Dara at number 3! 

Which star do you think would obey their significant others? [Pops in Seoul]


Comments on: "Video: Pops In Seoul Asks “Which star do you think would obey their significant others?”" (10)

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  2. (dara) fighting!!! don’t be scared. I hope you can find a good man for you, Im excited for you dara,, I can’t wait to see whose this lucky guy

  3. I totally agree with Se7en in saying that she’s got bad taste in men… most of the time. I hope she finds someone who will cherish her. It’s a good thing she’s got good friends and a brother to take care of her.

  4. hoping n praying dat jyj jaejoong or junsu wil ask her out for a date…
    it gnna fils lke in heaven 4 me f it wil cme tru.:-)
    plssss jyj mke it hapen…
    dara is perfct

  5. cyndikrystelle said:

    I hope Dara will find the best and right man for her because she deserves to be happy!can’t wait who this lucky guy is!(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

    • 100%Agree!!! and Mr. YG, Sweetie Dee NEED a good personal assistant ASAP!!! someone who can protect her from bad guys!!!!

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