Etude House, a popular cosmetic brand, revealed summer episode teasers for their exclusive model Sandara Park.

Summer Episode is produced to showcase enjoyment and sense of fun as Sandara transforms into a lovely Aloha girl on a beach. The first episode is on the beach where Sandara is enjoying playing while wearing a flower dress. The second episode is where she is happily playing with the water and the cold fountain. The third episode is Sandara turning into a rockstar. Teasers are shown before the full version.

And Sandara shows V of victory signs in each episode. The maintenance of the mascara’s length even against water and intense heat of the sun is shown, while playing the music in the background, ‘Stop as it is’.

Representative of Etude House said that, “Women this summer time will be going out and needs an impressive, waterproof mascara that can go all day long. This will be put on the market. And Sandara’s summer full episode in front of a strong Water Park will be reveal soon.”

Translated by: sivvie@OhDara

A/N: How I wish Dara can sing the CF song too. ^^ that would be awesome!

Comments on: "[TRANS][NEWS] 2NE1 member Sandara Transformed as an Aloha Pretty Girl on a Beach!" (4)

  1. Waa!! Can’t wait for the Full Episode!!
    Love the article and the Cfs!!

  2. love the news, love her etude CFs, love Dara! 🙂

    thanks, sivvie! ❤

  3. LuVuDara said:

    Go Dara-yah!!!! pretty pretty daLong aLL the way!!! ^_^

  4. arsheen said:

    pretty dara everywhere.. ore fanboys…

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