Thanks to the efforts and love of Blackjacks, Daralings and Dara Lovers all around the world, not only was #2NE8DARA able to trend but Sandara Park trended as well!!!

#2NE8DARA was able to trend  around 10-15 minutes after we started trending and a few minutes after that, Sandara Park followed! What is more awesome is that #2NE8DARA trended for a little over an hour while Sandara Park trended for almost 2 hours! How amazing is that?!?! The love for our amazing Goddess is indeed overwhelming! In our own little way, we hope we were able to bring a smile on Dara’s face!

Before I end this post, I would like to leave a contest entry from unknown_lurker about why she loves Dara!

I don’t know why I kept defending her on 2ne1′s vids, I don’t know why I kept following her every move. I certainly cannot point out any reason as to why I have this urge to be “protective” of her and to defend her from those unforgiving comments that I often see directed to her…heck, I don’t even know why I never fail to check up on news of her and become somewhat pissed at the little lines she had seemingly been given in their songs (which I often than not don’t mind since as someone else put, she’s had the more memorable ones to boot). Even at times, I don’t know why I suddenly feel my heart ache seeing her cry. But I guess, I see myself in her.

She knows she’s not the best, yet she goes on to improve more. Whenever she smiles in pictures or videos, there’s this happy, tingling feeling inside, as if I also become happy myself.

Perhaps I could only come up with one conclusion in all these: “SandaraPark– no matter the titles she hold, in the end, isSandaraPark”. She is human – fragility and all. She has this aura of gentleness – with her ever beaming smile plastered on her face, as if saying “don’t give up and choose to be happy, choose to follow your dreams”. She embodies this “familiar” feeling in her that makes any fan feel comfortable around her (though her awkwardness towards co-artists is really something amusing). It is perhaps this approachableness – optimism and drive – her humanity – that made me feel those things towards her.

She does not know each one of us personally, yet she’s always one to reach out to us. She may never remember the faces or the names but seeing her give her all on their performances and show a portion of her life to us makes me appreciate her all the more.

When all the glitz and glamour fade or wherever place life takes her, she’ll remain loved. Honestly, as lots of people here pointed out, in a simple answer to the query “why do you love dara?”, I’ll answer what Denis Cooverman replied to Beth Cooper:

“What’s not to love?”

Comments on: "#2NE8DARA and Sandara Park Trended!" (33)

  1. off topic ^_^
    where can i buy blackjack shirts? i really want to have one! im from the Philippines..Pls help me find some please!!!!! thanks!

  2. There is a song which make me think of Dara.
    The song is “Highest Star” by Amorphis (

    I know this probably only makes sense to me, as the lyrics of this song are about something totally different, but the beauty of the song, and its title – “Highest Star” remind me of Dara….

    Just wanted to share.

  3. miss.ticism said:

    spot on OhDara admin ❤

  4. Thanks for sharing. It really touched my heart >.<
    Dara unnie the most lovable girl in the world. She isnt a fighter, she's a lover. 🙂
    She's strong independent girl who always caring to others. She always smiling & laughing. She loves everyone & all she wants in return is someone to love her back. Happy Bday Dara unnie<3333

  5. unknown_lurker said:

    I’m honestly surprised and speechless at this…but as someone else said, we may have our different reasons on loving dara, but in the end, we love her just the same.

    I just wanna greet dara a very happy birthday, no matter how late I am.

    And to the admins of this site, and all dara lovers out there, a shout out to you guys as well. Dara is someone who always strives to make those around her happy and feel loved, and thus, may in our simple ways, we’re able to make her smile, just as much as she had made us smile.

    Again, happy birthday to the one and only dara. May more blessing come her way and may she always have that smile on her face. =)

  6. i’m late but as the saying goes “better late than never” Happy Birthday to the cutiest bunny in the world! SANDARA! It’s your most special day so be happy!

  7. Well said unknown_lurker…well said!!! *two thumbs up*

    ❤ Happy Birthday Dara….wishing u all the BEST! Thanks to everyone who participated on trending Dee's bday on twitter!!! Awesome job guys! And lastly….Dara hope u know that u are LOVED all around the world….so never ever get lonely ^_^

  8. bleighton_chaera! said:

    ..^ so true!happy birthday DARA!for us YOU are the BEST!and you deserve all the BEST in this world!!!!

  9. Janna Relato said:

    I couldn’t agree more with everything he/she said! Definitely, what’s not to love about Dara? 😀

  10. this is very heartwarming 🙂
    very well said @unknown_lurker 😀

    dara is something we cant explain , she’s not perfect but closed to be ~

    happy birthday dara ~ please continue your sweetness,charmness and kindness to your fans .:D keep it up ~
    you are deserve to be loved ~^0^~

    @ohdara- thank u so much for sharing and updates
    it was helpful for me 😀 because i made a page of sandara ~

  11. i feel bad for not joining the trending on twitter, but i am so happy that a lot of dara supporters are there all for the love of dara
    i like unknown lurker’s statement…dara is one worthy gal who deserves all the love all over the world.
    happy birthday sandy! ^^

  12. this is beautiful and very touching.. and absolutely TRUE!

    Hope Sandara could read this ❤

  13. tikilovesapples said:

    @unknown_lurker: That is the sweetest! I hope Dara ya can read this. 🙂

    In the end it all boils down to one thing: Really, what’s not to love about her?

    Happy birthday Dara ya. I wish you all the happiness the universe can offer.

  14. xandeelicious said:

    This is so true. What’s not to love about Dara?

    Thank you for this. We love you, Sandara! ❤

  15. daragonlove said:

    1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SANDARA PARK! wish you all the happiness, peace, love and be able to get what your wishing for…you have a very HUGE LOVING HEART!
    2. @unknown_lurker: you did great, you were able to put into writings what most of dara fans feel but cannot express themselves in writing…thank you very much…for others, we may have different reasons why we love dara but we also have our common ground and that is LOVING DARA NO MATTER WHAT.
    3. Thank you admin for always sharing…
    4. God bless us all…

  16. so touched..i’m almost crying..thanks for sharing..hppy birthday to dear dara…we all love u 4ever

  17. happy birthday to my kpop bias and my 4d goddess SANDARA PARK!!! 🙂 STAY HAPPY AND PRETTY 🙂 WE LOVE U 🙂

  18. Very, very touching. Dara really deserves to be so loved.
    She is so very kind and gentle.
    Thanks to everybody for these kind comments.

    Happy birthday and much, much happiness in your future, dear Dara.

  19. there are ppl out there who will try to bring anyone down but there will always be more ppl who will stand behind that person to cheer them on and we fans are those ppl. we will not stand by and watch someone whos obviously worked hard to get where shes at, be brought down by haters with no respect for others. theres a reason why she is so loved and if u say other wise your definetly blinded by your own ignorance.

  20. I will do everything or anything for you Dara just to show how much we love you. Happy Birthday to you. Keep up your good works. You’re such an inspiration to us. May God Bless You always. Just Stay what you are. We Love You Dara.

  21. aww, very well said…this is such a heartwarming article…yes, we simply love dara — no buts and ifs…happy happy birthday our dearest!!! 🙂

  22. am so touched…this is so true!..What’s not to love about DARA…she’s my all!..^^

  23. that’s true! “what’s not to love” im touched,im almost cryings.tnx 4 sharing…happy bday dara!

  24. “I see myself in her”
    @unknown_lurker, very well said!! I’m literally crying now… I am. I’m so touched. and it’s all so true. that’s how I really feel also. this is the first time I have felt such passion to someone.
    “I love Sandara…”

  25. WOW!! that is LOVE.. we love her so much that we feel what dara feels. my heart is in pain for forcing myself not to cry..T.T I’m so touched.. I feel the same. I’m happy when she’s happy. I cry when I see her in tears. I love her that much that I miss her when I can’t see her face everyday.. I’m also being senti. hahaha.. ^_^ HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARA.. TAKE CARE ALWAYS..

  26. this is love…i fell like crying..T_T..
    i feel that way too… the last line make me shiver from my backbones..HBD goddess..!!

  27. that was really beautiful T-T
    this is what we Dara fans feel for her, seriously, what’s not to love?!
    thank you for this wonderful entry, it is so heartfelt and genuine, 😀
    I love it~
    Thanks OD! 🙂

  28. haha! I got twitter jailed last night! we trended fast and long! haha! so happy!

    @unknown lurker awwts! *hugs* I can relate to how she feels for dara! really what’s not to love? happy birthday Dara!

  29. *crying* right now….

  30. 100% TRUE !!!

  31. can we be friends? unknown_lurker

  32. I think all Dara fans share the same sentiments. Thanks for putting it into words.

    Happy birthday Dara!

  33. sandara_fashion said:

    @unknown_lurker AMEN! Wahhhh!!!! It’s too early in the morning and you made me cry. I am not sobbing. I AM CRYING!!!! Huhuhu Thank you!

    @ohdara Thanks for sharing.

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