I know a serious debate happened a few days ago about Dara’s outfit at the Seoul Music Awards. All opinions are welcome (for as long as comments are respectful to the artist that we love) but I for one ADORE her styling, outfit, hair… EVERYTHING. I loved her entire look for the Seoul Music Awards. 


Balmain Open Striped Blazer

Cost: $2222.52


Balmain Zipped Skinny Trouser

Cost: $1256.20


Dara’s Vest is from Balmain’s Resort 2013 Collection!


Comments on: "Fashion Find: Dara Rocks Balmain at the 22nd High1 Seoul Music Awards" (14)

  1. What was the debate about? Her outfit looks great on her. And the other members looked awesome also. Can anybody tell me what the debate was about? I’m pretty slow.

  2. I love what she’s wearing, super edgy! super love it. It’s plain boring if she’s that girly, like some girl groups.

  3. For me I like Dara’s outfit no matter what she does, she’s still adorable & pretty

  4. she should dress like the girl… why she hided her abs kekekekek

  5. She looks beautiful but I didn’t like the fit.^^

  6. theiansako said:

    all that I know is that everything that Dara wore was supah expensive and suits her
    she has this edge in every outfit may it be girly or chic style..

  7. DARA’s hair style here reminds me of her CASS commercial with Lee minho.. so miss that :)(

  8. do u think they buy it or they borrow it? that outfit is EXPENSIVE!!!

  9. I loved her outfit :D…I don’t get what’s so bad about it ><

  10. very sophisticated!!! likey likey! ❤

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