Thanks to: pinkyasumi & WeLoveDara & the2ne1hour

Screencaps by: knucklepink and WeLoveDara

Comments on: "Video: [New!] Dara for Etude’s Wanna Be Sweet Festival" (5)

  1. it’s official, Dara Park is a Rabit lol. want to have my own collection of those rabbits. such a lovely lovely girl.

  2. VINDARA011 said:

    ..girly side of dara..^_^ haha santokkiez….so cute…:P

  3. i want to buy the cute bunnies & perfumes!!..i hope there is also an ETUDE house here in Legazpi City..T-T

  4. daragonlove said:

    she’s not just the orange girl…her beauty can’t help it but extends to pink!

  5. Awww she is soo beautiful!

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