No matter what hairstyle she’s sporting, Dara always always looks gorgeous! <333

More pictures of the girls after the cut!

Credits: GettyImages via @sjaikb

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  3. kissyvee said:

    When Dara posted in twitter, I was kinda hoping she’d go with that hairstyle, but, then again, when it comes to D, you gotta prepare yourself for another crazy style, LOL!
    I looovee what she’s wearing, classy, sexy and chic and it’s white! yay!! 😛
    the hair needs some getting used to, but it’s the same as the Lonely hairstyle, upgraded version! 😛
    still, she looks gorgeous no matter what, my chameleon Goddess D! 😀

  4. this is what you call being FLEXIBLE with anything 😀

  5. this is what I like about DARA, she still looks stunning and she rocks whatever looks the stylish gives to her.. 😀 2NE1 fighting..

  6. i agree yeah dara please say no sometimes, enough on those weird hairstyles, i remember when i watched your goodbye stage you girls sang hate you, your hair was down and straight, with simple make-up and simple girly outfit, damn you were so so sooo beautiful there and absolute stand out, i hope you could sport that look again for your comeback, please dara tell your stylist to stop giving you weird styles. we wish to see you with a bang a big surprise on your comeback

  7. i love that hairstyle when Dara’s hair was short but with that length, i hate it. why couldnt she just wear her hair like during rehearsals. the one she shared on me2day and Twitter. Dara, pls say no sometimes. pls. u r being too nice already and that’s not always a good thing.

    • True. The wierd hairstyles are becoming too predictable it does not anymore serve its purpose to shock, stimulate interest, awe, etc like it used to. It’s like the fans have become wary and developed a threshold for it already. Just like food. Even if it’s rich, delicious and your absolute favorite but if you have it too often you reach a saturation point and start looking for variety. Perhaps for this comeback, the stylists should explore their creativity in something simple and classic that highlight that beautiful face.

      • omg I agree with you guys. After 2 years DARA NEEDS A MAKE OVER WITH THE STYLES. Kpop evolves and so 2ne1 also needs to. They need to start giving us something new though they always do but something more different other than weird hairstyles for DARA.

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