Credit: MNETAmerica

Comments on: "Video: 2NE1TV Live: Worldwide Season 3 Teaser" (6)

  1. lorenadenise said:

    what channel is it in cable?and what time?pilipinas here

  2. I’m guessing they’re using old clips because most of season 3 hasn’t even been filmed yet. *crosses fingers that the scenes will be aired close to real time* I’m going to be really sad if they’ll do that choppy, time-skipping again.

    that tickle tickle clip! ❤ that's probably my favourite from season 1. 😛

  3. What tv provider has MNET?

  4. wow..can’t wait…

  5. there seem to be several clips from old episodes in the teaser (season 1 and 2). will they mash all previous seasons to the current one? we shall see!!! old or new, will still anticipate seeing the funky 4 of 2NE1 conquer the world!

  6. mia1234 said:

    Cant wait..

    By the way, if u guys know what channel I can watch this in U.S, please tell me, I live in Florida, but I dont know what channel their gonna show it.

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