Listening to 2NE1 songs again after a long time, it’s healing me. The songs are really good.  My heart is pounding hard just by thinking of performing again tomorrow after a long time.


GD: Omo, look at this noona

DARA: Um . . (쩝 <= some sound you make when you can’t think of anything to say)


Lee Hyosup: I listen to Hate You ㅋㅋㅋ Everyday ㅋㅋWhile on the way ㅋ



LUIS: You’re right, I agree with the point you made here…  But you can never tell

DARA: Wow oppa, you’re very good in Korean already~ hahaha

LUIS: I can only speak 6 languages, I even feel like I’m an idiot

DARA: That’s right Oppa…. Just a little more hard-work!!! So that you will be intelligent 🙂

Translated by: SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara/OhDara (@BlackjackBelle)

Comments on: "Twitter: Dara (@krungy21) – “Listening to 2NE1’s songs are healing for me…”" (27)

  1. Luis and Dara: TROLL MEETS TROLL. XD

  2. Another witty banter between Luis and Dara…their convos always make me laugh.

  3. dara and luis’ convo never disappoints me…LOL…i miss their banter.,,,,,,,

  4. ROFL!!! This made my night! XD Luis you’re hilarious!

  5. hahahhahah!!! this too really made my night full of laugh!!!! hahahha

  6. Luis and Dara convo is always so amusing!

  7. Sandara Stark said:

    Dara speaks 6 languages,too, Luis! Haha Korean, Busan dialect (technically a language also), Filipino, English, Japanese and Chinese on varying degrees of proficiency. Plus, the most universal-Math! Read her teachers lauded her as top-notch.

    • Really Dara is good in Math? Wow! Dara is a girl who can do anything.

      • Sandara Stark said:

        Physics and forgot the other…it’s been awhile since I read it. But yes, two of her high school teachers were interviewed in a Filipino magazine. 🙂

  8. LUISAN being sarcastic with each other is hilarious! It shows how close they are…and honestly, having a conversation with so much formality and sweet nothings is squimmish =))

  9. Lol. This is just so funny :))) i know sometimes international fans might misunderstand dara’s convo with ger filipino friends coz they might take the translations literally and not see the “jk part in it xD” but this just purely a sarcastic humor xD i also used to do this too with my half-japanese friend when she tweets something in japanese xD

  10. Luisan so cute, 6 languages it’s owesome! I just know 4 + 2 that I can understand. ^_^

  11. wahahaha! I Lol so loud, reading Luis tweets…such a funny guy.

  12. the sarcasm between luis and dara was so cute! hahaha!

  13. hahahahaha on luis 6 languages!..i only speak 3 languages..and i speak spanish but not so good,are teacher in spanish before is so lame..dara goddess fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. nice to see GD…Hengsho!

  15. What’s GD trying to show to Dara?

  16. first I’m laughing at Gd’s comment then here’s Luis, the witty Luis Manzano. I miss their conversation.

  17. Haha Luis is such a funny guy even when he isn’t trying >< aaahh hoping I'd see another ilwoo & Dara convo again 😀

  18. where will 2ne1 be performing? any idea?

  19. performing tomorrow? WHERE?

  20. baka dahil sa translation kaya na-intindihan ni luis yung sinasabi ni dara…..hmmmm pero malay natin baka nag-aaral din sya mag-korean. their friendship is adorable 🙂

    • I think he just randomly replied to her tweet with no idea whatever she tweeted XD Super funny!

      • I agree with 2ne1doll…if you notice, the tweet of Luis to the Korean tweet of Dara didn’t really make sense if taken literally..but Dara caught on to his joke of pretending to understand Korean and that’s what the witty exchange was based on…funny!

  21. Waahh… after some time, there is a LuiSan convo again. Their conversation never fails to make me LOL,

  22. just giddy and giggling kekeke~

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