Yay! Finally Dara speaks in English in an interview! ❤ Love her english! 

Source: 5an1ty@YouTube

Comments on: "Video: Music Choice Interview – “Primed: 2NE1”" (2)

  1. im so excited in their comeback.. i hope they do it fast….i hope to follow their activities first before getting so busy in school…Pls YG, let them comeback in the first week of November…and pls let them be in some variety shows, they need to at least widen their experiences and skills. they cannot be just preserved as they are now. how can they face the world if they will be afraid to communicate with others.

  2. WAHH! CL’s english was very eloquent her accent was very good!, while Bom’s english was a little bit reserved, when she answers questions it’s straight to the point which is also good, and you can tell that Dara’s english has an accent of filipino, when ever she speak english it very endearing to the ear..i just wish Minji can also speak her thoughts in english..anyways~

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