Wow! Their cover was totally different from the original version. Awesome! ^_^

(The girls singing ‘Ugly’ starts @6:23)

Source: happykbsn@YouTube

Comments on: "Video: 120629 Cynical Covers 2NE1’s Ugly at KBS N’s Global Super Idol" (3)

  1. Dragonfly87 said:

    Wow, singing it at a minor key was actually a great move! 🙂 but it’s not surprise because a lot of 2NE1’s songs do sound great when sung in a minor key.

    As for the sensual moves during the performance, I think they were putting up a “Chicago”-like (the musical) front which is okay for any song on minor.. But thinking of the original version and it’s lyrics may make it seem awkward.

  2. ilovessantokki said:

    They sound awesome, but I don’t really get the sexuality they put into the performance when the song is more about vulnerability? Girating on the chairs isn’t really what I’d expect from a performance of this song, even a cover… But they sound really good. It was interesting ^^

  3. wow they are good..

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