Here’s a proof photo of Dara and Vhong meeting up! ^^ They look happy~ I’m glad they had fun! ♥



Same Sandara Park that I’ve met before. Still so kind. Thanks for your time @krungy21



Below are photos of pretty Dara with Vhong’s kids! ^^




Source: Vhong and his kid’s respective Instagram accounts

Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: 130329 Pretty Dara With Vhong Navarro And His Kids In Korea" (8)

  1. ckjack_bla said:

    Dara is very hospitable! Eventhough she’s an asian superstar she still gives time to visit her friends! That’s very admirable! Such a humble person! TT

  2. nikonpreap said:

    I have a feeling that dara will retire to the Philippines.

  3. nessadin0 said:

    KYYAAAHHH I’m so happy ohmygahd! My favorites in one picture!

  4. look at her eyes and her smile, she really had fun! so happy to see her happy! and she looks younger than vhong’s kids, hahaha! forever baby-faced Dara ❤

  5. i think at this moment need to sign up at instagram coz i need to like their photos.. hahhaa

  6. so touched,,

  7. xoxojulietx said:

    Really his sons looks like theyre the same age w/ dara lmao .dara u never age .

  8. why ryan bang had no pics??

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