Its great seeing Dara’s face in the 2013 YG Actor Audition Poster. I hope this means that we will see Dara in a drama or move sometime soon! ^_^


Comments on: "Photo: 2013 YG Actor Audition Poster" (18)

  1. I hope Goo Hye Sun directs Dara’s tv drama.

  2. it’s really nice to see her again at the core tho her acting stints had been limited to etude and nikon cfs only. hopefully in the next actor audition poster, there’ll be more pix of her just like top who hasn’t just been appearing in tv dramas or movies, but has won acting awards as well.

  3. whoohh.. she’s in the middle part just like the 1st poster they posted for the artist audition… so happy for dara unnie… hmmmnn.. im excited also for her clio endorsement.. keke.. fighting!!

  4. as someone who loves dara, these audition posters makes me happy ^^ seeing her picture always in such a prominent position makes me proud. i’m glad that YG Ent is showing dara the kind of respect she deserves even if, as nice and unassuming she may be, she’s not the type to demand it. its just that sometimes, considering her age, i have this feeling that the company can be a c*ckblocker too as far as her career path is concerned. let her star shine to the fullest pls.^^

  5. She’s in the poster because she is also signed as an actress. But I do hope she acts in a drama soon.

  6. I think by the end of this year she will be shooting for a new drama. For now, I want to promote Thunder’s drama. Please watch it! Sorry Admin. If I violated any rules here just delete my post. thanks.

  7. Where is goo hye sun…im sure there is a darama coming!!! A romcom…kyahhhh!!!!

  8. DARAMA ❤

  9. It was probably because she has some experience with acting that’s why they put her picture in. But yes I am hoping for a DARAMA hopefully this year!! I’ll keep my fingers close

  10. But where is goo hye sun?

    • Goo Hye Sun has decided to concentrate on directing!

    • Hye Sun will not be acting anymore, it’s a little saddening, but, yeah, hoping her the best. She’s a director now, and she’s very talented so I’m not worried, coz she’s in YG

  11. this means dara will do a drama this year?!..omo<>omo,.. so happy… hints were all over… just have my patience and for sure an article will come out regarding this… fighting!!!!

  12. I can’t see dara

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