunder, her family will be with her too

  24. lougee27 said:

    but some fans are saying they spotted 2ne1 at the concert.. And they said Dara was there too. I hope she’s there.

    • OhItsLAI said:

      @Nokiov, a Kblackjack said there was no sign of them there. Only CL. ^_^

      • lougee27 said:

        OMG! updates getting messed up. earlier YG united said that 2ne1 minzy, dara and bom was spotted and even TOP was there too.

        • Waaaah! very confusing!!

          • Yeah. I really love Dara. She’s the reason why I made a twitter and tumbler. Haha. I like her personality. She is a very strong woman and she loves her family so much.

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