I swear! This fan-account is just to die for! Dara is the sweetest and most precious girl ever! Read this fan-account shared to us by Oh, My Goddess in order to see how breathtakingly beautiful Dara is inside and out!

The fan account will be rephrased a little and a few details will be added here and there in order for all of you guys to understand better.

Dara looked for Oh, My Goddess via me2day. No one was replying from Oh, My Goddess because they weren’t online so Dara asked another fan who always goes with Oh, My Goddess every single time. Dara looked for Oh, My Goddess because she wanted to say something to them. Dara said that she had something to ask OMG. She said, “You guys always receive my signature, right? But my sign is not pretty and it is ugly because I write it quickly because there is no time… I feel really sad about that… TT TT So I want to ask where do you use them? Keke”

It turns out, Dara felt bad about giving the fans “ugly” signatures that’s why she tried to look for Oh, My Goddess so that she can give them better-looking signatures. (Insert all the oohhhh, ahhhhh and awwwwws here!) Dara said, “Ahha~! I bet all our members think the same way as me!!! You guys always come out to meet us when we are tired, so we want to give you a good sign, not like those ugly signs. We feel really sorry and uncomfortable about giving those ugly ones. TT TT”


Includes sweet airport and me2day moments!

Yes my dear Daralings! Dara actively sought out and looked for Oh, My Goddess because she feels bad that she gives them “ugly” autographs. What idol does that? Dara actually feels bad that she didn’t give them “pretty” autographs. 

Awwww Dara! You’re probably one of the few idols who practices signatures because you worry about giving fans ugly ones. You’re probably the ONLY idol who actively seeks out fans just because you feel bad that you gave them ugly ones. You’re probably the only idol who says sorry to the fans you give signatures to, because you think it’s ugly. Don’t. We love your signature may it come in whatever shape, size or form. 

Dara-yah, you are so precious! 

And this is why I am a fan.

Fan Account from: Oh, My Goddess + @ohmygoddessDARA + @OMG_SODA + @OMG_SANDAR

Comments on: "OMG Fan-Account: “This is why I will forever be a fan…”" (16)

  1. She is such a sweetheart..
    A kind-hearted person, all the more reason for us fans to love her even more! 😛
    beautiful inside and out!
    Gotta love this girl~

  2. Beautiful inside and out. Kindest person I ever known.

  3. honestly i like her because of her personality and i will support her forever
    may Godbless u always Dara 🙂

  4. dara is really one of a kind. She’s worried of ugly signatures LOL while some idols cant even give signatures. That’s why i transformed when i read hate comments..LOL

  5. i swear there arent anyone idol in the world. where can we find another sweet heart idol like her??? no where. she was so tired because the busy schedule. After got back korea from Vietnam concert, not rest. she still think about the fans. She remember all @ohmygoddessDARA + @OMG_SODA + @OMG_SANDAR . I believe that Dara really want to talk to you guys, but every time the manager pull her away. I wish someday you guys can have a long long conversation with Dara. We’re happy to sit here and read your fan account. it’s awesome really awesome. I dont know why i keep thinking about the conversation between Dara and your friend. I never image that Dara will give fans such a big big love like that. Never.never… we never stop loving her.

  6. bleighton_chaera! said:

    she really is the sweetest!!

  7. Crazy4dara said:

    Dara is an angel. that’s why I’ll be a fan until forever…hahaha! I love this girl so much.

  8. Oh my gosh… I’m crying right now…she is so nice to her fans that’s why I LOVE HER TO DEATH!!! so I don’t understand why some people on my tumblr don’t like her…I follow them and I hardly see pictures of dara being posted…It makes me sad really..and being a dara fan that’s what I post all the time and no one dares to reblog it..I guess I was following the wrong people…If you love dara and you have have tumblr can I follow you guys?

    • sandara_fashion said:

      Actually there’s loads of Dara centric Tumblr accounts and yes honey you are following the wrong people (So better unfollow them hahaha. Kidding!). I personally don’t post anything in my tumblr cause I am lazy like that but if I wanted to see some Dara edits in tumblr all I do is search for them.

      You can start with looking them here and follow them (Look for accounts who post about Dara often):


      Hope that helps.

      • Hi there sandara_fashion =D Thank you so much for your reply…You have no idea how happy I am just by merely having interaction with my fellow daralings. I guess you can say I’m a lil dara deprived on my tumblr LOL! and yes I’ll definitely follow your advise and unfollow them but they follow me LOL! I hope you have a fantastic day and just like you I will be a forever Dara fan and I promise myself to spread Dara Love no matter what it takes…
        nwahugs ^__^

  9. dara is the purest,kindest idol that i knw.she’s really beautiful inside and out..i promise to be a faithful fan to her..thank u omg,ohdara for sharing this to us.it means a lot to us.God bless u all!

  10. my heart is just so happy and proud!!! i’m forever a fan!!! 🙂

  11. that why i like her …she has a pure heart inside and out…fan dara 4ever….

  12. sandara_fashion said:

    I promise that I will be a Sandara Park fan forever. She is just amazing. How can a girl who looks beautiful on the outside looks beautiful on the inside too?

  13. tnx!dara is not an idol!she is our friend!

    ,now how can you hate dis girl?really beautiful inside and out! ill promise i will be sandara park fan forever and ever!

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