Super lucky Blackjack Ee Yuen Unnie won a contest where she got a chance to meet 2NE1 backstage at New Evolution Concert, Singapore! So so so lucky! I know most of us are dying with jealousy right now but of course as a Blackjack, we are all so happy for her! ^_^ We met  Ee Yuen Unnie in Seoul for the Korea leg of 2NE1’s New Evolution tour. She is really nice! And thanks to her, our gifts for 2NE1 and Dara were also given directly to the girls!!! In this photo, you can see Ee Yuen Unnie and her daughter with 2NE1. You can also see 2NE1 carrying our gifts for them! ❤

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO @2addictedne1 and @2yenE1


Here are our gifts for Dara, CL, Bom and Minzy!


r600x600 (2)

Source: @2addictedne1

Comments on: "Twitter/Photo: Lucky Blackjack @2addictedne1 Backstage with 2NE1 at New Evolution Singapore" (1)

  1. ❤ kyah congrats OH DARA and WE LOVE DARA ❤

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