Earlier this week, 2NE1’s Dara revealed that she’s shaved her hair for the fourth time during the “I Love You” promotions. A few days before that, she shared her younger brother Thunder’s (MBLAQ) response to her latest half-shaved hair.

2NE1’s Dara is perhaps the most daring K-Pop star when it comes to changing hairstyles. From her trademark “palm tree” hairstyle to last year’s Vegeta hairstyle, Dara has shown that she’s definitely not afraid to take a risk with her hair. She’s a hair chameleon that never plays it safe, and we wanted to take our time for a special round up of her most creative hairstyles!

Go through the list and make sure you tell us your favorite Dara hairstyle in the comments section below!

Palm tree style

Her “palm tree” hairstyle was sensational in 2009 when 2NE1 debuted with “Lollipop” and “Fire.” It was one of the most radical, yet stylish hairstyles we’ve seen in a while and multiple celebrities came out with different variations of it after her.

Palm tree with curls

In this oddly stylish hair, Dara made a slight change to her wildly popular palm tree style by adding curls to the end. At first glance, it almost looks like a semi-fro, and with her slightly tanned skin, she looks absolutely hot!

Dumpling style

This photo was taken in 2011 during 2NE1’s “Nolza” promotions in Japan. Dara rolled up her hair on both sides, which was later nicknamed “dumpling” hairstyle.

Apple top style

Dara sported the “apple top” hairstyle pretty often in 2011. It’s called “apple top” because the tied up hair looks like the top of an apple!

Twister style

A hybrid of the original “palm tree” style and a regular braid, Dara’s “twister” style earned its nickname for its similarity to the popular Korean “twister” bread.

Grape/Poodle style

This was used during 2NE1’s “I Don’t Care” promotions, but the name of the hair is still unclear as it’s called either “grape” or “poodle” style for the short, curly part.

Rice plant style (milkmaid braid)

More commonly known as the milkmaid braid, Dara made this semi-braid style a megahit among K-Pop aficionados a few years back. It’s also called the “rice plant style” for its resemblance to, well, rice plants, but its simple yet stylish nature will make it a must-do hair for any female K-Pop fan for years to come!

Front bang

The front bang is probably one of the most popular styles among Korean students, but celebrities rarely go for it. If you don’t style it well, you could end up looking like a little kid, or your face could look disproportionately big. Dara, however, being the style icon that she is, measured the front part perfectly and the style absolutely looks good on her round, oval face.

Vegeta style

It was an absolute stunner when Dara first showed up with this hair for “I Am the Best.” With her long hair all gelled up to the top, Dara looks strikingly similar to the “Dragon Ball” character, Vegeta.

Half-shaved style

Dara’s latest creation, the “half-shaved” style, is the hairstyle she’s donned for the “I Love You” promotions. Perhaps the most radical style we’ve seen from her, the half-shaved hair is quickly becoming a trend among young Korean women. It was a risky move, but Dara totally nailed it and she looks hotter than ever in this new style!

Hats and Accessories

Dara’s not just a great hairstylist, but she knows how to work those hats! From New Era caps to basic beanies, Dara can make any type of hat look perfectly good on her!

Source: Soompi

Half-shaved Pink Hairstyle

We all know that Dara rocked her half-shaved hair right? Well, she took it further by making it pink with purple ends. When she performed “I Love You” in Inkigayo with this, it caused quite a stir with Netizens. They loved heir pink hair with purple ends. Somehow, we wish that Dara would actually dye her hair like this permanently!

Curly Short Bob

Dara shocked a lot of fans when she appeared at the Melon Awards with a really short hairstyle. She looked absolutely glorious in it! We totally loved that hair. She looked mature and elegant. Here is a variation of Dara’s short bob with curls.

Updo with Bangs

We all went crazy when Dara appeared with this updo with bangs in their Japanese promotions. This hairstyle allowed her to be fierce and adorable at the same time depending on her expression. Here, she looks like a mature woman but in other photos, she looked like a little kid.

Long Wavy Locks

It cannot be denied that Dara looked absolutely gorgeous when she showed up during the MTV VMAJ 2012 with long curly locks. Her hair was styled simply which allowed her true beauty to shrine through. We don’t see this often with Dara that is why we learn to appreciate when she goes all out simple with us.

The Crazy Rolls

Who could ever forget these rolls? When you look through Dara’s hairstyle history, you won’t be able to forget her hair in “Try To Follow Me” music video. It was quirky and cute. We actually think that this suited Dara’s personality really well.

Sonic-Haired Goddess

Out of all Dara’s hairstyles, this one, I believe had the most conflicting views. Some liked it for its craziness while others hated it because they pushed Dara’s limits to far. We personally don’t like this hairstyle. Although we agree that this made Dara stand out and is truly “Dara’s crazy hairstyle signature”, we felt it was not needed in the video and made her look completely different from the other girls.

The Lion

This hairstyle brought out Dara’s inner femme fatale! We remember screaming the first time we saw this Nikon 1 J1 commercial. Dara looked absolutely beautiful and sexy. She proved that by a simple change of hairstyle, Dara can embody different kinds of characters.

Long Hair with Side-swept Bangs

Who could forget Dara’s hair when she danced with Taeyang to his hit song “I Need A Girl”? This hair brought out Dara’s sexy side. Here, she looked like the woman that she really was instead of the crazy-haired 4D goddess she usually is when she’s with 2NE1. This brought out a mature side to Dara that we usually do not see when she is in 2NE1 activities.


Dara channeled her inner-child when she adorned pigtails for Etude’s Kiss Note CF! No wonder she’s called Dara Button and she’s considered as one of Korea’s Baby-faced beauties. When you put Dara’s hair up in pigtails, you can never ever tell that she’s a 28-year old woman.

Two-toned Updo

Who could forget this hair? This will forever remain in my memory because I hated this hair too! I know Dara rocked it but still… the black bangs was in sharp contrast with the brown hair and black bun that you can really tell that wigs were involved. Some might disagree with me on this one but I really wasn’t such a big fan of this hair. However, we cannot deny that this one made an impact too.

The Beautiful Frizz

Dara was absolutely beautiful during their “It Hurts” promotions. She usually adorned beautiful hair, beautiful make-up, and beautiful clothes. She looked absolutely stunning during this time. Could it be because she barely got any lines in the song?

Oh Holy White

Dara shocked a lot of people when she adorned this crazy hairstyle during one of their live performances. I cannot say that I am a fan of this hairstyle and I cannot say that I hate it too. I’m on the middle road for this one. One this is for sure though… its unique!

Short Bob

Do you guys remember this? She shocked a lot of people when she cut off her long locks and showed up in the 2010 Melon Music Awards with a really short bob. I remember I was in the mall if fellow Daralings when I opened by twitter account and started screaming in the mall. I showed it to my friends and they started screaming too. Dara looked like a mature and modern woman during that time. She referred to this hairstyle as the “cold city girl” look.

The Classic Bun

Out of all of Dara’s hairstyles, this is probably the one that we have seen THE MOST. It seemed like whenever the stylists no longer knew what to do with her hair, they just resorted to this classic bun as a fallback. Of course, they usually do this too to show how unbelievably small Dara’s face is. I love this hair on Dara. However, I can also say that they have overused this hairstyle just a tad too much.

Long Straight Hair

I remember being so stunned when Dara decided to do the classic long straight hair for one of their “Hate You” performances. While this hairstyle might look plain to others, it made Daralings all over so happy because seeing Dara in a “normal” hairstyle is a treat. While this might be considered a classic to a lot of girl groups, this made Dara’s beauty super shine through. (Yes, I used super shine!)

We know there are more hairstyles that Dara has done over the years and I have so many favorites! But somehow I cannot put them all in this post because it would take forever. How about you guys? Which is your favorite Dara hairstyle?

Comments on: "Feature: 2NE1 Dara’s Ever-Changing Hairstyles – What’s The Most Creative?" (36)

  1. All hairstyles are cool but short bob and normal are the best for me

  2. I LOVE SANDARA PARK anything she wants to do…. Not only if theres a bad.

  3. thea malificiar said:

    am i the only one that likes her long wavy locks. but i mean,it really suits her

  4. jieszacuhh said:

    iLove the half shaved style 🙂

  5. ^^i love rice plant style..really cute..

  6. . hmmmp

  7. for me her signature look is the Palm tree style, and as for my favorite hairstyles for dara i like Grape/poodle style, rice plant style, Half shaved style, Half shaved pink hairstyle, long wavy locks, long hair with side swept bangs, pigtails short bob, the classic bun and the long straight hair for her!..^^,

  8. pommes21 said:


  9. Charmaine said:

    any styles of hair suits her.. she’s always beautiful with or with out make up..

  10. She really has a beautiful features, so any hairstyle would fit her well. But, If I want to see sweet and innocent Dara, the rice-plant style (milkmaid braid) and long straight hair. For sexy Darong, it’s the lion hairstyle and bad-ass Dara would be the half-shaved or even the pink and purple half-shaved hair.^^

  11. i love the long straight hair style (wish she grew it out for that style >.<), long hair with side swept bangs, the lion, and the half head shaved style ^.^

  12. What about the hair looks like a Halloween video?

  13. for me its all of the above..whatever hairstyle,still i could say she’s really gorgeous!

  14. I like her front bang and long straight hair style ^^

  15. ilovessantokki said:

    I love them all, but her undercut/bansak hair is and probably will always be my favorite. She looks beautiful and feminine, but also has that crazy edge to her that she loves to show with her hairstyles. It’s slightly masculine and gives her a hard edge, but extremely gorgeous and feminine at the same time. I think it’s the best of both worlds – she doesn’t look too bland as just ‘a beauty’ but she doesn’t look over the top crazy either. She’s got charm for days and I love how she can pull off everything and anything and make it her own! I hope she keeps the bansak hairstyle for a while. It’s absolutely perfect on her.

  16. dara_fan21 said:

    I love all her styles. It’s true, there’s nothing that won’t look good on her. Even the Etude Orange very curly bob (Annie Look)/ Fuzzy poodle-Do!

  17. I love all the hairstyle, but My fav was the Palm-tree, actually i wear that haIrstyle on My fb timeline cover… And it’s looks good to me, and of-course ev’ryone who sew that knows i’m a fan of dará… Hehe….

  18. half-shaved/apple/palm-tree/milkmaid braid hairstyle ❤
    I prefer Dara with longer hair ❤

  19. lovelove said:

    i love all her hair style it all go with her

  20. hyuwhieyl said:

    kudos to this article! i can’t think of how she’ll be able to top this half-shaved hair in the future!

  21. The apple top hairstyle simply because barefaced dara is the most Beautiful for me,,,but she rocks it all with a bang…. 🙂

  22. I like her apple top hairstyle so much, she looks extremely cute with this hairstyle!

  23. the half-shaved purple color hairstyle is totally DAEBAK!!!!

  24. i ove mikmaid braid hair…..she’s absolutely gorgeous there…but i do like her hairstyle now…but i hope..she keep the dye pink/purple hair….it suits her very well…

  25. I like her dumpling hairstyle but I think the palm tree hair is her trade mark ^^

  26. Love it all but I think I’m in love with Dara unnie-slash-oppa hairstyle! Bansak! ❤

  27. Dragonfly87 said:

    Short curly bob and undercut/half-shaved hair FTW!!!

    But when you talk about creativity, PALM TREE HAIR —- hands down.

  28. YGFAMILY said:

    I love Half-Shaved Hair and Rice plant style (milkmaid braid) dara look absolutely gorgeous with this hairstyles 😀

  29. oh!!!! i love her half-shaved style

  30. Rice plant style (milkmaid braid) is my favorite. So hard to do it too.

  31. I love all of them because I know Dara looks good in everything.. Kekeke

  32. i THINK the vegeta hair:D

  33. everything.. esp. the short bob…

  34. palm tree hair..

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