A little over a week ago, Etude held a “Dear My Lips-Talk” Event/Press Conference in order to introduce their new line of cosmetics to the media and public. Unfortunately, because of her schedule, Dara couldn’t make it. Here are some photos from the event!

Now, where was this shot from the released CF?!?! How come this shot wasn’t there? Kekeke! I think its to protect Dara from rabid crazy fangirls! It would have been cute though! ^_^

Source: http://newworldla.egloos.com/1120097

Comments on: "Photos: Venue Photos of Etude House “Dear My Lips-Talk” Event" (5)

  1. Princess Dee and Prince Minho<33 🙂

  2. I really want to see that scene in the photos! Too bad there are some crazy fangirls out there!!

  3. I knew it! they really did kiss it’s just that Etude edit the whole CF cause of the fangirls being mad jealous of Dara and Minho’s kissing scene.

  4. OMG! those 2 shots from the CF with Dara and Minho is just soooo spazzworthy.. Minho’s intent stare at Dara.. and judging by those shots it would seem that the 2 really did kiss on the lips just like what the other Shinee members said that only Minho got to kiss Dara on the lips.. I guess they didn’t show that side to protect Dara..from the fangirls..plus they’re promoting in Japan and YG probably didn’t want any unnecessary rumor or whatnot to start from that CF..too bad for us though…

  5. waaahhhh SANDARA HEAVEN!!!! ETUDE here in RP should be like this too….

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