Hey guys! “New Evolution” in Seoul is done and before anything else, I would just like to say that NEW EVOLUTION IS SO AMAZING! ^_^ If you guys have a chance, please go watch it! It is so awesome in so many levels. Our Goddess Dara looked so amazing that I truly wanted to cry! But before anything else, I would like to share the various projects that we did for “New Evolution”!

Mango Tree Wreath

Thanks to our donors, we were able to order this Mango Tree Wreath instead of the usual Rice Wreath for “New Evolution”. 

Gifts for Dara and 2NE1!

Dried Mangoes, Pancit Canton Chili Mansi (Ramen), Polvoron, Vitamins, Tang

Through me2day, I asked Dara what she wanted from the Philippines and she said that she really wanted Dried Mangoes. She said that she and the girls really love dried mangoes from the Philippines. Because of this, we got Dara and 2NE1 around 30 medium packs of dried mangoes and 6 extra large packs of dried mangoes. Not only that, we learned that Dara also really likes Pancit Canton Chili Mansi (Ramen from the Philippines) so we got her some too. We also included various powdered juices (Tang) because we saw CL and Dara shopping for it during their visit in the Philippines. In order to preserve her health, we ordered some vitamins (via @MamaWowa) as well as some Polvoron (via @MOMJJANG).

Donor Chibi Basket, Messages and Blue Magic Heart Pillow

Who could forget the Donor’s Chibi Basket? ^_^ We also included this heart pillow from Blue Magic. If you can recall, Dara used to carry around this huge Blue Magic heart pillow in 2NE1 TV Season 1. We got her a smaller version with a message that also came from our hearts. 

Here is a closer look of each chibi with their corresponding donor message! ^_^

“I Love You” 2NE1 T-Shirts

These shirts were designed and given by the awesome @2yeNE1. These shirts were not only given to 2NE1 but to us and other Blackjacks as well. Some wore these shirts on the first day and on the 2nd day. Some Concert staff couldn’t help themselves and asked us who designed these shirts and even took photos of it! Yen Daebak! I even proudly showed off these shirts to 2NE1 during the fan meeting.

For Blackjacks 

We not only prepared gifts for Dara and 2NE1 but we prepared gifts for Blackjacks attending the concert as well. Thanks to @MamaWowa, we were able to give around 200 small chocolate gift bags. Thanks to @MOMJJANG, we were able to give around 150 small dried mangoes as well. Thanks to a joint project of WLD/OhDara and BaiduSandaraBar, we were able to give away 150 Dara Reflector Slogans. And to a select few Daralings and Blackjacks, we were able to give away Dara Chibi Shirts and I Love You 2NE1 shirts. Various WeLoveDara and “I Love You 2NE1” stickers were also given out to Blackjacks. These stickers were designed by @2yeNE1!

200 Chocolate Gift Bags

150 Dried Mangoes

Dara Reflector Slogans

Dara Chibi Shirts

“I Love You 2NE1” Shirts (Designed by @2yeNE1)

The dried mangoes, chocolates, dara slogans as well as the stickers were distributed via Oh My Goddess booth during the concert. ^_^ Most of these projects are part of the San Union Project.

To our Donors, fellow Daralings and Blackjacks, we truly hope we did you proud!

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  1. […] If you guys can remember, WeLoveDara/OhDara through your generous donations, was also able to participate in this project during 2NE1′s New Evolution Concert in Seoul. To those who want to view the project, click here! […]

  2. Greetings! Very useful advice in this particular article!
    It’s the little changes that produce the largest changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  3. ckjack_bla said:

    Wow! The creative minds of WLD and OHD!!! Especially the pillow heart. It fits Dara’s current path. I also wish for her to find what will make her happy and I hope that when she finds it, it will be for keeps. Amazing gifts!

  4. Hey guys! Could the admins check the email? I sent you a message regarding the NJ Concert Project created by YGLers.

  5. BBVIPAKO Tonee said:

    CONGRATS WLD!!!! … All for the love of 2NE1 that “makes ourselves HAPPY”!!!! DARALINGS Daebak!!!

  6. hey guys..look at this picture of DARAbie DOLL

    so gorgeous right?

  7. wow wow wow! you guys are awesome and hardworking!!!
    congratulations!! 🙂

  8. woow the project was awesome..!! aah I wanna try that dried manggo..and I also want that Iloveyou 2NE1 Tshirt ><….

  9. lubelle said:

    2 thumbs up to WeLoveDara and OhDara Admins !!! Congratulations to the success of the Mango Wreath Project for Dara and 2ne1 !!! God bless you guys always 🙂 Daralings are lucky to have you. The Best !

  10. OMG! SAN union PROJECT IS THE BEST! to all donors and admins who helped each other to make this happen are THE BEST! im sooo proud of you guys.. DARALINGS are no ordinary fans but TO THE MAXIMUM POWER of FABULOUS fans in the WORLD ❤ LOVE YOU GUYS… proud to be a daraling 🙂

  11. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m getting teary-eyed even just reading this post. i’m soooo very happy and very proud of Dara fans and most especially you and all the people who’ve gone the extra extra extra mile just to make everything happen.

    i don’t know how you guys do it, but you outdo yourselves each and everytime!!! i hope you and 2ne1 continue to be blessed.



    2NE1 THE BEST!!!

  12. Congratulations on the success of the project!! You guys did such a fantastic job!!

  13. Congratulations guys for another successful project!!

  14. excuse me but. how many mango trees that we able to donate?? just curious.

  15. WOW they’re amazing!!!! I’m sure Dara is so happy to have such caring fans <3!

  16. c0ngratiolation t0 your successfull project and the success 0f the c0ncert..

  17. I love it.,I love it…i love it..so much!!!

    I’m speechless ..and I love it! >______<


  18. before i forget… CONGRATULATIONS TO us daralings & blackjacks.yey!!!kudos to WLD primary admin and oh dara admins!really amazing projects every time.never fails.

  19. nyc_emj15 said:

    you’re the best!!!! keep it up ❤

  20. i love the shirt too!!!(by @2yeNE1)

  21. can we also have the “i love you 2ne1” shirt? lalo na if they decide to hold a New evo Con here in the Philippines? i really like it. @2yeNE1 design jjang.

  22. Wow! Thats a lot! And its because of how Daralings cooperation. And the admins good hearts to help us show our love to Dara. Thanks to all who participated in this awesome project. I know in my heart that every Daraling are so happy. Our Goddess Dara appreciate every love we gave, and she gave us her love too. She who always think of her fans, giving her best to make us all happy. WeLoveDara/OhDara, Sandara Baidu Bar, Oh My Goddess…San Union Project…the best!!!

  23. suzkisses said:

    congratulations daralings for another successful project ^_^

    you guys are jjang!!!! ❤

  24. hyuwhieyl said:

    Good job!!! Glad to be a part of it 🙂 I really wish you could sell those shirts ~ i would definitely buy one!! ^^

  25. That is soooo awesome! Daralings daebak!

  26. OhItsLAI said:

    DAEBAK!!!!!!!!! Projects, success!!! Weeee!!! ^___^ Thank you donors!!! Thank you unnies!!! Daralings jjang!!! <333 So happy!!!!! ^________^

  27. pommes21 said:

    “I Love You 2NE1″ Shirts (Designed by @2yeNE1) wow i love this shirt!!! 😀

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