Because there are so so so many photos which are to die for, we decided to make a Part 2! ^_^ 

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Comments on: "Fan-Taken: 120428 Goddess Dara and Beautiful CL at Nikon Legend Event (Part 2)" (18)

  1. Omgosh Is Sooooo beautiful Girls Love You Dara UNNIE

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    Sandara Park

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  4. Dara…Dara…Dara… I wanna keep you inside my pocket forever! 🙂

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  6. kissyvee said:

    Gorgeous Dara is incomparable <333

  7. OMG, she’s so Goddess, i like her wearing a dress,

  8. jeca gaco said:


  9. dara_syr said:

    hehe i don’t know what were they talking about but look at dara and chaerin laugh …i laughed too. speechless w dara’s beauty. NO COMMENT

  10. cyndikrystelle said:

    Truly a Goddess!i worship u, Goddess Dee!!m(_ _)m

  11. Every angle Dara is very Beautiful!!! gifted beauty.. what a human being! damn! i envy much..

  12. Kyaaaahhh Angel Dee<3333 i must have died and gone to heaven, because i'm seeing an angel<3333 😀

  13. i think our dear goddess Dee is gearing up as the lifting of Dating ban is getting near!!… hmmnn.. i’m so excited to know who will be the lucky one to stand side by side with her..

  14. She really is a living ANGEL!!!!!

  15. where i am ? ! on FAIRYLAND ? i see the princess of FAIRY ..> < the most gorgeous fairy ive ever seen..♥I WISH dara can have a solo song and no autotune and the mv is about fairy haha. and she's the fairy on mv ..sorry im just being childish and dreaming eh:D =))

  16. cheneechee said:

    My Vampire goddess is sooooo bright

  17. pretty princess she so cute

  18. she is so pretty! basking in the natural light she’s exuding ^_______^

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