Our girls are looking so pretty! ^_____^ Dara so gorgeous with the hair! How cute are our Park Sisters? Bommie has her arm around Dara’s shoulders. And woah! Maknae’s hair color is now black while CL’s is already dark brown.






Credit: As Tagged + @03240118_com

Comments on: "Fan-Taken: 130309 Pretty 2NE1 at Se7en’s “Thank U” Concert" (5)

  1. Comeback soon darling… We all dying to c u…

  2. dara so pretty.. is there any fancams where dara and bom is doing the MC? thanks

  3. beautiful 2ne1. . . .!!! Please comeback soon !!!

    i wanna watch the fancam ><

  4. been waiting for fancams/pics since i read that dara was a special mc in that event….i want dara to maintain that hair…if she wants to change something…just change the color….LOL..i just need to say this again…..i really love dara-seven’s friendship…….does seven have a twin brother for dara?!,,,,,

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