Once again, Ailee chose 2NE1 as the girl group she wants to be in! Isn’t she so cute? ^^ Kekeke. Watch her mention 2NE1 at 1:30. 🙂


Comments on: "Video: 121104 Ailee Mentions 2NE1 in ‘Ask in a Box’" (2)

  1. кσяєα ♥ said:

    I Love This Blog ! Its Amazing ! Thank you guys for All your Hard work
    ♥ !
    + Umm.. I Didn’t really Know where i should Tell you this ..
    Ummm But I’m Just Gonna say it here ^^
    Since Our Girls r late in ‘ MAMA ‘ There now in 3rd Place ..
    We Thought if all blackjacks for 2NE1 at once ~
    Then 100% Our girls will be in The first place !
    and we want you guys to join us too .. and all Blackjacks around the World ~*
    We Didn’t Pick the time yet but we’re thinking of it right now !
    if your in please tell me in my twitter @kpoptruefan
    + like i said we’re still thinking about what time and when so maybe if your thinking of a good time and a day tell us please ^^
    I’ll Tell you The Details when ur in ^^
    I’ll be waiting for ur Reply ♥

  2. Guys! if you have Facebook or Twitter account please help me spread this news.
    SM artists are currently on the lead on MAMA 2012.
    Blackjacks & VIP’s please don’t forget to vote for 2NE1, BIGBANG & OTHER YG ARTISTS ..they need your support!!! voting period will end on November 28, 2012 so please please vote vote vote!!!
    HOW TO VOTE? Just click this link, sign in/ join in, then vote! ( 1 vote per day )
    P.S: you can’t vote if you’re not a member, so be sure to create your own account on MNET.
    TNX! ^^,V

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