OMG. Seriously, is Dara human? She really looks like a goddess, so flawless! And Dara, I don’t think you need photoshop! You are flawless as is! And wahhh, sexy collarbone and shoulders.. ❤ Spazzing so much! Looking forward to Clio endorsement like you wouldn’t believe! ^_^ Clio Dara for the winnnn!!!





Source: @krungy21

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Twitter/Photo: Flawless, Unedited Picture of ‘Clio Dara’ To Celebrate 500,000 Followers On Twitter – No Photoshop Needed!" (35)

  1. flawless skin!!! flawless beauty!!! flawless english too!!!

    she’s such a PR QUEEN..endorsing Clio and endorsing Nikon at the same time…gahd!!! why so beautiful???? VAMPIRE DARA FTW!!!

    *nice of her to post this clio dara pic…people will start to know clio…hoho..nice dara, nice!!!

  2. Ow Em Gee!!! she looks stunning! she really knows how to work her charm..indeed Clio and Nikon are so lucky to have Dara as their endorser.

  3. I think this one promo pic for Clio is better than any of her dolled up ads for Étude. She looks so luminous and stunning here, can’t wait to see more.

  4. i want her glowing milky skin *-*

  5. omg…. dara soooooo pretty in tis picca ~ >__< super flawless o(≧▽≦)o♥

  6. she’s perfect model of clio sooo flawless and pretty^_^

  7. Oh my holy mother of God Dara looks amazing<3333*dies* Clio Dara aka Cleopatra<333333 If you didn't know her you would assume she was still 19. She looks the same from when she was 19!!!!Everything is perfect about this look<33 Thanks Clio<33

  8. Beautiful Clio model Sandara Park!!!

  9. i’m in awe~so mesmerizing O__O

  10. she like a angle

  11. Sandara Stark said:

    Whoa! IIRC there was this incident with Jaimie Lee Curtis, a popular movie actress in the 80’s, who refused to have her cover photo for a major fashion magazine airbrushed (or PS) because she wanted to looked like how she really was in real life! Mine you at that time she was already in her thirties! She wanted to make a statement that a lot of manipulation goes into the picture perfect image of actresses or models on the covers of these magazines. To further prove her point a before and after air brushing (PS) was presented inside. Everyone called her brave for that cover stunt! Hahaha
    That’s why it’s really a big deal if this picture is not airbrushed (PS) because it’s a testament to how truly beautiful Dara is in real life!

  12. The Bessssst photo of 2013!!!!!!

  13. she’s so flawless….pretty inside out!


  15. omg…sooo pretty…love u dara…

  16. Mollycoddle said:

    Dara how did you get so impossibly pretty?? @_@ hypnotising!

  17. and clio’s global campaign has begun…

  18. amainekochan said:

    And that’s what you call a double Ad.. Clio+ Nikon= perfect! Next thing we know Clio’s become more famous overseas than Etude hehehe…

    Dara Vampira (ageless !)

  19. Wow! OMG seriously is Dara human? LOL she’s glowing and flawless…I so envy her. Super pretty, the editing team doesn’t have to do anything with that photo.

  20. excited for Clio. she’s really flawless

  21. Reblogged this on Ghe2011's Blog and commented:
    Dará is a goddess! ^_^

  22. Wah! Vampire dará-shi, i have the same shoulder as ur’s but moré DaRkest skin, and gain some pounds too… Huhu… What i’m gona do? I want My dody back like ur’s! ~.~’

  23. VipBlackjack187 said:

    Unnie.sooo beautiful WOW!! I’ve seen her at GD ‘Shine a Light’ concert in Seoul back then in 2010 ( I used to live in Seoul 2004-2011), She was so cuteee..freshhhh..same like GD, so very slim kekekee..”that 2ne1 chic is sooo cute…soo freshhhh!!” that’s what all of us commented that day, we her ever since <<<333 Much more beautiful each years unnie…a very beautiful woman you have become, very proud of you..Hengso*_^!!!!

  24. she’s very beautiful and her skin is glowing…dara and clio are perfect together….dara goodluck!

  25. qwertasdfg said:


  26. omg……are you serious? dara no need to edit or photoshop it oh my just this picture makes my breath away……….such a GODDESS DEE,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  27. petitedara said:

    Her skin tone, from forehead to shoulder is same. amazing dara. I have no idea how you do it. Kyaaaaaaaa I love you

  28. how i wish i have same skin as her… really milky and flawless

  29. Sandara Stark said:

    Love how the make-up is just subtly applied. Very classic beauty. Really goddess like. Really good English, too! Hahaha

  30. so jealous of her skin!!!! a goddess indeed!

  31. gosh! she’s so beautiful…!!! can’t wait for the CF to come out….

  32. Seriously cannot wait for the official pics and CF to come out. I need a new wallpaper, since my current one is still Etude Dara. 🙂

  33. gyaaaa…I get goosebumps and loose my breath when I see the picture…gyaaaa so pretttyyyyyy (gyaa gyaa gyaa)..OMG she`s the most pretty, awesome, gorgeous woman that I ever know ^^..Dara-yaa u don`t need to photoshop that picture, that`s already precious..I think the editing in CLIO make up will be happy ke ke ke

    • cyndikrystelle said:

      I agree!the editing department will be really happy, stress level drops to zero when it comes to Dara…ㅋㅋㅋ~ xD

      Dara~ so flawless~ so perfect!♥

    • theyseemetrollintheyhatin said:

      Actually, in the advertising agency it is a HUGE plus point if the cosmetic model has a perfect skin because it will cost less with the editing and all.

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