Gorgeous Dara with equally gorgeous girls! ^_^ Judging by Dara’s clothes, this might be taken during their MV shooting, or their pre-recording for Inkigayo. ^^

The girls in the photo are Ah Yeon, Miran, and Heejin.

Credit: @the2NE1hour on Twitter

Comments on: "Photo: Pretty Dara with “Crazy” YG Dancers" (6)

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  3. she looked different here.. but still gorgeous… oh well.. effortless beauty…

  4. Kyah..i love the closeness between yg family whether youre a dancer or a am artist 🙂 loveyou dee s

  5. daisang@yahoo.com said:

    they are so cute! love their bonding… I hope too that they will now release their MV.

  6. ilovessantokki said:

    The Crazy Girls dancers are so pretty! ^^ And of course, Dee looks like a goddess, as usual! ❤ Can't wait for their comeback performances! (And the MV! Yg trololololed us hard -.- )

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