The girls are looking absolutely lovely! ^^

Source: @GlobalBlackjack

Comments on: "Official/Photo: 2NE1 Poses with GlobalBlackjack’s #2NE1Contest Winner" (5)

  1. this statement was issued by private cyber security company handling the matter in conjuctions with local an foreign authoritys. This is a serious matter those involed WILL face punishment by law. What was done to ecto was a SERIOUS crime.those involved over seas will face harsher punishment as prior to the cyber security act of 1983,and international laws.

  2. the reports will not be made public as it contains private info. reguarding people involved in the attacks as well as the victim. Yg entertainment and 2ne1 were sent a copy of the hacked accont report. which as i mentioned contains private infomation. the issue is resolved now as i said stop the attacks or face punishment by law those are your options.The authoritys are still monitoring social media sites involving 2ne1,blackjacks, etc as well as websites. i would suggest if you had a part in the attacks you apologize to 2ne1 and or ecto in some way. as to avoid punishement by law.

  3. hello, is there a way to inform Dara that the winning pic was stolen? :\

    • The photo was not stolen by ecto Yg entertainment and 2ne1 took the photo down because ecto account was hacked by anti fans and so it was removed to protect ecto as well as 2ne1.The photo was not claimed by ecto or have said to been draw by he/she at anytime since the contest started. I have seen the hacked accnt reports and the people involed ID’s have been made clear to the authoritys.Everyone involved in the attacks on ecto will face serious punishment for their hate filled and racsist comments. On anti fan of 2ne1 started and lead a massive cyber bullying campain agaisnt 2ne1 and ecto. Thus being the reason globalblackjack removed the photo. 2ne1 nor yg ent said ecto stole it or claimed it as he/she own. They know he/she never stole anything it was asumed by a anti-fan and rumors were spread.Yg ent and 2ne1 have looked at the tweets from when the contest started to it’s end , also people have confirmed and spoken with ecto on this matter confirming he/she’s innocense. The photo was found by ecto on flickr as it was posted Not once did the user ect claim it has their own or say “yes i drew that ” Yes it is mine” the user ecto never knew who the owner or artist was. It was implyed when he/she posted it. Yg entertainment ,2ne1,nor ecto are responable for peoples assumptions.the fact of the matter is the artist should have put a water mark or digital mark on the photo as so it would not have been copyed by dozens of diffrent people on diffrent sites. Ecto is not to blaime neither is 2ne1 or yg entertainment. What was done to ecto was the same thing that happend to chaerin when said she will quit music when it gets boring (cls bomb). people took things out of context and made them sound like what they wanted to start rumors.

      Yg entertainment and 2ne1 do not approve of cyberbullying or the hateful and rascist attacks , comments made by twitter users. Those users involed in the attacks will face serious punishment by law as well as have their social media accnts and web sites and ip addresses permanently removed from the internet.

      Ecto has since issued an apology letter for the confusion and any inconvience antifans may have caused 2ne1 and yg entertainment.

      If you are involed you will be notifyed soon as to inform you of your punishment by law. Also the attacks are still continuing if seen stop,apologise , get on with your lives and grow up. what people did to ecto and 2ne1 is wrong you all should be ashamed.

      It ends now ! Please leave the poor kid alone
      Also i piont was made clear that everyone who posts photos of 2ne1 or roleplays as them, you do not own those photos or the ID’s you are claiming to be. You found them on the internet. ecto did not claim to own,have drawn anything once those are the facts. authoritys ,YG ent and 2ne1 know.that is why globalblackjack took down the photo . This issue is resolved now stop the attacks or face punishment by law those are your options.

  4. saaannnnokkkiiiii…THE DRAWING is cute

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