Can’t Get This Product Out Of My Head: 10 Catchy CM Songs

Does that music video you’re watching have a suspiciously high rate of visible brand names? Are your headphones reminding you that you haven’t yet bought that new thing that everyone’s talking about? If so, there’s a good chance that the song is a CM single, an advertisement song for a product or service. Companies in South Korea put idols’ popularity to good use and hire them to promote products for them. We’ve collected 10 of our favorites for a little product placement parade! Fair warning:  try not to spend all your money on your favorite idol’s product — save some for whatever they’ll be promoting next year, too.

Using well-known faces and voices to promote a product is a genius move in itself and adding idols into the equation creates the perfect storm of chart-topping music that everyone will hear, idols that hoards of fans look to for fashion and lifestyle inspiration, and a product that has now entered the minds of an entire target audience.

10. T-ARA for Nonghyup Apples — “Apple is A”

9. 2NE1 for Yamaha Fiore — “Don’t Stop the Music”

8. AUTUMN VACATION for TheraFlu — “Cold Medicine”

7. JANG GUEN SUK and SISTAR for Samsung YEPP — “Magic Drag”

6. 2PM for Corby Anycall — “My Color”

5. F(X) for LG Chocolate — “Chocolate Love”

4. SANDARA PARK (2NE1) for Cass Beer — “Kiss”

3. 2PM and GIRLS GENERATION for Caribbean Bay — “Cabi Song”

2. BIG BANG and 2NE1 for LG Lollipop — “Lollipop”


Source: MTVK

Reuploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Article: Can’t Get This Product Out Of My Head: 10 Catchy CM Songs" (17)

  1. hehehe… dara, 2ne1, bigbang and jyj… the best… esp. dara and jaejoong

  2. whaaa! so happy so happy..
    Kiss @ no.4..awesome!
    DSTM @ no.9..bam!
    Lollipop @ no.2 great!

  3. dara_woo said:

    JYJ and dara FTW……..proud of dara’s song

  4. Dara’s next solo song, the title is “Goddess”…..

    And some of the songs that included in their korean album are “Beat,” “We’re Fierce,” “Break Myself,” “Love You,” etc…

    Guys its not confirmed tho but i just read this one somewhere…. just a rumors….

    • where have u got it?

      • i read her post in YT 3days ago (her nick is Starfire10982, maybe you can see him there)… when i/we ask where she got it, she said “just saw a video in YT but when she got back and ask more, the video already down”… remember this is just a rumors tho….

    • Seriously?? a GODDESS is her next solo song??!!! Oh my gawd~..I bet it’ll be awesome, if its her solo and you know, wear some girly stuff ~ kekeke

    • really.. hope it’s true….

    • pinkprincez said:

      i really hope its true.. been waiting for a dara solo song…..i hope it will come soon…

  5. TEEhee01 said:

    oh my gawd my favorite kiss at so happy yay!
    i just wanna kiss .i never wanna miss..haha im always watching kiss mV..:))
    love ya dara..♥♥

  6. Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
    2NE1, BIGBANG and JYJ!!!!
    …but most specially DARA unnie’s KISS in it!!!! “I just wanna Kiss~”

  7. Kyaaa!! Kiss was there!! OMG I’M A PROUD DARALING!!
    Uwah I seriously love most of the songs listed here ^.^

  8. Kiss was an awesome song! I loved the commercial!! Not a surprise to see the song in the top 10!!

  9. kyaaa!!! “i just wanna kiss~ i never wanna miss~”
    damn great song!!! i’m so proud of this girl!!!
    just like mastah, i’m waiting for her next solo…
    hope it will be soon!!!

  10. Kiss was awesome and still is!!! I can’t wait for her next solo~!

    And Lollipop too!!! 😀

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