Park Siblings Fighting!

2NE1’s Sandara Park + MBLAQ’s Thunder

28-year old Sandara Park and her younger brother have an age gap of 6 years (although the article said 5 years). Dara said, “I used to piggyback him everywhere when we were younger, so I’m always worried about him. But now looking at him putting effort performing on stage, I’m very satisfied.”

Before Sandara Park’s debut, she wasn’t even qualified to be a trainee. During that time, YG’s CEO Yang Hyun Seok gave her a month’s time to train. If she failed to improve, she will be kicked out. Hence she trained her vocal and dance skill with her current members and managed to remain as a trainee. (Actually, YG thought that Dara wouldn’t make it as a 2ne1 member at first, so he told her to become a YG actress instead. Dara wanted to prove herself so she trained really hard with the help of the other 2ne1 members for one month. She worked hard to become a member of 2NE1 and not to remain as a trainee.)

Thunder, on the other hand, was personally trained by Rain himself with the other MBLAQ members. Dara said, “Thunder had always wanted to become a singer since he was young. He was more hardworking than me during dance practices, and he had better musical talents than me.”

Due to the distance of the siblings’ dorm, they couldn’t meet up often and used email to stay in contact. However, they would still show up on each other’s event to show support.

Dara said, “Every time I stare at the computer screen while Thunder is performing, my members would say I look like a crazy fan.”

Credit: @RapperYeoboJang

Translated by: @daralinspirit; Thanks One Direction Shisus!

Comments on: "Photo/Translation: Dara and Thunder in a Singapore Newspaper" (9)

  1. daragonlove said:

    aw..this is sweet.. i will always love park siblings…

  2. Dara4ever said:

    I l0ve PARK SIBLINGS! Ssantokki and dog poop!

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  4. Singapore newspaper?! Love Park Siblings<33 Ssantoki, Doongie HWAITING!!!!

  5. I LOVE this sibling! They’re very well grounded and talented. Thunder successfully got out of her sister’s shadows but funny both debuted 2009.So happy seeing them very successful and well respected idols in Korea. and THANKS for translating!

  6. One Direction shisus, I’m a fan *O*

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