I honestly think that they did a really good job! I love their cover! What do you guys think?

Credit:  at YT

Comments on: "Video: 4MEN Covers “Lonely”" (14)

  1. I appreciate you taking the time to create this post. It continues to be really useful to me indeed. Enjoy it.

  2. **jaw dropped on the floor***** amazing cover…

  3. luv this. wish 2ne1 will do this softer version during their concert in o.h.

  4. hey guys..here’s another lovely cover of “lonely” from BJs

    – can’t help but love this and isn’t allan(the first singer) a hottie? hope they win ^.^

  5. chamtot said:

    this is the best cover song i’ve heard so far. 4men and 2ne1 ftw.

    ps. is 4men a group? or the one singing is called 4men? 0.0

  6. the best so far… i feel the emotion of the lyrics just by listening…
    makes me feel lonely, lonely, lonely. thumbs up for 4men.

  7. i love this version!!
    2ne1’s “lonely” voices portrayed the lyrics on a stronger emotion…like ” i still love you but im gonna let go off you and not cling on and cry” type while 4men portrayed it on a more “emotional” type like ” i really love you but we’ll only hurt ourselves more if we stay together” type, on rainy days like today i like 4men’s version better but other times i like 2ne1’s original version more..gawd!! why do korea have so many talented singers? in here, you’re not a good singer if you can’t belt out a high note ^.^

  8. 2ne1doll said:

    Best cover for me! His voice is so dreamy ^^

  9. yes they did a great job.. WOW.

  10. most of the cover i have watched so far… all of them are having a hard time singing the part of Dara.. they find it easy to sing the parts of the other 3… just notice it…

    • Yssabella said:

      i agree with you, as in totally… Her short-but-hard-part-with-complicated-notes, hehehe! That’s Dara, no one can pull that part, but only HER! hehehe! Aigooo! ♥♥♥ Dara! ^_^

  11. me likey!!!!!!!!

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