The girls are now in Japan! ^^ Dara always so nice accepting gifts from fans and always having a ready smile for them!

Thanks @tonyaaa1217ton, @BMAIB, @r2GD and @me21bom!

Comments on: "Photos: 120627 Dara at Kansai International Airport (Japan)" (11)

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  2. OMG ❤ im smiling alone.. keke! im seeing so many staffs hehe.. DARA and the girls are covering their hair 🙂 new hairstyle 🙂

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  4. 90 degrees in Korea and she’s wearing a knitted hat? lol her head must be sweating a storm

  5. What are they doing in Japan? again?

  6. sweepberry said:

    Now I know why’s Dara’s smile is like that, and its quite rare to see this kind of smile. It was Tamtam gift pulshie!! keke cute~~!

  7. wewillreachthetop said:

    I wanna know what’s written in her beanie…curious 😀

  8. what’s written in her beanie?? is it F*ck again?? nyahahahahaha

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