Can I be this person instead? Because OMG!!! Wanna be kissed by Dara too. T_T Lucky fanboy is lucky!!!

2NE1 Dara Kisses a Fan During Her Performance!

On July 29, 2NE1‘s concert was held at the Seoul Olympic Stadium as a part of their global tour “New Evolution.” During Dara‘s performance, she picked one person from the audience and brought him on stage. While singing the song “Kiss” during her solo performance, she kissed the fan on the cheek.

Before her solo performance, Dara stated, “I’m actually a wild woman. In order to create a sticky performance, I’m going to bring a male audience on stage.”

All the men in the audience were flinging their arms to be picked and Dara stated, “Today, area 4 is calling my name. Since it is a world tour, I will pick that peron. White T-shirt. Come to the stage” and chose a foreign fan.

Shortly after, Dara asked him to sit down on a chair and performed while sitting on his lap and also kissed him on the cheek. There was a lipstick mark on the fan’s cheek and the fans went crazy when they saw it.


Source: KpopStarz

Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "News: 2NE1 Dara Kisses a Fan During Her Performance!" (22)

  1. she is so beatiful i love her voice 🙂

  2. Pick me, pick me Goddess Dee!!!!!kekeke….Badass Dee FTW<333333333 Luv the pic<3333 i want DARAMA so badly!!!!!!ugh

  3. where is the pics from day1??the guy Sandara have kissed??

  4. whoa!! ala Britney Spears/Katy Perry style…love it<3 go girl!!
    yeah, every girls I think have their wild side in them.
    This is awesome!

  5. coco_dara said:

    hey guys.. watch this.. this is pure awesomeness..

  6. coco_dara said:

    i think everyone should see this,, i hope ms admin can create a link for this,.,

  7. pommes21 said:

    lol must wear white tshirt so i can be picked nyaha 😀

  8. oh Lord.. bless the fanboy’s life… let him survive after the kiss. kekeke

  9. mblaqlove2ne1 said:

    Oh my goddess has just uploaded Dara’s performance while singing Kiss. I died. I can’t stop spazzing !!!!! ❤ I WANNA MARRY HER SO BADLY 😀

  10. i saw gd’s pic’s at the new evo concert… he wore same bennie as Dara in the cannes… am not a daragon fan… just curious…

  11. Dragonfly87 said:

    This scene looks hilarious as well since the girls had to restrain the guy in case he does something more than getting a kiss from Dara. (^^,)

    Tsk. Now I wish I was a guy just for the New Jersey concert even though I’m straight and married. LMAO!!!

  12. ckjack_bla said:

    In a conservative country like Korea, Dara is courageous to agree in that kind of set up. She’s full of surprises! Wild Dara FTW!!!

    • so true! and in such conservative country like S.Korea, I guess/think they love what Sandara have done! wahahaha

  13. I bet Deuk didn’t like the change for Dara’s Kiss performance xD hehe. Omg, I can just picture all these jealous fanboys being so envious of the guys that Dara chooses from the audience =D Lol.
    Is the picture from Day 2 because the guy has different hair than the fanboy from a Fan-Taken picture on Day 1?

  14. daragonlove said:

    if only won bin was there…LOL! flowsik will be jealous as hell!

  15. Excited to see the videos! ^_^

  16. petitedara said:

    hahahaha, did she really say that? woow. is he handsome anyway? just curious…

  17. hyuwhieyl said:

    lol, they really have to hold the guy’s arms?!?!

  18. NEWS: all fanboys went on 2ne1 concert got angry after the concert bcoz they didnt get the sweet kiss from DARA !hehehe

  19. s000 lucky the guy he he he…

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