YES FINALLY!!! I have been waiting so so so long for this! With 2NE1’s performance in Silla University as their last event before their comeback, I have been counting the time when they will make their official comeback announcement… I guess we can expect it next week! ^_^

With group SNSD unit TaeTiSeo wrapping up their promotions on June 3rd, the upcoming comeback of the Wonder Girls is drawing much attention of the music fans. In the meantime, group 2NE1 has also announced to bring a new album to the fans some time in June.

The Wonder Girls are coming back on the day that TaeTiSeo wrap up their promotions. It has been about 7 months since the Wonder Girls have promoted with their single album ‘Be My Baby’ November last year.

Since the announcement of their comeback on May 24th, Wonder Girls’ management company JYP Entertainment has been releasing teaser pictures and video clips daily increasing the expectations of the fans.

The teasers revealed the Wonder Girls in make-up and outfits that stand out, transforming into the Wonder Girls with a more mature and chic feel.

Regarding the Wonder Girls and their new album, JYP Entertainment explained, “The new music video teaser clip shows that it will be the music video of the greatest scale and coolest style yet for the Wonder Girls. It will show a different, the whole new Wonder Girls and everyone will be able to enjoy an exciting summer with the new and exciting music and dance.”

The girl group to represent YG Entertainment, 2NE1 also come back to the fans with a new album in June. It has been a year since 2NE1 have promoted with ‘I Am the Best’ in June of last year.

On June 1st, a representative of YG Entertainment revealed, “About 7 songs have been completed with the producer in charge, Teddy. Currently we are thinking over the decision on the title song. Whether the album will be a full album or a mini album has not been decided on.”

YG Entertainment representative also added, “It’s still hard to comment on the hue of the album or the timing of comeback yet. We are planning to make an announcement next week”, but did not reveal additional details.

Although the exact timing of 2NE1′s comeback has not been confirmed, since it has been announced that 2NE1 will be releasing an album in June some time, it is expected that the promotions of the Wonder Girls and 2NE1 will overlap.

The Wonder Girls and 2NE1, as the girl groups representing the rival management companies JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment are expected to draw the eyes and the ears of the fans this summer as their charms collide.

Source: My Daily via Nate

Credit: KpopFever

Comments on: "News: YG Representative on 2NE1’s Comeback – “We are planning to make an announcement next week…”" (11)

  1. Reblogged this on edherei.

  2. Im s0 much excited f0r 2ne1 I can’t wait t0 see their music vide0s and t0 hear their new s0ng, yg is the best in making video film. s0 i can’t wait t0 see the girls on it..

  3. no,,, when i watched like this i remember bigbang sunset glow…so its like “huh, ok” still quality MVs of YG is the best…dont they know YG bought video materials same as hollywood movies are using…

    • Yeah….YGEnt=it’s all about SWAG!!(songs/mv)
      2ne1 dance cover= hard!!!!u need to have swagger (like CL the only baddest female in kpop) I luv 2ne1’s songs/YGEnt songs more than cheesy songs!!!

  4. excited for 2NE1!!!

  5. lol.. overlap or not I DON’T CARE.. hehe! i know 2ne1 are the best 😀 fighting

  6. WG’s is catchy but i think its forgettable though, I watched monster first before like this (maybe not a good idea haha)

    Anyway, I honestly don’t think they WG and 2NE1’s promotions will overlap that much since 2ne1 are still deciding which title song, they would still have an mv shoot, then the post production of the mv will probably take a bit of time? so WG will probably be able to promote w/o 2ne1 yet for 2 weeks? and then maybe 2ne1 will comeback by the 3rd week of june. [my opinion]

  7. 2NE1 is unstoppable. WG’s song is catchy but there’s nothing new. They could have done better with the MV.

  8. ilovessantokki said:

    Maybe I should have watched Like This AFTER I watched Monster. ‘Cause after being wowed by the quality of the production of Monster and the emotional charge it had… watching Like This was like watching a fanmad flashmob of one of WG’s new songs. It’s still a catchy song just… a little disappointing.

    BUT! I can’t wait until our girls come back! Come back soon, 2NE1. Please! I can’t even express in words how much I miss them T___T And Big Bang has been murdering the charts right now. They’re #1 across the board with all their songs on the mini album charting in the top 10. I hope 2NE1 will be met with the same success! Fighting~!!

  9. Sorry Wondergirls, but I saw your music video today and I could not bear to watch through it. Reminds me too much of Disney, Willow Smith, and as someone else pointed out, another derivative of Beyonce (Move Your Body MV). 2NE1 will most likely take the cake this month.

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