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Comments on: "Photos: 2NE1’s Promotional Photos for “I Am The Best” Dance Cover Contest" (4)

  1. I love Dara’s styling here! her hair, clothes and everything. it’s punk/grungy yet clean and feminine, and it perfectly complements and contrasts her doll-like complexion.

    idunno, something about tomboyish/rocker-type clothing on a pretty girl with glowing, porcelain skin is so adorable and charming. but it can’t work on any pretty girl; only someone who has a bit of an edge like Dara.

    I love Bom’s brown-yellow-orange gradient hair tone too.

    they’re so quirky, and SO uniquely 2NE1 ❤

  2. CL and Bom looks like a twins in the first photo, maybe b’coz of the hair and the angles of their face. Minzy & Dara so edgy! love it!..^^,

  3. I love Dara’s facial expression. So sexy & fierce.

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