Comments on: "Screencaps: “I Am The Best” MV – Hot, Smoldering, Sexy Goddess!!!" (10)

  1. One of my favorite parts in the MV. Dara unnie looks like a doll in here (also bommie unnie:)) HEr face is just so perfect especially with that porcelain skin of hers:))

  2. ckjack_bla said:

    Her eyes is the sexiest part of her body ❤

  3. I really love this part in the MV and if I’m the CEO of MB since Goddess D’s already endorsing the new super sports car in their MV I AM THE BEST. Why not just let her make a CF of the new Mercedes-Benz, yah know sporty Dara driving Mercedes Benz would be awesome. ^_^

  4. did you see her smile ??? so pretty!!!!!!!

    • the scene were she’s sitting the the world is mine and in the end she smile seductively oh my god!!!!! such a tease!!!!!

  5. kaselyn said:

    i never gonna tired staring at her face!!

  6. It’s really interesting when you scroll down ^^
    It’s like watching a slomo of it 😀
    Y’all are awesome !!!!!!!!!
    I love everything 8D

  7. Green Mango said:

    My favorite gorgeous scene!!!!

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