We all know how stylists like to dress Dara up with just about any clothes, and today at the Korean Music Wave in Bangkok, we witness how she manages to pull off even men clothes! ^^ Dara is sporting Kokon To Zai’s 2013 Collection for Men from head to toe. ^^ Check out swag Dara’s clothes below! ♥


Her top – KTZ’s Rat Embroidery Patched Vest for £95.00


Her pants – KTZ’s Color Embroidered Patch Jogging Trousers for £239.00


Her cap – KTZ’s ‘Satanic Embro’ Patch Cap

Untitled3Credits: kokontozai.co.uk + @Jigsaw_03

Comments on: "Fashion Find: Dara Rocks KTZ’s 2013 Collection for Men at Korean Music Wave in Bangkok" (3)

  1. nessadin0 said:

    If I could I would like this post a billion times. I’m sorry if this offends anyone, but I find it very very attractive when a girl can pull off men clothing. Plus this is beautiful goddess Dara <333 *faints

  2. how can she be so hot even in men’s clothes? ♥

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