2NE1’s Sandara Park shows herself as a great model for the particular affection she has for her fans.

Recently, a picture with the comment “Sandara Park shows her love for her fans by ‘paying tribute’ back to her fans” was uploaded on an online community board.

The posting includes a picture of Park expressing her gratitude to her fans by handing out some pork cutlet bread she bought from Japan at an airport. The fans came out to the airport to welcome and take some pictures of her. Park is said to have gotten out of a car to hand out the bread herself.

Also, Park left some touching comments for her fans on the cover of the bread such as “This pork cutlet bread is so good!” “I see Oh Na Yeo (abbreviation of the name of her fan club) has gotten a new camcorder.”

The netizen who uploaded the posting added, “She has gotten out of the car and handed the bread that she bought from Japan to her fans who were taking pictures of her. Also, she was very considerate to notice that her fan club has changed the camera. I would be glad to become one of her fans.”

Netizens who saw the posting comment: “I see how she ‘pays tribute’ back to her fans. The fan who got the bread must be happy.” “I think 2NE1 has the greatest affection for its fans.” “Sandara Park has a great heart and good looks. She’s a role model to other celebrities for her greatest love for her fans.”

Source: http://en.korea.com/?p=318841

Comments on: "News: Sandara Park Shows Her Particular Affection For Her Fans" (12)

  1. […] goes back to her roots, and her fans are always her first priority. I recommend that you read THIS post about her generosity to her […]

  2. Dara is The Sweetest Idol ever!!!!!!She always nice and so humble with her fans. She always makes everyone fell like they’re special, so this one of the reason why i love her so much<33

  3. cydellianne said:

    such a wonderful person…for such a celebrity she can even notice such things…^_^ so happy loving a person like her…^_^

  4. OH NA YEO??? i thought the gift is for OH MY GODDESS. Am i wrong? Dara remembers all the girls come to visit her every time in in cheon airport.

  5. and that’s why I love her ever since her SCQ days!! She is always thoughtful to her fans..

  6. That’s the very reas0n why we’re here for her and for 2ne1!

  7. awwwwwww i love you so much Dara!!! 🙂

  8. this is my first time to post a comment..kkk,im just shy…=>
    its been 1 year that ive been visiting this site and reading the comments of everyone…im very proud to be her fan because of the love she has for us,so p
    roud for what u are now…(tears of joy)..

  9. So true! : ) And it’s really spontaneous not contrived “public relations opportunity”. This is really a very personal thing for her and her fans that I’m glad the public got to know. The effort she puts to update her me2day is another very good example. Isn’t it in the little things that people do consistently that true love flows? Where your real character is revealed? Dara, as an idol, is unique in more reasons than the public are even aware of.

  10. Such a sweet thoughtful girl^^
    DARA: her appearance(beautiful,cute,hot) gets attention, but her PERSONALITY stole the hearts of many^-^
    proud to be a fan!!!

    • cydellianne said:

      ^_^so like…I really love her most because of her whole beauty as a person…there are not much stars who are this beautiful—inside-out…^_^

  11. And this is why we are fans of Dara and of 2NE1!! ^_^

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