Keke! This is so adorable! ^^ YG Dancers acting all cute to Darong~ I love Dara and 2NE1’s friendship/interactions with the dancers. ^_^ They are always so cute! <333


YOUNG SANG: Dara-yang!~ Happy New Year~ ^^

DARA: Oh! Yeong-teacher! Happy New Year to you too~ Please have a good year with us also! ^_^


DONY: Was I the very best in giving saebae this year??! ^.~

DARA: Dara to Dony: The best saebae and the best saebae money.. Ke ke But I think Deuk’s better than Don? Ke ke ke I’m kidding, I’m kidding! Hi-Tech’s very cute mascot~ Who always had a bright atmosphere on his face this year, fighting! ^_^

DONY: Yes sir!^^~!!! Ppwaaahhhhh

(T/N: Saebae is a deep, formal bow you give to elders in respect during New Year..)


WONKI: Noona, Happy New Year~!! For this year too, 2NE1, fighting!!

DARA: Oh! Won Gi!!! ^_^ Have a happy new year and always smile Dara noona always this year! Fighting!!!

Sources: @krungy21 + @TMF_Giant + @crowndony + @swg126

Translated by: SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara/BlackjackBelle@OhDara + @ilove2NE1girls

Comments on: "Twitter: YG Dancers Tweet Their New Year Greetings to Dara" (11)

  1. Dara and Don !!!! Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL , I’ve been shipping Dara with the Kwon twins ever since ‘Go Away’ when Dara was paired up with Deukie and also since their ‘New Evolution Concert’ where Don is paired up with Dara in their ‘Stay Together’ performances , and I never see them interact . And we all know that Deukie is one of Dara’s fanboys , even before he and Don entered YG , right ? Aha , it’s good to see them talking on twitter , but I want more interactions on stage ! XD

    • How did u know that deuk is a fanboy before they enter yg ?? I wanna know when ?

      • in his cyworld…he has pictures of dara even before she debut with 2ne1..some of her lollipop pics i think…

      • Yeah , just like what erk said (: one pic was from the Lollipop mv and one was from Gummy’s mv titled ‘I’m Sorry’ . Even Don’s cyworld profile pic was once a picture of Dara . LOL , both are fanboys of Dara ! 😀

  2. this is so cute >,<

  3. yeah i think thats it, therefore the i’m kidding part of dara’s tweet will make sense 🙂

  4. qwertyasdfg said:

    DARA is always so kinnnnd. anyway can anyone translate dara’s other tweets? ohdara please please? i think she’s talking to @ssejdy last dec 30.

  5. 2NE1SHABAM said:


  6. tangerine_24 said:

    What I really like about Dara is that she gives importance to people around her and makes them feel good about themselves. She accommodates everyone from staff to fans- it really doesn’t matter to her. Such a humble and sincere person. Keep it up Dara!!! 🙂

  7. ah…that cute dony… ke e ke…

  8. I love how sweet Dara is to YG dancers and staff.

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