Oh how pretty is she? Awww! We don’t see girly Dara often more so a girly-matured Dara! I can’t wait to see what this is for! My best guess is that its for CLIO! ^_^ What do you guys think?


[2NE1] On this last weekend before the new year, fresh Dara gifts our YGme2 friends with a New Year’s greeting through this video to put us all in a good mood!!!! Please press play~

Tags: How can she be so pretty even during a bow??? If you liked New Year’s Dara, please comment quickly!!!


Dara: “To all our me2day friends, Happy New Year! Kubok!”

Note: Kubok is a “bow” sound effect.



Credit:  Chiqita Sari via YGOnAir Me2day

Translated by: @ygfan4life

Comments on: "Me2Day/Video: 130211 Gorgeous Dara Greetings Her Me2Day Friends a “Happy New Year”" (19)

  1. She’s gorgeous!
    but, this is too simple, yeah, I would love to see her like this, but, just for a CF or endorsement..but, not like this, for the whole concept of 2ne1.

  2. Poongpoong said:

    I don’t like this look. I like fierce Dara kkkkkk

  3. Awwww. So Pretty ! ! her simplicity is <333 ! ! bare-faced + long curly hair + simple dress. . = perfection . , happy new year as well krungy ! i love you ! ^_^ <333

  4. cyndikrystelle said:

    She might be skinny but her body is toned! Look at those sexy arms!kekeke!~ 😉

  5. dara is always looking young and very pretty..dara should gain more weight..try my herbal coffee..

  6. Sandara is too pretty to act like common next door type shy girl. I wish she could have been proud and cool for a change. I mean she done it before. In her FIRE and I don’t care days. She will always appeal to me in those fashion. That’s why boys started to swarm in great number that time. Now is too girly and cutesy. Anyway correct me if I’m wrong but it was 10 yrs ago since people saw sandara for the first time. Scq started somewhere in 2003, right?

  7. Dara looks so young, like a teenager. But why is her makeup looks so shiny. I think the makeup artist is going for a dewy look but it went too shiny. Clio should get a better makeup artist

  8. joylanicole said:

    she is truly a goddess but
    she is too thin
    i hope she can gain more weight

  9. For some reason, I see Song Ji Hyo on her with this style

  10. angel dara 🙂

  11. she’s so pretty here aging backwards 200%angel

  12. 100% angel

  13. she’s so pretty in here!!!!!!!

  14. Wouldn’t it be so surprising if it was for 2NE1 comeback? So pretty… Se7en approves!

  15. Oh my so young and gorgeous Dara.

  16. i think it’s for Clio ad too ^^~
    beautiful dara is beautiful. I can’t believe that she’s almost 30. . .
    dara unnie, happy new year too. . .

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