Can you guys feel it?! They’re really coming back, and it’s just in a matter of days! Korea’s getting ready for their explosive comeback too. Woooot!!! <333

Credit: 百度YGFamily吧@Weibo

Comments on: "Photo: 2NE1 New Evolution Posters Spotted at Gangnam" (5)

  1. Reblogged this on belikeit.

  2. This time, it’s our part, to make them no. 1! 🙂

  3. so mch xcitment.
    d queens w/ a goddess(dara)..
    xpecting more line for u to sing in a song..
    goddess D..
    leave d others in a dust(t-ara is hvng a cmebck too.)

  4. lala0111 said:

    yay! get ready for 2ne1 comeback!? i am ready for 2ne1 comeback! we all ready for the queens to comeback!/ ryt ? 2ne1 fighting !

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