This is so cute and adorable in so many levels! ^_^ Does this mean 2NE1 will go cutesy but with their own flavor for their comeback? ^_^

Credit: @DC2NE1

Comments on: "Photo: Welcome To 2NE1’s Official Fan Cafe" (16)


  2. I have a question. Only korean fans can sign up to that fan cafe?? how about iBJ’s?

  3. Thank GOD!!!!T.T LUV THEIR STYLE HERE<3333

  4. OMG they look so so GOOD!!! They all look beautiful, adorable and so WOW!!!
    ==> Dara, expose your legs more often *.*

  5. Do you know how to join the official fanclub? I think they announced yesterday that it’s open to foreign fans already.

  6. BOM’S SHOESSSSSSSS …….. 갸아아아악 … loves dara’s small and forever young face ❤

  7. ilovedara^^ said:

    They all cute i love the outfit esp.minzy kekek :))

  8. petitedara said:

    I think they are trying to be give warm feelings when welcoming fans. I doubt their comeback will be cute, they are too fierce and charismatic 🙂

  9. theian'sako said:

    am still not used seeing them cutesy kekeke

    and Dara wearing short skirl..

    aigooo love her and love ’em all

  10. Dara’s legs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So sexy and cute
    Hihihi … I’m a girl lol

  11. cyndikrystelle said:

    2ne1 girls are releasing so much cute pheromones!!!uber kawaii~ ♡♡♡

    • petitedara said:

      Ah anyway, this photo is actually from their photo shoot for Nikon, so I’m pretty sure their comeback is rockin’ like before 🙂

  12. so cute and i love dara

  13. They look fab. Their cute is definitely not the over-the-top-sugary-cute, so it’s all good 🙂

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