Gorgeous 2NE1 girls! And wow Dara! <333 *stares at the pics*wipes drool*

More photos at the slide below ❤

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Comments on: "[UPDATED!] PHOTOS: 2NE1 @ 2011 SBS Gayo Daejun Red Carpet" (41)

  1. Absolutely Perfect!!
    Stunner..Head Turner…Ethereal Beauty Sandara Park! *O*

  2. came back to be amazed once again to this wonderful natural beauty! what a sight to behold! Dara-yah. so beautiful!

  3. She was so gorgeous!!! I really wasn’t expecting her to wear a dress actually!
    So I was positively surprised! Heck I was ecstatic!!!!
    So so pretty!!! CL’s shoes are also to die for! SO fierce
    Maknae also looked super pretty! Minji baby is becoming such a gorgeous lady!
    And Bommie, forever a living doll! Flawless, though I didn’t like her dress so much!
    Anyways, 2NE1 ftw!

  4. unknown_lurker said:

    I’m speechless at this. Dara looked great! =p


  6. tikilovesapples said:

    0_0 soooo pretty kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  7. wow a very beautiful,sexy and blooming Dara on the red carpet ❤ !!!!

  8. rainielove03 said:

    Gorgeous Dara! Love 2ne1 sooo much! I just don’t get the red carpet stuff. What did they do after this? Did they have awards giving stuff like that or were they goin to perform again with those outfit? Was there any interaction between them and other groups? Did they going to broadcast it? Ahhhh I’m so excited! Was this already in YouTube ? I mean this broadcast. Please response . Thanks

  9. cydellianne said:

    dara-eonnie…you’re really beautiful..so beautiful…I love every look you have but I love it most when you dress like a real woman…though I guess I have so many rivals in adoring you like that…fan boys! ! don’t try to have my dara-eonnie if you don’t intend to make her the happiest woman….okay??<3

  10. daragonlove said:

    Perfect…love dara’s outfit…

  11. goddamit! why does she have to be so perfect !!! Dara unnie look soo beautiful. even wit her birthmark on her leg, she’s still the most beautifulness woman ever! so jealous … sigh!

  12. so beautiful! so gorgeous! a pretty dress. hair is down. just one last thing, no boots next time but more like the shoes CL is wearing. hehehe ^___^ but really, Dara looked fab! thanks to the stylists for giving Dara this look ^__^

  13. on a second thought,, i think they did it on purpose,, always save the best for last..last korean appearance in 2011= best outfit… weird but now i appreciate the time she doesn’t wear a dress cause when she does wear one i’m awed with amazement,lol

  14. elegant dara, so beautiful..all the girls were stunning and i want that CL shoes in the red carpet.haha. well, the stylist sure is listening to us after our critics in MAMA,,, next time styist try other colors too,, overall love the outfit and the design’s details.

  15. pinkprincez said:

    thank you stylists for this!!!!!! wah so love her look!!!! Goddess D looking pretty, sexy and fresh!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!

  16. You were in my dream last night, Dara. Best sleep I ever had.

  17. You were in my dreams last night, Dara. Best sleep I ever had.

  18. ilovessantokki said:

    Woow, she looks so gorgeous! Of course they ALL do, but Dara seems to be glowing. Love her so much ❤

  19. wow!!!!!!!!!!she look gorgeous and so pretty..like her dress and the design unique,,.

  20. DarA looks like one HOT model! ❤ [sizzle sound…..!] ahehehehe

  21. So Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!THANK GOD….no more weird hairstyle!!!!! I LOVE U GODDESS D<332NE1 HWAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. for a change, bom’s legs are covered and dara’s aren’t.

  23. she is very gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. does anyone knows if they already performed?

  25. can’t stop drooling!thank goodness no weird hairdos! dara should dress and wear hairstyle more like this often coz there are only few months till they can date.i’m pretty sure the fanboys are drooling too!

  26. justsomerandomguy said:

    This is one of the reason why I’m always anticipating the Gayo Daejun(s).. the rare moment that Dara is dressed so femininely, where her being a goddess is being shown most brightly. (Did I just become poetic?)

    I’ll love you always Dara!!!

  27. Janna Relato said:

    Love her look today! But still, gorgeous as ever!

  28. and her legs..wow!!!!!! she’s long legged!!

  29. oh my god!! the prettiest face in kpop world!!
    fanboys alert!! this is why papa yg always hide dara’s beauty!!
    and…..she’s sexy..right guys!!

  30. I love you dara!!!! so proud of you! 🙂

  31. how can we watch it live?do we have a live stream for this?i want to watch it….thanks.

  32. shes a very simple girl… her nails just plain white while the 3girls with style(?)… love your style tonight dara-sshi..

  33. oh…my…God….i love her from head to toe….it’s very rare to see her like that…she’s really beautiful….i love her stylist…for now,he3…

  34. Kaori Ling said:

    beagOr dara… beautiful + gorgeous dara!

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