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‘Lonely’s a very captivating song and all the 2NE1 girls sang with so much emotions. They all sounded really great! Another hit from 2NE1! 🙂 And I love Dara’s parts in the song, I just wish they were longer but Goddess D definitely nailed it! Dara’s voice is so sweet and melancholic, just perfect and it leaves a very lasting impression. Gorgeous Goddess D, ‘really proud of you 🙂 

Friendly note from the admins: “we all have issues regarding some aspects of the MV, but please… ohdara is a public blog and your comments can be read by so many people.. let’s be nice. thank you”

Check out Dara caps after the cut ❤ 

Screencaps by: knucklepink + WeLoveDara +  Oh Dara!

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  1. Pippa Middleton said:

    Your Royal Goddess Dara is cold in the snow! What have she been thinking to walk and wear sleeveless in the snow? ? Tsk. Tsk. Cold City Girl Goddess.

    My Royal Highness 2ne1 is hitting it off. Congrats ! (with British accent ^^)

  2. danelle said:

    i thought so many things on this..
    during debut song which is fire, dara’s line
    is the most recognizable and the song just hit the roof as well as the group 2ne1.knowing yg who likes to experiment he told teddy to make a song which the two member (cl and minzy) will shine bigtime,(they have excellent voices) and this is it!!it hit the roof,thats why it has no promotion..experiment success.!!
    yg has other plan for our dear popular goddess..besides she’s his lucky charm.yg is getting ready in case 2ne1 do their solo activity-(after japan/us album)anytime soon..maybe..
    whoowhh..m i making sense???im getting crazy..
    ——–just me——.lol

  3. Dara looked so damn gorgeous!
    As most of you…I am kinda sad that yet AGAIN dara received less lines.
    Fact is that some of you are saying…there are more songs to come but that’s what we were waiting and hoping for before ‘ To Anyone ‘ was released…and when it was…I was disappointed cause she still received less lines. Except in
    ‘clap your hands’
    I get why Bommie gets more lines but honestly sometimes I feel like CL gets more lines than ALL of them…if they wanna go that way then shouldn’t Bommie get more lines being that she is the main vocalist(?)
    Dara should be recognized as a singer first more than anything else. I just dont understand why she gets less. I don’t blame this on YG or teddy…maybe they don’t even notice it (?) Lol. Idk.
    Either way I love all the girls!
    Honestly, CL and dara’s singing voices blend in nicely! As well as Bommie and dara:)
    Minzy seriously needs a song of her own! That girl got mad skills!

  4. Dara must be sad reading our comments no matter how valid they are. This got to be the loneliest post ever of ohdara. I won’t be surprise if someone comes up with a username of ‘DaraIsMyLonelyPill’ with these kind of mood. For Dara’s sake i think I’ll stop dreaming of spraying Mr. YG with pesticide and just enjoy my goddess and their music. The sun already sets twice and I don’t want my unhappiness go with it right? Right ^^

    • Sivvie 'DaraIsMyLonelyPill' said:

      I’m with you, Jive ^^ I am fine now after the second sunrise. And will set my eyes in the next song to be release in June 2nd. Hope I can hear more of her next though. ^^ Happy May 13th jive. Nice to see you back ^^

      • Jive loves you said:

        Yes i’m back. Jason is also back to hack everyone this Friday the 13th Lolz ^__^ Siv you should have been with me when I’m dealing with my unhappiness about Dara. We would at least look nice as sunset and sunrise lovers comforting each other with a happy pill

        • LMAO!!! =DDDDDD you two just made my day =))))) i just got online and your comments are the first ones i’ve read, hahaha 🙂

          but nope, i disagree, no matter what, darawillalwaysbemyhappypill 😀

          thanks jive and sivvie, your comments are always love. and get together already! =DDD

      • sivvie loves jive too said:

        LMAO @jive yes, yes, and am sorry for being late comforting you. LMAO. So here’s my big PORORO *huuuugs* instead give my best wishes to Jason! I think I know who he will hack

        @DaraIsMyHappypill *blush* we are together finally after Jive’s unmentioned

  5. Eh the song’s not that great. Maybe the next one will be better. I’m ok w/ short dara part IF it suited this particular song the best. the song itself turned out too strong & not as emotional as I thought it would sound, except for our dara. She’s not the best singer, but her voice is totally sweet & fresh. In the end, I fall for the voice w/ emotions in them, not ‘who has the loudest voice’. Like trying to prove that they can belt well that they forget to include ‘sincere’ softness & emotion. Minzy maknae did pretty well w/ the emotion in her voice too actually. Thumbs up for her & dara. So really, the dara-time didn’t affect me much b/c I ended up not liking the song that much anyway. Tired of hearing ‘eh eh’ fillers in songs…

  6. lancesevilla said:

    As what I’ve said before, It’s fine with me if she has the fewest line, cause we all know that the 3 members have strong vocal BUT on my point of view, Dara needs to be more confident in singing, so YG needs to trust Dara in terms of singing, if she always sang short lines in every song on their album, she will feel that she is nothing compared to the 3 members so her singing style will be the same, always an equalizer of the group.

  7. fatchae said:

    hope dara will be playing the guitar:D during their perf. on yg on air:))

  8. someygfamlyfan said:

    I just dont understand why OTHERS are SELF ASSUMING that TEDDY And Mr.YG are mistreating dara,that they dont love her, their favorites are the 3 or even dara doesn’t get what she deserve … Do you have any evidences???? In just one song many here are speculating so many many things in their mind eh!!!!
    Just BE HAPPY FOR THE DARA THAT SHE IS RECEIVING A LOT OF BLESSING than the 3 girls in their grp. which is sad for the 3. But anyway just support 2NE1 BJ/VIP
    peace peepzz..

    • You are right but sometimes we love to bless Teddy and YG too…. with hot boiling water

      • Green Mango said:

        @tangerine_24 Jive baby is the naughty one, not me. @Jive baby anointment with boiling oil (which has a higher boiling temp than water) is better to get rid of the congestion in his nose and ears that clouds his brain to think that the Dara`s voice is inferior to voice sounds with a pinched nose. 😉

        • So graphic ^_^ and I know you are just being polite here lol

          Dara’s voice is so good we have to undergo the burning oil ritual if we dont think so. Or a case of heavy clogging of the ear in which case a plumber or a roto-rooter can help us out

    • just a question though, if Dara receive’s a lot of blessing then why is it sad for the other three?
      I do think all of them are blessed. And We’re truly happy and thankful of what she has right now.
      But that doesn’t change the fact for me that DARA is a singer/artist first before anything else.
      You’r re right. No bashing anymore. Afterall, only YG,TEddy and DARA knows the real reason behind this.
      But we hope our sentiments are heard.

    • yeah, you’re right. mr. yg and teddy are not to be blamed for this. in fact they are probably doing the best they can to even the game..u know what i mean. dara is way more popular than the 3 internationally, right? shes the favorite commercial endorcer among them and has more fans and not to mention fanboys..if they give her alot of airtime in their videos then they might just name the group dara and 2ne1..i think they did what they did to let the other girls shine also…i think thats it.

    • daragonlove said:

      this is a comment section, they ask for it, so fans will give their opinions because this is the only way that their voices can be heard. from the very beginning, most of the time dara got the shortest lines, despite of that people noticed her and she became more popular compared with other members, so they expected more from dara, something different – like having a fair lines and exposure in MV just like the other 3. that is why fans are very disappointed.they are very emotional right now because the issue is very hot as of the moment. so try to undrestand them. you have your way of showing your love for dara and others have their own. let’s respect the point of view of others.let’s just leave it that way.
      after all, we have our common ground-love for SANDARA PARK.

    • how much proof do you need, is it not enough that she is always been given few lines.not just in this song but majority of there songs…

  9. someygfamlyfan said:

    o’common guys stop basshing TEDDY and YG, I want to ask…… are you sure that that yg and teddy doesnt love dara or their mistreated her or doesn’t give here a what she deserve???? all ur comments are just self assuming,,…..
    About the line,,it’s true that she has few lines but her voice is the equalizer against the strong voice of the 3….
    JUst be happy for dara that she got so many blessing nowadays……..peace peepz……..

  10. sharelove said:

    Based on my analysis, the issue here is not only “DARA as a singer, but as a musician”… I do really think that the reason why she got little lines, its because….SHE WILL SHOWCASE HER PLAYING GUITAR SKILLS..for the win…I think that If they would do it on LIVE, she will be the one who will really “OUTSHINE”, a pretty girl.. playing guitar..hahaha.. thats why.. they are not still promoting it… Papa YG is a real musical genius. Lets wait and see, Blackjacks… I might be wrong, but I am hoping that I am really RIGHT… Dara Park for the win, the suspense is really killing me…

    • let’s hope so, that would be awesome..^_^

    • daragonlove said:

      let’s hope so, because making an album is different from making CF.

      • sharelove said:

        but making a live performance on her GUITAR PLAYING is far more better than the CF, in live performance there are no NG’s.. so I think thats the real reason why Sandara Park, studied how to play the guitar..ahihihi…

  11. ithurts_to_be_lonely said:

    Me Im not disappointed with Dara having small lines anymore.Im just hoping one day they can trust Dara’s singing capability more…And sana in case mabasa ni Sandy hindi kami nagagalit dahil maliit lang ang linya mo sa kanta gusto lang namin ikaw makilala bilang isang singer dahil first of all nasa singing group ka.Sunod nalang ang makilala ka bilang isang actress at commercial endorser.Pasensya na kung nasasabi namin to kasi hindi na namin kayang itago ang sama ng loob namin lalo na kung nilalait ka nila as ur fan masakit sa min un kc mahal na mahal ka namin.Alm ko Dara kaya mo yan! fighting!
    .After all I am Dara fan first. I am BlackJack next

  12. Oh my gosh, I’m still not over this….. 😦 I’m just disappointed because It’s actually an opportunity for DARA to showcase her raw voice —– no AUTOTUNE and no HEAVY BACK-UP VOCALS just like in their usual songs. What I don’t understand, is that everytime they sing this type of song, she get’s repetitive few lines. If I could only count, it would be 3 songs already. I’m not blaming or bashing Papa Teddy or Papa YG but I do hope that probably next time, if they’ll going to sing this type of song again, lacking of lines won’t be too obvious. I’ve listened to the song a couple of times already and have seen the lyrics and in my opinion, she could have sang some few lines. I’ve been saying this always, since she’s in a girl group and that makes her a singer (secondary are cf princess, pr genius and effective actress — since she didnt debuted as an actress in korea), And I really hope that she’ll be an established singer. I know Dara is hardworking and make things possible. And I’ll bet my trust on YG — again. Lol! Gosh love-hate you YG. Anyway, I like the song and i’m happy 2ne1 succeeded in this song. Kudos to D for such great promotion tactic. kudos to papa teddy and yg. though, part of me is still disappointed, i’ll just say that you can’t have everything what you expected. But if this still continues, i don’t know — i’ll go beserk.

    I am Dara fan first. I am BlackJack next.

    Peace out!

  13. alexg23 said:

    I’m not disappointed with dara having less lines compared to the three but what I’m not happy about is that why starting from their first album(not the mini album), in every song where 2ne1 could show their vocal skills, dara will always have 2 – 3 lines.. Dara wants, more than anything else, to become a singer and us dara fans wants her to get recognize more as a singer than anything else.. Sure, she have cfs and all but in their songs it seems like she’s being left behind.. (My first bias is actually bom) People are always bashing her and doubting her vocals and having less lines in a song does not help change that.. In this mv especially towards the end, I feel like 2ne1 only have 3 members.. Dara only got a line towards the end.. (i actually like the teasers more than the actual song.. Tsk).. That’s why we’re hurt so I hope you all could understand that.. Ok, enough with this being not happy.. I will just look forward to their next song.. I will always love 2ne1..

    • madz_Parker said:

      I’m with you … I’m supposed to be happy while watching the vid but as it was about to end..i thought, ‘that was it?! is Sandara Park just again featured? ” Yes, from the other fans, we sounded like, always complaining blah blah blah blah, we want our bias blah blah blah . But then how come Dara shut the mouth of her doubters/ haters when YG doesn’t let her!. I mean, the song fitted her voice the most. C’mon teddy, YG…SANDARA PARK CAN DO IT.
      i know teddy is expert with his job already, he knows what he’s doing but the distribution of lines is just not that fair.

      Buttomline is, what we Dara loyalists want is the chance for Dara to showcase her vocals. Not about getting the limelight with the other 3 members, not about the exposure, not about us being bias. That chance is not actually for us (her fans) cause we already know how amazing Dara is, but it is for her HATERS and DOUBTERS.

      Yeah like to copy what other commented above.
      I am Dara fan first. I am BlackJack next. ;D

      • daragonlove said:

        as they say we will feel lonely after listening to the song, i know that now.

  14. Nevertheless, I still love the ‘Lonely’ Congrats 2NE1! It’s successful like what we blackjacks predicted! Suppot this song guys. Keep supporting 2NE1!

  15. jazanothergirl said:

    I’m new here.. disappointed with you guys…so negative…you should be very proud of our DARA and be very thankful with YG…her part was the hardest coz she’s the one making the melody (it’s not about her line/s in the song, it’s about how she feels the song and how she sends the message to us)…now I’m so lonely coz some of you are not getting her message to us…Be Proud BJ’s (don’t be affected by those haters…)

    • we are proud of Dara..and yes her parts are important to the song coz she creates the melody…it’s just that I can understand what the other peeps here are feeling. And I know you know what they mean. and yes, dara definitely sends the lonely concept of the song….it’s just that it seems lacking…dunno…and am sorry…but i think dara deserve 3-5 lines in a song..and even if it’s only 2-3 i wish they were longer. and yes, we should not be affected by the haters. this is one of the crucial times that dara fans faces hardship.dilemma and such. but yeah, i still wish they were longer TT_TT

      But it is still early to judge, I think, there are still songs yet to be release. Hope I can see justice next time.

      p.s: I know Dara might be reading these comments of us. But I know Dara you know what we mean. and we are proud of you. It’s just… you still know what we mean.

  16. iamhere said:

    Alright, i have read quite few reactions…I am also disappointed on the few lines given to D for “Lonely”. It’s like “It Hurts” but at least in IH MV, the director made her the main character, that’s why we’re a little bit satisfied (am i right?). At the back of my mind, I wish “Lonely” to be like “Love is Ouch”…

    On the other hand, I realized I must consider the producers’ point-of-view and expertise on distributing the lines to the girls the way he wants the music to sound. They are professionals and I have to give respect to that.

    Meanwhile, could it also be thAt at D’s POV, since the other girls take more parts in “Lonely” (which means more “work” in Lonely), she equals their effort by doing all the promotion, where she happens to excel most? We must face it, singing is their career. 2NE1 is a group. Bom, CL & Minzy, in D’s perspective, are more experienced singers than her (though all of us know that she’s as great as anyone ;-)). Bottomline, D is happy on her part of the song. And despite her few scenes in the MV, her expressions and beauty is the most captivating.

    Well, this is my long thoughts about this….
    ===>>>> love love love Dara…2NE1 4life ;-p

  17. madz_Parker said:

    I’m back to comment again. lols..;D..still wondering why dara is the only one wearing sleeveless in the last part while others are wearing jacket!! ^^ haha, i can sense that YG is planning for a solo activity for dara..whaha.. Just thinking, or just she is the main role of the MV?? C’mon, even Bom is wearing a jacket! Lols..thinking so much.
    Love her part the most! and Minzy’s voice also.Proud of you Darong..^^

    • daragonlove said:

      i have the same thought!hoping for sumthin’ big for sandy.

    • Yssabella said:

      That’s what I also asked in YT… I hope it will be a hint of incoming great project for her… let us all keep our hopes up… we all ♥♥♥ Dara!

  18. I honestly have no problem with how small Dara’s parts were in this MV. I’ve been her fan since the day I first saw her on SCQ and since then, just seeing her face on TV on magazines, on advertisements already makes me happy.

    I was probably the happiest person on Earth when she became a 2ne1 member. And until now, I still don’t care how much exposure she gets on their videos. The fact that she’s right there, singing a small part, as a member of the best girlgroup in Korea, it’s already more than enough for me.

    I hope fans would see that Dara’s happy right now, she’s proud of their work no matter how small her part has been on this video/song, I hope we could just be as happy as she is. That’s the best thing we can do for her.

  19. at first i was disappointed with the distribution of lines…but then dara’s happy so i’ll just let it pass…

    i just hope they’ll give her more lines next time…

    *pls… give the girl more lines she’s been working real hard… specially in promoting 2ne1…*

    okay so when i really listened to this song i realized that dara’s voice is the one that balances this song… 3 powerful vocals + her sweet angelic voice is simply amazing… 2ne1 fighting… the only problem’s the short lines that she has (sorry i can’t move on).

    but, she may have the shortest part but her angelic voice makes up for it… not to mention her beauty and acting prowess… omo drop dead gorgeous dara…. dara fighting…

  20. imoan_lee said:

    hello, guys! i think this is my first time to post a comment here..i just can’t help it..first of all, i LOOOVE the song so much! but i’ve got to be honest, i’m a bit sad for DARA’s ‘little parts’..AGAIN…but over all, i’m HAPPY. i’m happy for dara & of course 2NE1. 2ne1’s success is dara’s success. with all these love & support that they receive for LONELY, i’m sure that they’re very2x happy & that includes dara. personally, i think this is their BEST song to date..i love everything about the song, the melody, the instruments used, the lyrics, the way the girls’ sang it. i have now severe case of LSS!;) i have mad RESPECT for Lord Teddy, as what dara calls him. the way he created the song is pure genius. i will forever love YG, teddy, 2ne1 & their whole FAMILY coz they’re simply amazing. of course, the MV is gorgeous & flawlessly wicked. now, about the lovely girls of 2ne1..minzy totally killed this song, her parts & the way she sings it make me go so’s adlib towards the end is love, not too strong just perfect, her talent in singing is truly a gift..leader cl is leader cl, i think she can’t do any wrong, always amazing..and my forever bias DARA, she is one TALENTED girl, she can definitely sing & she sings attractively in this particular song, just the way we LOVE can’t help but fall in love w/ her everytime she sings, she’s like an angel w/ her oh so CHARMING & REFRESHING VOICE. (having said that, i still wish she has LONGER parts in their upcoming songs.:p) she TOTALLY DESERVES her spot in 2NE1. so to GODDESS DARA, keep your head up w/ that lovely smile of yours. we, your supporters are always here to stand by you. let’s all keep 2NE1 on the TOP, guys! i love you, SANDARA! GodBless! 😀

  21. darastan said:

    come on guyz..she’ll have her time..let’s be dara bias but im very satisfied with her’s not really that few..and she’s got the catchiest parts of the song aside from lonely, lonely part..and she delivered it really well…

  22. lancesevilla said:

    Its fine with me even she has a short part among the members, maybe YG is more confident with the 3, SINCE YG gave all his support with CL, Bom and Minzy in terms of singing…. I’m hoping that YG give Dara a drama…Bom has a solo… and probably he will give minzy and cl a solo too, please YG give Dara a drama that she can show her talent too.

    • it actually made me sad when you said that maybe YG is more confident with the others singing skills. 😦 they are good really, hands down. but i really hope the same confidence will be shown to our dara. after all, she’s in a girl group and a singer… 🙂

  23. Yssabella said:

    Just like you guys, I was so sad the first time I watched the video… Dara got the fewest lines again… But a realization came into me… I shouldn’t feel sad because it was a big effort she spent in promoting the vid… If she didn’t feel bad about it, then I don’t have reason to do so… If she is happy, I should be happy as well… Just like you guys, I love 2NE1 but it all started with Dara… I strongly believed that her hard works will be paid off… I hope she will be given a chance to be a lead in a Romantic Drama just like My Princess, My Girlfriend is a Gomiho and the all time fave Full house… Who knows? It’s not impossible because she is a total package! ♥♥♥ DARA!

  24. I love love love the song! It is really gorgeous and I can’t stop playing it. And yes Dara may have small parts in the song, but Damn her voice is just enchanting and music to my ear, no! And that makes her different from the 3 girls. Yes the 3 may have a powerful voice and obviously majority they have the most parts. But why do I feel like it’s just ordinary to me like they always do in their other song? Whilst Dara in her lines, the way she’s performing it, you can feel her singing is coming from the heart, feeling the song so much.

    And for that…’re awesome in my book!!!!

    • daragonlove said:

      the songs that can touch the heart are those with soft melody contradict to those high pitch tune…have you ever listened to dara’s smile in your heart?

      all time fave songs are those during the 80’s, even the youth today still listening to those kind of music because of it’s soft melody.

  25. we should not begrudge yg for making her work so hard to promote the song (yeah, starting with her lonely lonely me2day weeks ago where she was looking sexy and coy on the beach) when she only had a few lines :(again) in the song. but it’s her job (i wonder how much she’s getting…) and it also shows that yg recognizes her talent in that aspect (minzy has been tweeting/posting a lot recently but i don’t think yg will appoint her as pr director in the near future). anyway, we’ve been blessed with cj cf the other day, etude cf teasers yesterday, and the real thing on the 18th 🙂 also, this is only the 2nd song. i’m not even sure if they’ve finished recording all songs for the upcoming album. who knows among us what’s in store in the weeks ahead… so let’s just cross our fingers and be happy like dara 🙂

  26. check this out..cover for lonely:)

    • nice, nice, I like it…wow, dara’s parts are difficult than it seems…i like the cover ^^ thank you!

  27. Lots of comments. woo:O
    I am personally disappointed too like you guys do, but then again, we can’t do anything anymore. Let’s just all support the song co’z it really has nice melody and the girls’ natural voices were really showcased. The chorus is really addicting and it keeps repeating in my head. I’m happy for Minzy co’s she sang part of the chorus:) Dara unnie’s part was yeah, indeed short, but it’s so nice too. Her voice was so angelic and you can tell that she is really feeling it. I LOVE HER PART. She has the most different part out of the girls and IT IS NICE. I LOVE IT. NO QUESTION ABOUT THAT:)) She is so pretty towards the last part of the MV (well, she is pretty all throughout it) i love it when she wears those type of cute sleeveless shirts and her hair suits her so well. So PRETTY!:))))))) 2NE1 another DAEBAK song!:D

  28. Hello guys, as long the Dara is Happy, I’m also happy for her. Let just support her and 2ne1. It’s a bit disappoint but as long Dara is there let’s support 2ne1 AJA!!!!! She improve a lot… what a angelic voice 🙂

  29. ygbaby2 said:

    but dara’s part is great even if its short. Actually, for me this her best so far, the first time i got LSS to her part. I love the falsetto!!

  30. Green Mango said:

    Finally saw the mv and heard the song. Now, I understand why Dara has to work really hard to promote the song. 😉

  31. arsheen said:

    i love this new song from 2ne1… so LONELY… this is such a fresh sound from them… they are known for their upbeat and electronic sound and now, they started their comeback with pure analog music… i love the slow pop style of this song as it brings out the natural voices of the girls as well as it expresses a lot of emotion… you can really feel the message of the song…

    even if dara has few parts in this song, it is obvious that she really nailed her part… her sweet voice really came out and i even think that it is her part that really gave much emotion to the song…

  32. madz_Parker said:

    Woo guys reading all your comments from here to youtube, it makes me feel bad, REALLY bad. Honestly, i havent watch the MV yet since i’m using my phone. But then, judging from your comments, I feel bad for our bias. i mean, i am secretly disappointed with yg since 2ne1 debuted because of not fully showcasing dara’s talent yet. For me, if evryone thinks that MINZY is the most underrated 2ne1 member, I guess they fail cause Dara is the one. Dara can dance as minzy, can sing high notes as bom, and sounded great as cl. yet her doubters/haters NEVER saw it because YG kept on hiding her capabilities. It just hurts as hell everytime i read negative comments about Dara’s existence in 2ne1. Cause bias aside, she brought popularity of the whole group. she worked triple times than the other members to give 2ne1 publicity. sigh YG sigh.

    oh crap. cant believe i’m complaining right know. sorry, admins, u can delete this if u want. i’m just thinking that this is the right place to share our disappointments. I mean this is Dara’s fans HOME, isn’t it? ;D

    nevertheless, if sandara park is happy then we fans must be happy too. i just think, this site is the safest site to share our disappointments cause we admire the same person. ^^

  33. hi everyone! let’s all cheer up okay? =) we all have our sentiments about the song/MV… but then with everything that’s been said and done… let’s think of happy thoughts today, ne? ❤

    *happy bubble*happy bubble*

    all i can say is, Dara never disappoints… she's given new material here and no matter what others say, she most definitely aced it.

    i want to hear her sing Sixpence none the richer's kiss me! i've been imagining it ever since i heard her teaser for lonely and specially now that i’ve heard the whole song.

    Dara-yah, fighting! ❤

    P.S. and oh! nope, we didn't delete comments. there's a page break everytime comments hit a certain number. your comments are still here, although coz of the page break, it's hidden. and the latest comment now goes on top of the comment page 🙂

  34. bleighton_chaera! said:

    ..i love the movie,and the song..though i hope she’ll be given more lines to sing,i’ll wait for that time as of now i’m happy to see her everywhere,,kkk..

  35. sweetmafi said:

    aigoo.. I was a bit sad because of DARA’s few parts but I’m still happy because even though dara got fewer parts , her part was the most amazing thing for me….

  36. noljablackjack said:

    well, the song and mv was so amazing..but i think i was feeling the same just like you guys at the start then..dara posted she was happy so i would be happy too…regarding her lines her time will shine soon…endorsements per se she was biased among the three i guess..yg was just finding some better song for her….she’s a singer alright…let us just support 2ne1 and dara…without both we dont have anything to spaz about right?…cheer up guys see you in araneta

  37. Song’s ok. MV is good. Dara was sweet & full of emotion in the mv AND the voice. But aside from that, I honestly didn’t feel any more emotions or softness for the song. It sounded too…strong, not as soothing as the song seemed that it should be. I think I couldve liked the song more if I heard more soft emotions from the voices.

  38. i feel really disappointed. They should have given Dara a more part of the song..i was really expecting it in the MV but i got hanged there. I am not saying the MV is not good infact its awesome. Its just i was just expecting more DARA part in this song but never the less she nailed it 🙂

  39. Dara4ever said:

    D0n’t be sad every0ne(th0ugh im sad too)! Lets just l0ve them and time will c0me that dara’s hardw0rk will be paid off!

    ~i l0ve dara-unnie’s v0ice in every s0ng!

  40. with all the Dara fan reactions, I guess YG have probably known by now the effect they made on what they did lol, maybe they didn’t anticipate this~ all the negativity is something they need to give attention to since they are Entertainers,and for sure they will make up for this, find a solution for the future ;D

    and like the majority, I’m Dara fan, so i was mostly looking out for her exposure and got me hanging lol, anyways
    I love the MV and song and I want more!!! ^_^♥
    FTW 2ne1! goddess Dara ^_^

  41. Guys i can feel u alright T.T……
    but then can we just focused on the 2ne1 as one 😀 …
    DARA updated her me2day that she’s happy and all…so let’s just be happy for her too…
    coz all those agony is whooshing the others away in this site… although i’m one of them …but i came back to tell you all that let’s just keep on supporting them :d…be positive…don’t forget that DARA wants evryone to have a smile on their faces… and 2ne1 make an all kill… and turning the roofs to ashes ….dont you love it 😀 2ne1 FIGHTING!!!! Baby D… FIGHTING!!!!

  42. DARA daisuki said:

    as a DARA fan i think we should support 2ne1 bcoz she a part of it!!

    and ofcourse also this song!!

    if ur not,maybe DARA will be disappointed as you can see shes working hard to PR this song!!

    for me long or short lines or even just a single word im willing to hear it and support DARA!!

    besides i really love “LONELY” DARA is so impressive!!

    im in-love in her voice and the song is amazing!!

  43. dara ra rah! said:

    darn. and to think i was really really looking forward to this song. I need more singing Dara.

    • dara ra rah! said:

      its just that her promotions for this song was all-out crazy, and i thought, ‘hey finally Dara’s gonna have more lines weee..!’ The outcome left me confused and hurt. Felt like I was betrayed somehow (LoL). I just hope other BJs would understand where were coming (instead of reciting litanies of Dara’s faults to deserve such little to nothing lines).

      • welovedaraFAN said:

        Me too, I was disappointed,I think they only use dara’s popular kahit may talent naman siya,honestly siya lang ang dahilan kung bakit gusto ko ang grupo nga,I just wrote in tagalog para si dara lng ang maka intindi nito, Dara ipakita mo naman kaya mong pantayan o higitan ala kaming paki alam basta hardwork ka para proud kami sayo TAMA BA? Mahal ka namin

      • welovedaraFAN said:

        Me too, I was disappointed,I think they only use dara’s popular sorry guyz, I just feel this kahit may talent naman siya,honestly siya lang ang dahilan kung bakit gusto ko ang grupo nga,I just wrote in tagalog para si dara lng ang maka intindi nito, Dara ipakita mo naman kaya mong pantayan o higitan ala kaming paki alam basta hardwork ka para proud kami sayo TAMA BA? Mahal ka namin,sorry guys sa mga sasaktan

  44. chinita_26 said:

    I’m disappointed as well with the Song about DARA having a Short line and I guess Teddy still was not Convinced with DARA’s Voice unlike KUSH she gave Dara long lines in Clap your Hands. Maybe Teddy is not yet confident to give her lot of lines especially the high tuned ones but I can hear some Guitar Chords so I’m hoping that if they gave DARA small part in the Song she’ll be a big Part in terms of playing the guitar LIVE on Stage? Will it be ok guys? You all Agree with me?

  45. kyaaahhh!!! I looooveeee it!!! ❤ It's refreshing!!! Congratulations to 2NE1, Teddy and Papa YG! LSS ❤

    I might not be going to the concert, but I do hope that they perform this song and pray that someone with kindhearted soul will capture it, hehehehe!!!

    Congratulations to PR Director Dara Park ^__^

    YG Family Family Family!!!!

  46. emmarie1102 said:

    it made me not want to check oh dara’s site until May 18 (just in time for the Etude’s new full CF)… all these comments are making me feel bad/sad and pity dara and I don’t want that to happen… I want to remember this site as a fun and exciting website dedicated to Dara unnie… just that… This is my daily happy pill and not my daily agony… sorry guys… we’ll be back on May 18th… =(

  47. Bubblegum said:

    I have no issues on Dara getting less lines because on other aspects, Dara gets more exposure (2 versions of INAG), YG lets Dara go on solo CFs(3 Etude CFs), interviews, YG family ads(she’s usually on the front line). That means YG knows and trusts Dara’s strengths.

    Sometimes, it doesn’t matter where the credits go to, because it’s a group effort. So for example, if CL gets recognized for her English rapping skills/her swagger or Bom gets recognized for her quirky self in 2ne1tv 2, they carry the rest of the 2ne1 members. That’s probably the reason why they’re successful because all of them have something they can bring to the table.

  48. maybe dara is the one playing the guitar!!! i hope they promote this

  49. basyang said:

    even if its a short line of dara,but if you finish listened the song,Dara’s part you want to sing and sing again….DARA PARK NAILED THE SONG……

  50. Trisha Gonzaga said:

    What the heck!!???
    Im so freakin upset
    one of the reason that i love 2ne1 is because i thought that “finally theres actually a group that gets equal lines”
    but then the more they promote a song the less Dara gets lines!!
    Ughhh!!! im so frustrated….
    I do really like the song!!

  51. Crazy4Dara said:

    I love Dara’s part in the music video. Even if it’s short, it stll leaves an impression. The only thing I don’t like is that evrytime 2ne1 has a new song or MV, the comments section on their youtube there is always a discussion about Dara & her position in 2ne1. I’m like WTF…it always ruins my mood. Some “fans” of the other girls or if they really are fans of 2ne1 would alway say that Dara-biased fans are arrogant or bashes the other girls. From what I’ve observed it was always Dara that is being bashed first. And of course her fans wouldn’t let lowlifes drag her down, it’s natural to defend her & then a whole lot of hating starts. It’s frustrating, I get depressed & sometimes not eager to watch their MV bec of it. Sorry if I just ranted. I just need to get this off my chest.

  52. to those disappointed about her having a few lines and saying yg doesnt recognize her voice…..

    have you listened to their last mini-album? she’s all over that thing – surprisingly! although they tried to push her to be more hard-edged.

    i like her mellow voice here. it stands out and very well placed.

    awesome teddy-oppa. he really has magic in those hands.

  53. TT___TT It’s really sad seeing the opinions here. I understand your disappointment and I respect your thoughts. Definitely everyone can voice out our points of view and opinions freely…BUT…

    1º-> As Sandara Park’s fan, I think that we should calm ourselves first and take our time to think better and ponder about things, not just following what we feel at a specific time and, as I said consider it and make a second thought about everything.

    2º-> Also as the admin said: OH DARA IS A PUBLIC BLOG, many people visits here…I can say that maybe even YG staffs and even our dear DARA visits this blog.

    3º-> In my opinion, it’s really sad to see comments saying that: “Teddy or YG are biases to the other members of 2NE1″…or that: “they don’t like Dara”….Please, refrain from saying this things first, and if that’s really what you feel, in my case I will keep it myself and focuse on the positive things and blessings that our dear Dara is recieving at the moment.

    4º-> Knowing Dara, being her fan since then, I can say that the girl is humble, considerate to others, generous, kind-hearted, a very simple and such a great person, and especially she’s SELFLESS…I’m sure that she’s not hurt or lonely inside. In fact, I think that she’s rejoicing and very happy for their successful comeback and for her group that is 2NE1 (as a whole), meaning Dara, Minzy, CL and Bom. I really think she’s HAPPY. ^__^ So let’s be happy for her too.

    5º-> Dara might be sad and lonely, seeing that her fans are sad, cause I bet she very hard, along with the other girls, and her main purpose is for her fans to be happy and rejoice for their comeback and notice her improvement, her efforts; her heart and soul that she always pours in everything she does.

    6º-> Let’s ignore haters. ^_^ Cause haters can hate, BUT they can’t change the FACT that Dara is a member of 2NE1, and at the moment 2NE1 won’t be 2NE1 without her, Minzy, CL and Bom. So they can always waste their time. What’s more important for Dara is what we, her fans, thinks and our support to her and to her group.

    7º-> Dara loves 2NE1 and she loves her YG Family so much, and I’m sure she’s hurt seeing negative comments about them. So let’s not lower ourselves to the haters level. I’m glad that for now, no one is doing it. The best we can do is defend her and don’t bother ourselves with negatives and hateful comments.

    8º-> Let’s remember that some opinions and comments that are opposite to what we think aren’t necessary hateful comments. Let’s think that they are just expressing their opinions and let’s respect them. Knowing what we feel and what we think about Dara, and believing our beliefs, being sure of ourselves is better. We knows what our dear DARA has, her STRENGTH (forte, her talents, her charms) and also her flaws. And everyone have different opinions. And I repeat, let’s respect them and don’t bother ourselves about it.

    9º-> If we’re BlackJacks, let’s supports the girls, even having biases, like me Dara, and I think its safe to say, like us. Others that HATE a member isn’t truly a BJ. Let’s celebrate and be happy for their awesome comeback.
    And knowing that this is DARA’s site, if ever we just love her, let’s think positive and be happy about her achievements. For me, just seeing news about our adorable girl and hearing about her till now, is already enough for me. I can’t ask for more. I’m really happy (taking the opportunity to thanks the admins and all the peoples who shares news and updates about Dara here).

    10º-> Let’s just SPREAD OUR LOVE for this extraordinary girl named, SANDARA PARK, who as YG said: “a person that makes the impossible, possible”. And just keep believing in her and keep supporting her happiness. If she’s happy, let’s be happy too.

    Sorry if this seems offensive to others, this is just my opinion as a Dara lover and fan. Also sorry for this long post. Admins feel free to delete it, if ever it’s not necessary. Thanks a lot. Let’s keep loving this amazing girl…our one and only GODDES DARA ❤

    • Anyway I forgot to state my opinion about the MV…lol. Aigooo….
      I LOVE IT. I love the song and the MV. “Lonely” is such a great ballad and our dear Dara conveys the emotion of being lonely the best. We can clearly feel it with her expressions, her gestures, especially her eyes, and in her singing. The girls are amazing and they are blooming. In my eyes, our dear Ssantokki excels in presence and charm. She just takes my full attention everytime I see her, she’s captivating. She’s really a GODDESS. ❤ It would be great if they didn't layered her voice, and I'm glad that there's a part, that I love so much, where they didnt do it, and we can hear her sweet voice naturally. Even having a few lines, she delivers it awesomely and I can feel her 101% efforts and her heart in it. I'm so happy and so proud to be a Dara fan ❤ ^____^

  54. I’m so lonely lonely lonely.
    The comments here made me cry, I better not visit this site for the meantime.

  55. I understand the disappointment and I respect everyone’s opinion.

    Heres my take though and dont hate me for it.

    As Dara’s fan, when we react to things like this and say ” teddy’s bias, yg’s this, she’s already the weakest link and teddy slapped us with this song, etc.”, in my opinion, it just seems that you believe those people that hate on dara when they say that she cant sing, etc. I just think that we should know better. we dont really need to argue with the haters and try to prove them certain things about dara, because obviously, dara already does it on her own without much effort.

    and i agree with j.reyes, i dont understand all the negativity either. we all love dara and we want to hear more of her, and maybe this was not the song that they thought would showcase her abilitiies. patience guys. let’s just be happy that dara is happy with how the song is doing.

  56. BLACKJACK = 2NE1
    i have no bias whatsoever cuz i love them as a group , as individual!!
    i visit all their fansites cuz that’s just how it works for me!!

    a true blackjack never compare 2ne1 members to each other cuz i believe that’s being disrespectful to the group!!!

    I LOVE THEM!!!
    I LOVE ALL THEIR SONG, MV, 2ne1TV every little or big things they do!!!
    2NE1 formed another group which is blackjacks cuz yeah we are a group of people who love and support them basically we are ONE!!!!!

  57. United States of Dara said:

    No!! This is the end of the world!! Dara is being mistreated. Let’s head for the hills and treat YG as the enemy of state from now on!!

  58. Anonymoes said:

    The mv was great…everyone did good…but my only concerned is why is it when theres a song were everyone can showcase theyre voice…how come Dara always get the shortest end of the stick? YES in Clap Your Hands..she got lotsa line…n she did good…but its not really showing how awesome lovely her voice is…AS A FAN i just really just want her to sing MORE lines when it comes to slow songs like this…is that too much too ask? And im sick and tired seeing comments like shes pretty…she looks good…for once i want others beside Dara fans to say WOW Dara can really sing..her voice is amazing…she has a powerful voice like the others. Again…2ne1 did great as always but as a super Dara fan….im disappointed and peeps shouldnt get mad at other peeps for saying theyre disappointed too…people have a diff opinion…just lets respect each others opinion…and lets continue to support DARA and always wish her the best! (sorry for the long post…got carried away)

    P.S Dara if u read this…its not like we dont like ur group/YG/Teddy…its just that something like this happen again…and were just voicing our opinions so that maybe in the next couple of songs something will change…thats all… PEACE 🙂

  59. I agree guys. Stop bashing teddy and yg. Its ok to express our opinions about the but we need to be careful with words. Dara might get more haters because of her fans. There are four more songs that will be released. Its not the end of the world just cause dara didn’t sing as much. We all need to relax and calm down..

  60. TheTurly said:

    I understand why all of you complain, because it’s true she have few lines compared to others but I’m not disappointed at all! Seriously she did great and besides the chorus I love her part the most! But I hope too that she will have more lines in the fure songs.. and please don’t say YG or Teddy don’t trust in her talents because YG choose Dara to be part of 2NE1, her voice blend well with others and if she was not part of 2NE1 their songs would not be as good like now even if she have few line..
    I love “Lonely”, my favorite of their songs ❤
    I'm Italian so sorry for my english ^^

    • as much as i feel so disappointed and sad… i will still support her.. and wait for YG to give her more lines or even a solo song.. meaning a solo like he did to bom..

      my mood right now is hating and loving YG.. but never the less i love YG family… and dara…

      and finally i see someone from italy loving k-pop….

    • TheTurly said:

      *future songs
      Oh and I saw many comments that compliment Dara and not only for her look.
      @Buffy I’m Italian but now I live in France ^^ and for YG we have all a love/hate relionship with him lol

      • mybe that’s why YG is so successful you never know if you’ll love him or hate him in every thing he do.. it’s like expect the unexpected…

        nice to know that italian also like kpop…i’ve been trying to influence all my coworkers to listen to kpop(bigbang/2ne1/seven/gummy) they say it’s a nice music but it’s weird coz they can’t understand it… so i thought it’s kinda imposible to make them love k-pop.. but you’re an italian so i guess it’s not that impossible…(i’ve been staying in italy for 7 yrs…)

        • TheTurly said:

          Oh allora parli Italiano no? Maybe when 2NE1 made a debut in America they’ll like them, but I think it’s a lame excuse cuz people listen to english even though they don’t understand..

          • yes i do speak italian.. though i don’t think i’m that fluent.. ..hmmm.. i wish they’ll do good in america so that there is a big possibility that they can have a concert in europe…(hoping for this ..) i’ll watch them for sure

  61. Like:  The music’s acoustic sound and string instrumental. Dara’s hot look in the end which made me forget Boms lovely bodi 

    Dislike:  Dara’s vocal cameo again. WTH is goin on??! I’ll call my lawyer for this… Hmp!!

  62. j.reyes said:

    In all honesty, I think people should calm down. I know you’re upset but it seems like now your bashing other people like Teddy and the rest of YG family making it seem like they’re out to get Dara. Okay maybe she didn’t get the most lines in this song but what about the other songs. No one mentioned that in Clap your hands she got the most lines, or that in most songs Bommie mostly only sings the refrains. Teddy knows where their voices sound the best.Many and people are already trying to start a war with YG. People, YG and Teddy are the people who made these girls (all of them and I’m not just talking about Dara) who they are today. I and repeat YG FAMILY key word here is family. They wouldnt do anything to make Dara look bad or do any dirty work, or not let her shine. Teddy has produced countless hits I think he knows what hes doing. Maybe in this song her voice fit in the places it did and other songs it fits in others

    I just dont understand all the negativity. This is their new music video. Instead of banning together and making it #1 everywhere we’re focusing on the negative and giving other people ammo in order to criticize yg family and its artists.

  63. to be honest, i myself saw that Dara got fewer lines again from the first time i listened to the song, but i’m still ok with it until i see some comments from CL’s, Bom’s, Minji’s fans – who called themselves BJs. It’s ok that Dara has fewer line in the song, as long as Dara happy, and she always does her best in her part. But those hateful comments just make me down seriously. Dara unnie, fighting! We’re always beside u!

  64. I loved this song. Even if Dara got the few lines, i still loved it. I think that the girls did a wonderful job.

    For the ones that are disappointed, pls. dont hate on Teddy and YG himself. I dont think Dara will be happy to see these comments that you guys are making. She loves her group and company/ family. She respected the decision on how the song will come out, so I think we all should be happy about it as well.

    2ne1 fighting.

    oh, btw, allkpop users, help VIPs by commenting about them ranking #1 In Oricon

    2ne1, BigBang, YG FAmily Fighting!!

  65. tatashi said:

    this is worse than its hurt
    except in its hurt dara is the lead role…

  66. I love the song! Totally different from their usual hip hop style I’m glad YG and Teddy let the girls explore other genre kind of music and going acoustic is awesome. I hope they have this kind of music in their new album aside from hip hop, pop and dance kind of music. Goddess D will always be a Goddess, I love how they style her hair differently in each scene for her and so are the rest of the members. Leader CL is gorgeous and so is Bommie and Minzy’s. All of them looks so stunning and matching it with their awesome vocals plus a beautiful acoustic song 2NE1 really pawned it. 2NE1 fighting!!!

    • louiese said:

      Finally found somebody that I can rejoice with!!
      This song is quite refreshing right? I am also happy to see that minzy is having more airtime than the rest, really the maknae is good. Dara has few lines if compared to others but well I respect their decision so I’ll just wait for another 3 weeks.

  67. I haven’t even seen the MV and I’m already disappointed by what I’m reading>.<

    Let's just hope that the songs that they are going to promote will be able to showcase her voice….I am crossing my fingers for equal amount of lines this time….or Dara getting more linesXD But what can I do but just hope…..

    On a lighter note, I am confident that YG will bag some, if not, most of the prestigious awards at the end of the year!! Since Big Bang came back and now 2NE1. Heck yeauh!!!:P

    • So, I got back from school and I immediately went straight to my computer and watched the vid….

      And I am so HAPPPPYYYY!! I absolutely LOVED it!! And will forever be on repeat till the next one comes out…kekkeke

      Spazz with me people….LMAO!!!

      Regarding line distribution…..I now realize that they’re doing what is best and Teddy does know which parts fits with each member….let’s just be thankful that they are making beautiful music even though that sounds corny…ahah.

      Anyway, I love love love it and I am ecstatic for the upcoming songs!!!

  68. mae kristine said:

    otoke… Dara noona,, i know your lonely inside..but don’t worry be positive everything happens for a purpose…

    there are times people only recognized how worthy u are only at the time you’re gonna leave..

    YG and TEDDY your all biased… but keep ur work..people and all netizens will come and majority of us… WILL TELL YOU HOW DARA NOONA PERFORM AND SINGS WELL..FLEXIBLE….


    IM SO SAD………….

    • mae kristine said:


      I THINK IT ISN’T………….



  69. im disappointed again few lines again,idont like to hear this song again poor d always second voice to her group,but dont worry guys she is the famous among the group and she is the most beautiful to them.gogogo girl we love you d,

  70. ok… while reading comments in youtube i found this comment… I am sure there are a lot more of this… I hate this really ———————————————————–

    I’m not trying to put her down on purpose or anything, but that’s just reality for her. I mean, wouldn’t it be worse if we would just lie to her face? I think it would be more loving as a fan to tell her straight up regarding what works for her and what doesn’t. And if she proves us wrong by exceeding expectations, well then, good for her. But as of now, she works as the visuals of the group. Not really a bad thing…I mean, look at all her Etude House CFs. O_O

    • danelle said:

      this is what im saying..teddy just hit the fire more!!

    • lealealea said:

      i felt like crying now. the thing i dont like about 2ne1 fans is that when someone bashes on dara, they will say something like “it’s ok she’s in charge of the visuals” but when other fans try to have a comment on other members, they will say “dara fans like you make me sick”. it’s ok to bash dara but when the other three get bashed, dara fans will be greatly hated on. aggggg. srsly, i have observed this for a long time now.

      • lealealea said:

        sorry if i come out like im generalizing or something. but this is just what i have observed.

  71. lealealea said:

    i cant seem to get off with my disappointment. i love 2ne1 and all but… TT TT TT

  72. i’m actually disappointed. i was expecting more lines from Dara knowing that this is an acoustic type of song. thus, her soft voice would suit it very well.

    but then again, i am comforted with the fact that Dara will be happy with the group’s success regardless how short her lines are.

    cheer up people. Dara will be happy. ^ ^

    • danelle said:

      yeah i know dara will be happy for the group because she’s a nice girl ..but lets admit it
      at the back of dara’s mind she knew this and she’s hurting..i know..she’s sensitive right..

      dara i luv u..fighting..dara’s time will come..!!

      • i totally agree with you. Dara’ll be always happy with 2NE1’s success, she’s really kind-hearted. But as u said, at the back, she’s still hurt, i’m sure, because she’s very sensitive, she just doesn’t show her sadness but want to bring smile and happiness to people and fans around her. That’s why i’m disappointed with some BJs… They can’t regconize her as a 2NE1 member.

      • Green Mango said:

        But it seems to me that it is only us the Dara fans who cares about how she feels.

  73. maybe that’s why yg decided not to promote “lonely”
    he knows dara would just stand there for most of the song just looking all pretty 🙂
    but remember guys…2ne1 is promoting for like 2 more months (i hope) soooooo there’s a lot more exciting things to look forward to yayyy!!

  74. someone-else said:

    ok haven’t seen the song and basing from your comments im set to be disappointed. sometimes i feel that all the exposure dara is getting from otehr than singing is just the way to compensate for her lack of singing parts.
    giving her the least lines make her more vulnerable for the haters that she can’t sing blah blah.. im getting of the same old issue..seriously. might as well define her as a real actress if only to bring the haters down who’s always criticizing her singing.

    well there’s still hope fellow dara-lings, there’s still other songs in the album so hopefully she’ll have enough exposure in those.

  75. louiese said:

    As for me, I am happy dara is gaining weight

  76. sooooper34 said:

    I am still disappointed with Dara’s small part and it was made worse upon seeing the lyrics. She already has the reputation of being the weakest singer and her small part in the song does not help in disproving that claim. I hope she’ll have equal share in other songs.

    • danelle said:

      this is my thought also..reputation of being the weakest..
      well teddy slapped us that dara is the weakest because of this song…!

      • reputation of being the weakest..
        well teddy slapped us that dara is the weakest because of this song…!- I hate teddy for not trusting Dara singing capability.

  77. nerdsicon said:

    Hmm complaints again? At least they didn’t made Dara look weird in this mv. And come on, the song is beautiful as it is…
    Let’s just be proud of Dara coz she sounded, acted and looked awesome no matter how short or long her lines were.

    Dara Saranghe! You really stood out! ❤

    • Dara not looking weird is just a bonus actually coz she always been pretty even with those crazy hairstyle…she sounded good right? but wth with the few lines? she acted and looked awesome — it’s given…. 😦 maybe it’s really hard for them to give dara more lines with a this type of songs…

      • it’s not only in this song that she was given the shortest lines… In almost all the songs except for Clap Your Hands and I believe in Love is Ouch too (but that wasn’t promoted) she was given the least lines, maybe not as short as this one or in the song It hurts, but still the parts are not equally divided. And if you listen carefully to her parts in Lonely, it is not autotune but there is something else… maybe a loud background music or something… don’t know cant really explain it…

        • agree…..
          it’s what they call stacking..overlaying your own voice…which for me still putting some restrictions of her raw voice….ah i dunno…what to say… ><

  78. lealealea said:

    TT TT TT TT i feel you guys. AGAIN dara has few lines. :(( why does yg have no confidence in giving her more lines in ballad songs? she’s the only member who was not able to sing the ‘LONELY LONELY LONELY’ hook. agggggggggggggg.

  79. Green Mango said:

    @tangerine_24 I feel the same way as you do. The group activities are a big disappointment and is very unfavorable towards her. The unfairness is blatant. I wonder if she does get paid additionally as a PR person because she works her butt off. However, I feel that being the most popular group member, she will never be let go (even if she demands it) as long as she brings in the needed revenue through cfs. I had high hopes that YG would see the light this time and would give Dara a fair share of the lines in the group`s songs, I guess not. I want to support the group but feel let down about the situation.

    • tangerine_24 said:

      Dara stepped up her game..I strongly believe she did but still nada…I’ll bitch slap anyone who’ll say otherwise especially now that I’m overly sensitive about this issue…….I never even want to imagine the things she gone through just to prove to everyone her worth…and since her haters are doubtful of her popularity as well…let the other 3 members promote “their” own songs since Dara hardly sings in any of their songs anyway …just to make everything fair…I feel bad and sorry for her 😦 ..damn… I felt like crying right now..I feel so cheated….

      • Green Mango said:

        I feel you but I have become cold hearted in terms of their group activities. I admire her for surviving being in this group. She works very hard. A person with less determination and passion would have given up a long time ago. I feel really bad that she is working her damn-est in promoting the group`s song where she has the shortest exposure possible. How about the others? Are they not suppose to work as a group in promoting their song? What is her cut as a PR person? Am I being too calculative?

      • @tangerine_24 let’s cry together T_______T me too I feel so cheated.

  80. danelle said:

    well teddy is so obvious he doesnt like dara to sing giving just only her the second voice and same line..why dont he just let the three obvious..i think im happier if dara sung the baby im so lonely lonely lonely part..she’s the only one who didnt sing that line.. so disappointed..i dont like to hear this song again..
    im sorry guys..just me..cant help to say this..
    dara fighting..i’l just wait kush and gd..coz they took care of dara.

    • lealealea said:

      this this this. teddy is really biased toward the other three. and i get bashed in other sites because i only focused on dara. because it was just unfair.

    • @danelle AGREE!!!!!!! T__T

    • @danelle AGREE 1000% Teddy is a toot bias.I like KUSH more cause he put more trust on Dara just like clap ur hands.

  81. i’m disappointed really…few lines again huh? 😦
    geeeessshh..she can do better than that.

  82. Jam 잠닐 said:

    A bit disappointed this is so…I don’t care…

    let’s wait 3 weeks more, for another MV….

    ah! I just hope she plays the guitar for their live! 😀

    • Jam 잠닐 said:

      I would like YG to hear our reactions, after all her efforts promoting… (comment had been edited by the admins. thank you)

      • lealealea said:

        THISSS. i love you hahahaha. if i say this to other sites, i’ll be bashed. they’ll say that ‘Dara fans like you make me sick’. they just dont understand that we are becoming jaded because dara is not given justice in their songs. to think dara is the most industrious 2ne1 member, promoting here and there.

        • Jam 잠닐 said:

          yeah, glad I found one that feels the same way like me, (lol-my comment was edited, forgot what I typed there), that is why I half-heartedly like the song, and what I say is that Dara as a singer should also sing, people keep saying that she has so many CFs and everything, bah! What about her singing career? I’m just so glad that our unnie is a very humble person. 🙂

        • Guys, calm down. I know we’re in a way hurt that D got a few lines, but we need to still celebrate because the song and the whole group delivered a great job Also, I dont think that Dara would like the fact that her fans are saying things about Teddy and YG’s judgement and decision in regards to this song.

          In response to Lea, I think i saw your post on allkpop, and I must say that what you said was out of line. Its ok to have biases in a group, but that doesnt give us the right to bash others. they’re a team and they work together. It might seem that it’s only Dara that’s working her butt off promoting this song, but we;ll never know what goes on the background. I would say that I understood why people would say that. about some of Daras fans. I

          Responding to antis/hateful messages with more hateful messages wont do anything, i’ll just reflect on Dara since we’re her fans, and she doesnt deserve those crap.

          Sorry for the long post. hope you guys understand..

  83. I really love the song and even Dara has a few lines still her voice is amazingly fresh and soothing. Not to mention her BEAUTY, she’s so GORGEOUS, I know she doesn’t like (prefer) reading this comment but how can I not notice her Goddess feature? Her beauty is incomparable. 🙂

  84. I’m so lonely T_T I felt their song eventhough i didn’t understand what they are saying except the word lonely!!! i love their voices but i agree for the comment above it really suits the voice to dara.. sweet and soft… haaaayyyy… now i cannot sleep it’s almost midnight!! i feel lonely…

  85. Green Mango said:

    Although I can`t watch the mv because of its unavailability in my country, I gather that Dara again has the shortest lines and exposure and here we are again cheering ourselves up by saying that it is alright because she has the most memorable lines…

  86. mnemoncz said:

    ;-(….so disapointed

  87. tangerine_24 said:

    I’m feeling sad and a bit disappointed/mad at the same time 😦 she’s doing all the dirty jobs and all out promotions for this??? less than 20sec appearance/line in an MV??? Dara will never get a fair chance when it comes to group activities no matter how she improved….If this is all they can give Dara…PR director my ass….she might as well leave the group and make all her haters happy…sorry for the rant…peace out!!!

    • me too, sorry if i say something wrong, but seeing comments from many Blackjacks, i feel so bad… I know Dara always a member of 2NE1, and that is always her desire, but if that makes people bashing her, then i want her just to be an actress, she can shine brightly in acting, then people will just realize that she has talents or not just a pretty face (they’re totally blind!)… U’re right, no matter how she improves, she’ll never be realized and always be compared with other members… Some Blackjacks said that she just work as a visual of 2NE1, gosh, i hate it. Don’t they see how hard Dara try to promote songs not only from 2NE1 but also from CL, Minzy, Bom? so unfair!

    • love her voice in this song, so fresh! Why don’t some BJs realize her fresh vocal, they’re too obsesses with strong vocal. And it’s hurt that those hateful comments came from some BJs whose bias are other members…

    • @tangerine _24 AGREE 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T____________T poor dara unnie….

    • @tangerine _24 I know this is bad but I support you.This F****** Dara…PR director my ass… YG. @trina Poor DAra T____T

    • lancesevilla said:

      We have the same sentiments….But for me I’m ok with her short lines…because I want her to be an actress, she’s good in acting and she can do it very well…I know she can sing, but the problem is she belong to the very powerful group and If YG don’t trust her to sing more lines it will very hard for her to gain more confidence.

  88. kayec20 said:

    same here.. she really look like a goddess, i think time will come she will sing a song like a longest part of her if teddy is not the composer.. maybe kush and Gd can give her a long lines in the song…:)

  89. got sad at few dara lines but hell yeah she looks like a goddess in the last white wardrobe concept!!!

  90. mnemoncz said:

    this is there video that i keep on forwarding cuz im looking for dara…i dnt care of other parts….why so short lines??…

  91. I should be happy with the release of this song and MV but why do I feel “Lonely?” I guess because dara has few lines again… her lines maybe addicting or good and she sang it well but still….I don’t know…. sorry….

    • kpopadik21 said:

      uhmm im also disappointed bcoz of dara’s small part but..think of dis..among 2ne1 members dara well let’s say is little more popular dan the rest so their doing dis to make other members equal….well this is my way of comforting myself lol..hope it’ll work on you guys

      • daragonlove said:

        i want to think the same way but i’m still disappointed.btw the whole vid is great.

    • Me too! I’m so lonely lonely lonely….. we should be happy ryt? Im sorry but I can’t…. DAra I’m so lonely lonely lonely…

  92. mnemoncz said:

    i dnt think i like this…im so disapointed cuz 3 of them got there fair parts but dara??…..wats dat??….they still dnt believe in dara’s voice..i wana cry….i cant help it…sory not really happy

    • kayec20 said:

      yeah.. she got the least line but the most addictive tune.. i love how she sing it very angelic…and she’s so pretty in the mv. any hairdo she can pull off..

      • mnemoncz said:

        yah..but i want her to be recognized as a singer now…shes very popular godess i want something new….why they doin this to dara??….i dnt really like this…..she was given same line…then wat??…i just can stop….. 😦

        • I agree with you on this one…we all know she’s pretty and all but I want her to be recognized as a singer, because that’s what she is… a lot of people may not agree with us but this is our own thoughts….

          • mnemoncz said:

            i really look forward with this video….butt not satisfied after seing this….they dnt give dara a chamce to shine as a singer….

            • kayec20 said:

              guys.. don’t be disappointed i mean even dara had a shortest line but the part of her is the one that
              recognize quickly.. i mean this girl stands out
              even if she got the shortest line.. she’s the
              one that don’t need to be in the front row just
              to get love, even if she’s in the corner people still
              can recognize her quickly cause she stands out.
              and she has the charisma that even a single action
              of her people will notice…and im still satisfied cause
              this song let the hater hear that dara can sing..
              just listen how angelic his voice is and can blend
              well to the song. and her part is very suitable for

    • me too! hope someday Dara can have more lines.Actually when Yg said that 2ne1 will have a new song I prepared my self for this and Bam Im right.Will hope and pray that someday the day that dara will shine as a singer will a dara fangirl fighting! don’t lose hope.

    • Edu.Proffes.. said:

      Honey they record Songs,Many Freaking Ass Songs I’m sure enough they hell no what’s Dara Singing is,What’s Best for her.
      Again,I’m sure that they do many tries to get the best Final product..I’m sure they did lots of Trial to have the final Product,I’m sure they do every lil Thing to have it to Best of it would be. I mean Why the hell would they want Fans to be Dissapointed..with so much working on Producing the song and Every Ass thang..Teddy Working for Hours,2NE1 working hard on recording.I think they just want the song to be as Great as it can be.

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