Oh my ghad. Can Dara get even more beautiful? I love how simple, yet undeniably elegant and sophisticated she looks in this ad! Cannot wait for Dara’s CLIO campaign ads! Woohoo!

Clio was endorsed by Lee Hyori, Dara’s idol! Her contract expired last year, according to THIS article. Clio’s representatives said, “”Next year, the brand shop would be concentrated into emerging as a global brand, we plan to select the model who will fit the brand’s image.” So Dara is the “global brand” model that they were looking for! Surely Clio would go global this year!


Okay, so this is all that I could make out from the clip, since the right side has been clipped off. T_T

Sandara Park at Clio

One of the style icon representatives of the entertainment world. Trendy make-up fashion that combines both atmospheres of a mature woman and a fun girl… With the intent to go on a global trend, they did not hesitate to look for a Hally model to lead their brand image…


Source: @spiffyhyosup

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Special thanks to @jinhichole18  for romanizing for me. ^^

Comments on: "Photo+Info: Spiffy Reveals That Dara Would Be Endorsing Clio Cosmetics!" (40)

  1. Hello, i’m so happy to know dara will be clio endoser ^^ clio is a great for her and i know clio is a good products especially for their eyeliner ,hand cream, gelpresso, bb cream ooh all of them 😮 and clio production is same with peripera .. Btw you can buy clio on gmarket i think and clio have account facebook page ..
    And you can see their products on here http://www.clubclio.co.kr 😀 they have a good products !! And many korean artist using clio ^^

  2. amainekochan said:

    I checked and their Clio’s eyeliners are fierce!!! I think it will not be long enough before Clio becomes known. Seriously when Etude 1st came to Philippines with w/ Lee Minho as endorser, it wasnt that well known until Dara became the endorser. I think Clio will largely benefit overseas with her as the model. I hope they will open a store in Philippines. I’d love to buy eyeliners and makeup! Go Dara…Nice decision Clio! Dara is a brandmaker. 🙂

  3. weeee I’m waiting for Clio being Globally well known because of Dee
    that’s a big big big achievement for the model she succeed biiiiiig

    as for me I know etude from 2009 but I just being consumer just resently…Dee give big influence…
    I just hope Clio knows what in their hands now >____<

  4. kimchininja said:

    I’m happy to see she hasn’t lost an endorsement and only exchanged it for something else. The brand looks more mature than Etude, too. Very compatible with the direction Dara is going. I hope it becomes really successful.

  5. daramaegon said:

    omg! this is perfect for dee^^ she’s blessed because of her humility,generosity,kindness especially to her growing fans, she’s beautiful inside and out,though her contract with etude finished already but many opportunities comes along^^ , we are proud of DARA,we love and adore her so much^-*

  6. Hello Clio! Now I know where my money is going next. I only buy Etude products because of Dara…and now Clio will get it…hahaha!

  7. amainekochan said:

    Let’s think about it this way..I think DAra will make the Clio brand even bigger and well-known to other countries 🙂


  9. Congratz Vampire Goddess Dee<33333333This news made my entire day!!!*sobs*Santokki HWAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. ”Next year, the brand shop would be concentrated into emerging as a global brand, we plan to select the model who will fit the brand’s image.”
    Your decision was so damn right! getting Dara as endorser for your brand to be global. CLIO will make it. For SURE.

  11. You can search in youtube for videos of Lee Hyori – Clio… most of her concepts are sexy and with fierce eyes!!!

    Clio will fit Dara… sooo excited!! Will definitely buy the products, hope they open a store here in our country ^___^

  12. I’m happy that Dara can get a new endorsement , BUT compare wif Etude, Clio really is not a well-known brand!!! Most important is they didn’t have FB page ,Youtube channel & twitter == It will be difficult for Dara to gain international exposure even they “intent” to go on a global trend. Sincerely i hope Dara can endorse other high-end products that can easily enhance Dara’s international acknowledgement rather than let Dara works hard to lead Clio globally ><

    • Sandara Stark said:

      Supplementary promotional mediums like a YT channel, Twitter, etc. will be easy to set up when they already have their
      strategy in motion. Remember they are just in the first stage of their global plans and only beginning to look for distributors!
      The difference between a mere model from an endorser is that the latter is the one who invests her popularity to help carry the brand not the other way around. And it’s working: we’re you aware of CLIO before? If you were- did it get you interested about it and most importantly to buy? It created a buzz on Twitter minutes after the news was leaked, made it to news blogs like AKP less than a day, and it will continue to have legs as the word gets around! But the most important thing is this: formal promotions haven’t even started yet! Hahaha It was just a tweet and that’s free! See the power of the endorser?
      CLIO is a good transition brand as it’s target market is in their 25+ range. It will provide Dara an option to do make up for women targeted for 30+ range for her next endorsement after the contract for CLIO ends.

    • To be fair, Etude only made a Youtube channel during their promotions for Dr. Eyelash started. They didn’t have one before that and only up, and n fact, they only became active when Miss Tangerine promotions started. They only promoted via their Korean blog and me2day before. As for their twitter, I think they only joined after Miss Tangerine as well. Etude joined Facebook on August 26, 2011, when their global promotions were in earnest. So yes, I think that Clio would go the same way as well..

      • it will really be much more exciting to see clio actually become a global or internationally known brand from a not-so-well-known-brand-despite-hyori (does it really have a long way to go to reach etude’s level? even in korea?) just bcoz dara is endorsing it. doesn’t this show that she’s highly regarded as one of the best endorsers if clio’s aiming for global recognition?

  13. goodbye etude… hello clio…. so how can we buy clio?


  15. ckjack_bla said:

    I was hoping for a high-end brand but now, I think Clio is perfect for Dara. I mean, it’s a challenge for Dara to endorse a brand globally. This is an opportunity to show that Dara is really an effective endorser. I can’t wait for her campaign ads!

  16. OMg..from etude ill be in CLiO..gosh! Open a branch here..plss…..

  17. wawawawawa , can’t wait for the ad ^0^
    please, Clio, open a store in indonesia , pleaseee~

  18. Yes!!! I really had a big smile on my face when I saw this pic! I am so happy for Dara! Get ready Clio, you’re getting my money soon. Hehehehe…

  19. Clio Cosmetics is fairly expensive brand in comparison to Etude, Skin Food etc. You can Google some reviews about this products and since it was endorsed by Lee Hyori then expected its a top notch brand!

  20. Yey! When I saw Clio products last year, it reminds me so much of Kate cosmetics and they were actually placed near kate’s stand and other japanese cosmetics. i actually like their packaging. Simple and sleek I may say. And I’m very excited for Dara’s cf. I’m glad she’s still endorsing beauty stuffs. Im praying for some sk laneige or other high end products next time. Oh and please a drama for this year na.

  21. this is what i’m talking about, new Endorsement!!! kyahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! i’ll be patiently waiting for this to come out!!!

  22. so gorgeous! can’t get enough of her prettiness ❤

  23. heh. i was thinking more about internationally well-known brand names. BUT Dara will make CLio a top known brand. im sure that’s why they got her coz she’s got the power to make it happen, looking forward to Clio!

  24. Please CLIO COSMETICS if you will open your branches in the world, Choose Philippines. Please. The only reason why I’m fond of using Etude’s product is because of our goddess. Though rude may it seem but I give them the credit for having a good product. Most users of etude house have same reason as I had. Now, well, let’s see….. Truthfully if clio will open one in our country, it will earn great sales especially having dara as their model coz’ she’s effective.

  25. nessadin0 said:

    Etude’s loss. Hahaha just kidding, but Clio seems like a great cosmetics brand she can do awesome in. I loved that when they said they wanted someone that can help them go global they get Dara xD
    She looks amazing in this picture.

  26. wow as in wow!dara is very simple yet gorgeous in this picture…dara im so happy for you.congrats dara!!!

  27. omg CLIO IS PERFECT FOR HER I AM OSOOOSOSOSOS HAPPY AND EXCITED AND YESSSSSSSS something new for our bb. she’s really maturing now! so proud. now if we could just finally have a confirmation for the 2ne1 comeback!

    • so i was googling for other clio tidbits and i happen upon clio malaysia’s facebook and they liked sandara’s pages back in december. hihi. so international execs of clio already knew by then.

  28. I am so happy for Dara!!! It’s already starting to be a good year!!! Hope Dara gets more cool project and can’t wait for 2NE1 to make their come back!

  29. OMG!!! So happy for Dara!

  30. I have to admit, I was a bit pissed when I learned that Dara will no longer be with Etude but I’m glad that I was so wrong in feeling bad because there are other things in store for Dara. The move seems logical. Dara veering away from the cute and moving into the womanly image. She is just so beautiful and is getting more graceful with time.

    I really want Dara to have the best projects for 2013 and beyond! Good luck, Dara!

  31. wooaah..so gorgeous DARA-yaa..^^…what is CLIO? never heard of it..is that Korean brand?

    • yup, its a korean brand. hyori endorses it as well. its a professional make up brand. its a really good brand especially their eyeliners.

  32. gahhh!!! Clio’s ads always have a sexy flare to it. so we’ll probably be seeing dara strutting her stuff on stilettos like hyori unni, wearing micro minis and looking oh so gorgeous with her cat eye make up. i cant wait!!!! so excited! this is a good shift from etude w/c has like teenage-princess like concept to clio with the sexy- independent woman concept in their make up. Dara totally fits their image since Clio is more famous for their eye make up.

    • and i just saw dara’s reply to a tweet asking if the concept was a sexy style she replied ‘kinda…. Hehehe’ *ugly sobbing* i wanna see the ads really bad right now.

  33. yesssssssssss after etude dara will be the “global brand model”…congrats dara….i really miss u and of course 2ne1 comeback soonnnnnnnnnnn …………………

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