Dara and Taeyang! Kekekeke! ^.^ Ssabu-nim’s face, kekekeke~! ^^


The Loneliness of Self-Discipline(고독한 자기관리) 383편!


Source: @Hwangssabu

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Instagram: The Loneliness of Self-Discipline #383 with Dara and Taeyang" (24)

  1. LOL at sabbunim’s face!!!..is he shipping them both? these past few days Dara unnie is giving us a lot of hints from the hair style to the hat that YB gave to her, and a more blooming aura..hmm~~love it! haengsho unnie! ^____^

  2. last time they were like 3-4 treadmills apart..and now reduced to 1 treadmill apart…haha…DARA diligently exercising….love you dee !!! thank you ssabbu-nim..^_^

  3. ssabu-nim..hahaha…what’s with the face….wahahahaha…..

  4. ParkSisters said:

    If you go to Ssabunim’s IG you will all laugh.. Coz almost everyone thought it’s Park Bom!! ahahaha.. I was really laughing while reading all the comments, congratulating Ssabunim for finally having Bom in the gem.. But I laugh more when Bom tweeted about her nails.. 😀

  5. Ssabu-nim looks like Hermit the crab!!!(^_^)

  6. are they watching SH? That’s the GG special right? XD

  7. young_mydaraunnie said:

    unnie 😀 ♥

  8. Do you know something Ssabu-nim? I don’t ship but it’s fun to see these two, because we all know Taeyang seems to have a crush on Dara.

  9. Lol….scandalous face^^

  10. Are they watching strong heart?

  11. my sol!♥♥♥ my goddess! hwanssabu-nim is a sundara shipper i think keke.. peace oh dara! just i really like this.. my two bias! hihi i love this old dude his really great! hwaiting!

  12. Ssabu-nim is so cute! Dara and Taeyang, now I need to watch I need a girl MV again to reminisce (my all-time favorite MV).

  13. Ha ha ha his face reaction is cute it means love is in the air…

  14. lol what a weird sight. From sweet couple in ‘I need a girl’ mv to what look like estranged lovers on treadmills. I like that dude face kk

  15. LOL Ssabunim! What’s with that kind of look! :p

  16. SSabu-nims hmp…

  17. Ssabu-nim’s face is like implying something.. LOL

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