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Comments on: "[Screencaps] Dara/2NE1 in “YG On Air” Episode 6" (21)

  1. I went to 2NE1 YT channel is it just me or did YG disabled the comments section in their channel?!? I haven’t watched the video yet coz it keeps on lagging I’m just using my CP.

  2. her eyes are beautiful, her lips are perfect ^^ sooooo pretty… simple yet gorgeous

  3. I forgot:

    Dara as the mysterious funny DJ in the RADIO.

    hay I really want them to have a kdrama=>

  4. I love her outfit, seriously it looks so comfy… but she’s the ONLY one who can pull it off… i miss you Dalong!!!!

  5. I want them to have a kdrama.
    GIRL Band=>.

    minzy as a popular student
    bom as a music teacher
    CL as a baddest street smart girl
    Dara as a fragile, gullible, cute and funny girl

    CL play guitar
    Bom play piano
    Minzy play the drum
    Dara play bass guitar

  6. arsheen said:

    i just noticed that dara is loving hats and scarves these days.. well, it suits her… she is lovely with whatever she wears…

  7. both are beautiful inside and out…they have their own singing skills…cl-rapper minzy-strong but can adjust into low voice bom- assign into high notes…can compare with international rihanna etc…dara- the sweet voice,,,without her do you think the 3 voice can blend well? she’s like a toppings in ice cream..haha 2ne1 nolja

  8. wow…dara so beautiful…more fanboys to come…keke

  9. Yssabella said:

    She is not only beautiful but awesome! Looking forward for more updates about her and the other 2NE1 girls (hoping for Daragon updates as well, sorry can’t help not to include it, hehehe!) ^_^

  10. phimoemoerice said:

    I say “Lovely!”, then my jaw drops. 😀

  11. she really looks beautiful here, just like the 1st live lonely perf. and the hair extensions in inkigayo, plus the makeup, really made her gorgeous. i think dara’s face is unique even among beautiful korean women.
    as for the reggae ep, i think her attire was ok–rather elegant. but her hair–it wasn’t weird but i think it made her look too mature. her makeup was uhmmm…ok too but maybe bcoz i wasn’t feeling her hairstyle and she looked rather tired to me, she wasn’t really glowing for me then.

  12. omg!
    Dara’s scarf!!

  13. thank you for the pretty caps!!! woot woot….
    i like her look here!!!

  14. The girls are all gorg. Dara is ❤

  15. pretty dara looks like so anime-ish kekeke
    2ne1 jjang!!!

  16. Haven’t watched this epi yet, but did they sound live this time? The other times they sounded & looked prerecorded.

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