Kirin Namacha’s Kitagawa Keiko Wants To Be 2NE1’s Manager?

On March 5th, actress Kitagawa Keiko attended a press conference for ‘Kirin Namacha‘ as it’s newest image character.

Kitagawa, who will be celebrating her 26th birthday this year, revealed, “My friends already consider me to be ‘around 30′“. She also commented on the CM shoot stating, “During this CM shoot, I tried to make expressions of maturity“.

For this year’s goals, Kitagawa said, “I don’t really like exercising, but starting this year, I want to train my body. Also, I want to get better at cooking.

‘Namacha’ is a green tea that uses 100% Japanese tea leaves that are harvested during the morning. It also uses 10% “raw tea leaves extract”, giving the tea its fresh smell and unique sweetness. Kirin will also launch its new product, “Namacha Midori no Yasai Blend Cha Plus“, which contains 10 different types of green vegetables with a green tea base.

For the CM, Kitagawa worked with foreign children, “At first, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to communicate with them. However, during the shoot, the children picked flowers and gave them to me… I really like how pure and determined children are“. She added, “In the future, I think it would be fun to play the role of a nurse, school teacher, or mother.

The CM song was decided on “LIKE A VIRGIN” by Korean girl group 2NE1, who requested to collaborate with Kitagawa. The actress proposed, “I want to become their manager, and in-between PV shoots, I want to fan them and serve them tea.



Comments on: "Article: Kirin Namacha’s Kitagawa Keiko Wants To Be 2NE1’s Manager?" (8)

  1. omo! Keiko is my super fave actress! She likes 2ne1 too….I’m so happy!

  2. Ooh, one of my favorite Japanese actress wants to be 2ne1’s manager. Hehe…

  3. TheBestDaraStanEver said:

    I don’t know her but I can’t help comparing her to our Dara. She’s right, she looks mature than her real age.

    On the other hand, Dara please reveal now where the fountain of youth is located.

  4. I like her!! She is very pretty and an amazing actress!! Get Dara to star in a J-drama with her!!!!

  5. cute girl ^^ didnt she use to date yamapi???

  6. Aww…shes so cute. And pretty too.

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