Comments on: "Goodies: Etude Wallpapers for June" (14)

  1. arsheen said:

    dara unnie is so pretty her!!!

  2. Dara4ever said:

    Ky0pta! dara-unnie! ur as cute as a bunny! Ahh!n0!ur cutier than a bunny!saranghae!

  3. justsomerandomguy said:

    beautiful as ever!

    Dara-noona SARANGHAE!!

  4. lovely dara!!

  5. LuVuDara said:

    Dara!!! you complete me!!! “sarang-hay” (kean’s version)..keke… ❤

  6. sana naman may makita tau na billboard nang etude sa edsa tapos si sandy ung model para active pa rin xa sa pinas!

  7. you look so very beautiful everytime…

  8. beautiful girl i like her a lot,miss kona agad si krung-krung kahit kakatapos lang ng cincert nila last saturday,gogogo girl we will support you all the way.

  9. the pics are jjang!!!

  10. sandaya:)) said:

    so lovely…:) ❤ it….dara unnie so beautiful…:))

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