Yay! Here’s Dara’s Nylon Page translated from Japanese to English! ❤

Thank you sooo much to our dear Sivvie for the trans! We love you! ❤

Comments on: "Magazine: Dara’s Nylon Magazine Japan Page Translated!" (6)

  1. Her answers are so funny yet so cute:))

  2. What! She’s not dating but I thought she’s dating secretly he-he…Oh well. Dara’s really a Hana Yori Dango fan, I would love to see her in a Korean drama series opposite Lee Min Ho. ^_^

  3. Dara’s always very considerate, love her ❤

    thank you for the trans <333

  4. I love you too, oh dara! haha. ><

    and it was so beautiful too. a big shout out of thanks to belle. i was wondering wat she meant about edit pic.haha..so this was it. THANKS!

    love,love Dara! still playful! I want u to be my mother too!

  5. justsomrandomguy said:

    i will not just cover her with my jacket but carry her too so her feet won’t get wet… piggyback or princess-type? hmm..

    • Lolol, reminds me of amnesia girlXD

      Btw, she looks absolutely gorgeous!! I like this style for her. It suits her really well

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