[Note: Check out previously posted ‘Aloha Girl’ BTS photos HERE and the Wanna Be Sweet Festival Video HERE <3]

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Thanks todaphne84 + WeLoveDara + ParkSiblings + 2ne1china + Ellie_Belliee + 소울봄 @ NE-PEOPLE + knucklepink

Comments on: "Photos: [Endorsement] Etude’s Gorgeous Aloha Girl! <3" (20)

  1. SarahJoy said:

    Off topic. Sorry, don’t know where to post.
    Hey, CJ cf of Dara is out. —>

  2. Simply stunning! Lovelovelove all the pics on the ads! <333

  3. I read in All Kpop Étude just sell out 40 thousand pink umbrella to customers after seeing Dara’s poster holding a pink umbrella. Wow! The power of Sandara Park, she’s really the endorsement Queen. ^_^

  4. Jam 잠닐 said:

    agh! Etude!!! why’d you made it may 11???? huhu, can’t wait…

  5. Aineforyou said:

    i love you dara!!!! You’re so freaking gorgeous!!!!!

  6. taiga402 said:

  7. taiga402 said:

    supah like the pics…DARA is so pretty..wish i could be like her wherein you can be pretty in any angle

    still patiently waiting for the cf though
    so while waiting…ive been searching videos of sandara where i stumbled on these scq days videos….

  8. omggg~ so PRETTY, VERY PRETTY!

  9. Looking for new words to describe Dara’s beauty can really make your minds constipates LOL

  10. iMsTetsyi said:

    Goddess D u r perfectly cute…

  11. louiese said:

    dara’s nose is perfect, the kind of shape that will always be asked to a plastic surgeon.

  12. stunning…looker…

  13. exquisite!

  14. camille said:

    really stunning…
    among the girls…
    she has a solo CF
    and the camera really love her..

  15. Jomi25 said:

    SO GORGEOUS!!! <333

  16. she is so pretty…

  17. the first photo looks like Britney Spears..Dara~~Britney Spears of Korea?..kekeke..^^,..i like both photos!..^^,
    Goddess Dara Daebak!!!..^^,

  18. shangmarie said:

    so beautiful! ^_^

  19. cute ^_^

  20. vindara11 said:

    Love the second photo..but where’s the cf …:(

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