LATEST UPDATE: [as of March 28, 2011; 7:30PM]

It’s been confirmed. But let’s all wait for further details πŸ™‚

UPDATE: [as of March 28, 2011; 6:30PM]

Happee Sy updated her twitter and said that 2NE1’s concert in Manila could be on June 4? Hmmm… ❀ Why don’t we just all wait and see?

May 15: The Party – POSTPONED!
Due to 2ne1’s crazy comeback schedule in Korea, we had to postpone THe Party to sometime in JUNE. More time to save up for it then.. πŸ˜€ see you guys in June instead!

source:Β Happee Sy @ Facebook

SOURCE:Β Manila Bulletin

UPDATE: [As of March 21]

‘The Party’ Ticket Prices: [Note: Tickets are NOT YET available for sale]

VIP- P8,500

Lower Box-Β P4,500

Upper A-Β P2,500

Upper B- P1,200

For VIP reservations, please call Charles/Rizza at PULP office 687-1709.


UPDATE: [As of March 23][Latest Ticket Prices]

May 15 – THE PARTY for everyone at the Araneta Coliseum

* put your dancing shoes on and party with 2ne1 (CL, Bom, Dara and Minzy)

* tickets are 8,500 – 5,000 – 2,800 – 1,200 (will be available in Ticketnet within first week of April)

source:Β Happee Sy @ Facebook


Watching ‘The Party’ at Araneta Center on May 15? [Yesssss!<3]

For early preps, here are some Do’s and Don’ts! ❀ Click => THE BIG DO’s & DON’Ts AT THE BIG DOME


Credits:Β imchie_b +Β WeLoveDara

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  1. My self-controlled engagement:

  2. From las pinas here, cnu sasama dyan taga las pinas? la ako kasama eh. and i’m not even sure if i’m even attending the concert. T_T ;((

  3. what is the best lower box seat?

  4. how much is the ticket for the after party?

  5. S sm southmall ba meron ngbebenta ng ticket for 2ne1?gusto k sana mgpareserve agad pra di k magamit ang pera k,tlaga bang s june n ang concert nla?im so excite di n ako mka2log kakaisip.

  6. From Happee Sy’s FB page:

    HAPPEE: when does school starts? we are fixing 2ne1 sched.. please let me know when your school starts..

    HAPEE: basta keep saving up.. most likely JUNE 4.. just finalizing venue availability.. once the venue is available.! GO Tayo on JUNE 4 ! πŸ˜€

  7. as much as i wanted to join pero wala ako makakasama ..sino pwede dyan manila area .. wala kasing budget friends ko for this hayss… i dont want to go alone naman hehe

  8. when i click at the cat picture…why the scoll doesn’t grow

  9. franzieme said:

    OMG! I wanna gooooo~!
    thank God their’s a hope for me since i’m going back to Philippines on last week of May and woaah June! let it be no school please. so that I can ask my Parents to go to Manila.

  10. ahh….. i’m going for vacation on May…. I thought it was confirmed! Hopefully if its June, they will do it on 1st week… πŸ™‚

  11. Yippee! More time to save money for a VIP seat!
    Don’t care if its in June as long as It will happen!
    2NE1 concert, to finally see Dara again!
    May, June, July …nah! June is Fine!

  12. Blackjacks let’s just prepare for everything to make this one successful. It’s still a good deal that it was moved in June.

  13. Guys if DARA didn’t win this poll, for me or rather for us she is still the Queen of Shiny Skin. its just a vote by the masses but not the experts right??? and it is a compliment to be up against Yoona. why? because Dara is 6 years older than Yoona but hey it looks like Yoona and the rest of Girls Generation look older than our Dara. Dara the Queen of BabyFace and Shiny Skin.

  14. I smell full concert by june. More time to prepare your 2ne1 shirts and other paraphernalias

  15. Praise the Lord!!!! JUNE!!!!!! :)))))

  16. well, this is okay. at least, i can still save some money for it. i just hope that the ticket prices wouldn’t go higher >.< 2NE1, we'll wait for you πŸ˜€

  17. i’m a little sad, i’m really anticipating the concert this May.. but lesson learned… We really need for YG people”s confirmation and Our Goddess DARA’ s invitation on her me2day, i already know this schedule is to good to be true, bec. a friend told me, that May 15 @Araneta is schedule for PBA FINALS, i learned about this 3 days after the announcement on the manila bulletin.. ( but i’m in denial bec of the hype of the news ) i also keep on visiting YG-life if they are going to announce the said scheduled concert… ( even 2ne1’s schedule, calendar ) but still i hope it was true..Anyways, i really hope 2NE1 will have a Concert in the Phils. this Year, and i hope it will be a Full Concert w/ respected Sponsor like ETUDE..hoping and praying… CHEER UP PBLACKJACKS!! i know DARA will bring the girls here in the Phils. this year ~ hae sun.

    • “May 15 @Araneta is schedule for PBA FINALS”

      —i just checked araneta’s events schedule and there’s no event for May 15.
      i still believe in the credibility of pulp prod..

  18. all are excited . .

  19. Argggghh…i hope i can still make it….i have to leave on june….early june will be fine :)) if not i will surely and probably just save money to go to korea and attend their concert there :D….. MUSt go to 2ne1 concert πŸ˜€ NOLJA!!!

  20. bobbie_lj said:

    that’s okay,more time to save then… =)

  21. Napoleona said:

    more time to save then!! it’s ok!!! hahaha

  22. I hope they move it to July. I’m going to the Philippines to visit family by then :/ Damn it. PLEASE COME TO THE STATES!!

  23. ilovetotoro said:

    its postponed! i think i can save and go for it. May was too early for me since im from iloilo and i have to save money for the plane.. yeey!

  24. cristina0422 said:

    Though I was really anticipating for 2NE1 concert, I kinda understand why is it being postponed. The concert was really sudden. It was announced after their postponement of 2NE1 Japan advancement. A concert and an upcoming comeback is so not possible. And they have other activities overseas too. So I can wait til June and we do have a lot of time to prepare.

    • daragonlove said:

      yeah…we can do some preparations and save up more…let’s stay positive…do you happen to know when in june?

  25. To June? fine then, just few days…its more time to prepare some stuff and save money so i can go to vip price tickets hehehe…

  26. it seem a lot of us are first time concert goers..just for our love for 2ne1.. it will probably my first time too….no! it will be my first time… i’m attending that concert!! haha.. even the upper b area would be fine..just to hear them finally live would be worth it.. i’m going wth my sis.. so it’s moved to june? so will the tickets be still sold in april? or it will be moved as well…Blackjacks UNITE!! Nolja!!

  27. Awwww..I don’t know if i’ll be happy or sad. I like the idea of having them here 2 days before their 2nd year anniversary..anyway, as long as they’re coming, I’m fine.~^^

    Tweet from @etudehousegirl: “Psst….I heard EH is preparing a concert on its own sometime this year…” —— Could this mean, another 2ne1 concert is taking place this year here in PH? ^o^

  28. i’d buy vip seats if only i could go T_T but then that’s another 2000 bucks plane ticket to go to philippines hehehhe wouldnt this be their first solo concert? please come to australia 2ne1 and big bang?!?!?! if i have to add on extra shifts at work and bring my whole family i will!

  29. You guys are sooooo lucky to have to opportunity to see them live! I’m so jealous…Hope the girls come to the States for a concert too πŸ˜€

    • daragonlove said:

      don’t worry when they debut in US i’m sure there will be performances there.

  30. CarlaHearts2ne1 said:

    HELP!! i got my email from DGH but can’t log on. it says im logged in but i can’t get past a page with this error msg: [#1000] You are not allowed to visit this forum.

    has anyone encountered this?

  31. dara4ever said:

    Guys..i just want to ask f h0w cn we buy tickets,and where?and f 0nly the vip’s cn make their reservati0n?cn s0me1 let me b0rr0w m0ney c0z i really want to go.

  32. Aimae Molina said: Dara.. vote for her againts YOONA

    • wildlifeshine said:

      right… we catch-up (the 400k) yesterday how much more for less than 100k… lets go BJs/Parkers….

  33. ckjack_bla said:

    pinoy bjs should meet up before going to araneta coliseum like farmer’s plaza or rustan’s coz the more the merrier

  34. Aww man, still no update on the type of concert, the SOLO/Music Fest is still not clear. Then the update is only about prices, they raised the lower box prices , dang!

    • LOL frustration showing ^^ but expect some adjustment to be made. I do get steamed up with this idea of bringing a big band to do a small act. To be merely a part instead of the whole. I just hope no one will get lost in the streets of cubao looking for this teeney weeny of a gud stuff

      • Yes, I admit I am frustrated. >.> Because the inquiries I aired before seem to fall on deaf ears. I’m confident that someone from the prod company is “lurking” on this site, and my spidey sense is telling me that one might even be posing as regular readers/ohdara fans just like us. πŸ˜›

        Aside from the organizer’s FB account, and contact number for ticket reservations, no avenues were provided for customer inquiries regarding the concert. πŸ˜›

        I doubt that people will get lost, Araneta is pretty big, it’s hard to miss. πŸ˜›

        • dunno if there’s posers but the concensus shows most will want to see the concert anyway, regardless. Nothing seems to matter much except to see the girls even in short amount of time. See, i can comlain now only to find myself trampling at the heads of my fellow fans and crying for Dara’s glorious skin to shine over me. They offer us no choice right? Buf there’s time to wait for updates. It’s impossible for organizers not to see the magnitude and implications of this without making changes

    • From the organizer’s updates, here are my thoughts..THE PARTY is an event where 2ne1 is the headliner and they are going to do a full set..from what i’ve heard, last year’s summer slam headliner perform about 15 songs..if 2ne1 will perform the same number of songs, that’s like almost all of their songs ‘coz they only got 18 songs (not counting lollipop, idc reggae mix and can’t nobody eng. ver.) so far, right?
      Lets just hope for the best.. πŸ™‚

  35. gosh,i can only afford the upper B,anyways atleast i will see them live.

    • me too.. πŸ™‚

    • me too. gaaah. the prices of the tickets are too expensive for me. it sucks to be a student only. no matter how i plead to my parents, they wouldn’t give me any more amount larger than the amount of the upper b. can i come with you guys? i will probably be alone. my friend’s still thinking if she would go.

  36. hi.. i’m planning to buy either the 5k or 2.5 k ticket.. wen are u guys going to buy? can i tag along w/ u coz i dont want 2 see d concert along..

    any kind person here just txt me.. 09202071801.

    tnx!!! see u ol in d concert..^^

    • *alone

      • 5k here too but still dunno if i can buy the ticket once its out,

        • i hope admin or the welovedara admin, the girl who went to macau (MAMA)?… of course you guys needs the one na mapagkakatiwalaan, maybe someone from the province and need to buy the ticket first?… ah really want to help u guys but still want to see the stage layout first before i decide… for now i’ll wait for that and im doing first the voting for my dear Dara-shii hehehe…

    • ckjack_bla said:

      5k i’ll contact you if i already bought a ticket

      • been thinking what to buy lower box or upper a hahahha i mean will they sell merch from yge on the event?if yes ill just buy ticket for upper a so i have extra money to spend on that day…well we still have 1 week to think of everything…

  37. Ms. Happee Sy: “we are building a special dance floor for all vips, so your dancing experience will be crazy!!! πŸ˜€ hahaha”

    • PANU yun may pa ung money ko.. tapos april na magsisimula ang pag sesell ng tickets? im depressed//


  39. WHERE R U BJs/Parkers vote vote vote… we’re down to 2%! They are very fast now.. keep voting guys!!

  40. hi you guys! I’m gonna watch this too.. Might buy upper A too. If I had known earlier that 2NE1 would have a concert here I wouldn’t have splurge on my Miss Tangerine haul so soon kekeke..

    and yeah what’s with the ticket prices? instead of lowering it
    down they decided to raise it more. I hope they could still lower the prices so I could at least but the lower box ticket..

    and btw I’m going solo too.. any of you want to join me watch the concert?

    • me… but i will but the upper box b only…

      • hi Camille where’s your loc? I’m located along Marcos Hi-way so Araneta Center is like 1 ride away.. how abt you? upper b.. hmmm well I guess I can manage that as long as I don’t get to watch it alone and besides what’s important is that we are there to support Dara and the rest of the girls πŸ™‚

    • daragonlove said:

      i think m going solo..thinking of buying upper A too…


    araneta coliseum concert seating plan arrangement… i find that lower box is the best place to seat and watch 2ne1 closely ^_^ the best seats for fancammers!!! wooohooo.. i’m so excited for the concert!!

  42. wooooahhhh want to come ! want to come! im soo sooo sooo excited!!!… upper A i want you!!! πŸ™‚

  43. i really want to come to the concert… i think i have to start saving now but classes is almost over and i still have a lot of projects to do… i think i need a summer job for this… wanna see my 2ne1 so badly.. btw, is abs-cbn their media partner? i hope so… wanna see them perform in ASAP and guest on the Buzz… wanna see how will Boy Abunda react whe he sees sandara so pretty and fashionable with the 2ne1 girls. I bet Sandara will cry and say “Tito Boy, I’m already a star.”

  44. No matter how bad this whole deal looks on paper i’m hoping for a possible suprise to come out of it. Anything to make the whole dara nation happy and satisfied

    • My “logical” side and fangirl side are debating endlessly. I hope they release updates soon.

  45. anybody here from ygl?I cannot access there anymore!!!

  46. miss.ticism said:

    WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!?!?! Why increase the ticket prices?!?!?!?!?! shiz happee ottoke?@?@?@?

    • miss.ticism said:

      damn if a BB would be an opening act, i don’t mind hehehe

      but if not, afkljslkcjdaghkjadsngasdmngkljsdnf!!!

  47. damn my budget is 3500 only for the lower box then it moved up to 4,500 now thinking to get the 5000 or the 2,500 ottokie?

  48. VIP for me…but i just want to make sure that this is 2ne1’s concert only..i dont mind if seven will be part of it..but im not gonna get a vip ticket if this concert will include local artists as well???

  49. omo….20,000 to!! vote!!!

    • YIPEEE! we did it 50% in less than 24hrs!….Guys we still vote ’till the end March 25!!! Thanx BJs/Parkers gogogo!!!

  50. I think pulp is negotiating for se7en to tag along with the much as i want to see him, but if this means less performance time for 2ne1, can he just come next time?
    or if they are really putting se7en in the line up, they should just remove the local bands..just saying..

  51. hi peeps πŸ™‚

    sorry about the comments… previous comments are automatically hidden when it reaches a certain number 😦

    in the meantime, visit our chatroll – πŸ™‚

    we also placed the link in the blog’s sidebar =)

    thanks! ❀

  52. To those who are coming from outside Manila/PH, as soon secure your tickets and get other info such as the time of the concert , etc. I suggest you book your hotel as well, I’m pretty sure the hotels near Araneta will be fully booked because of 2ne1.

  53. chimzzyful said:

    just upper A for me. .spend too much on other things. .if i just knew this sooner. .i still dont have anyone to go to the concert with. .this is the first time im going i dony really have a clue about this. .hayzt. .anyone help me?

  54. Mhainecarleigh said:

    PLEASE VOTE FOR DARA.. i think this poll will end on March 25.. please click the cat below dara’s picture on this link… click! click! click! she’e losing a lot of points to yoona… let’s support dara and help her win this poll! fighting blackjacks! πŸ™‚

  55. Santoshi said:

    I can only afford upper b for now, and if it will be held in Araneta…that would be too far! 😦 Classes is over, I don’t have anymore allowance…why did I spend all my money to junk food!

  56. Guys, PLEASE SUPPORT DARA. She’s behind by 400k votes. Click on the cat as much as you can. Thanks πŸ™‚

  57. so excited for this! been waiting for this happen!

  58. i want to watch this too, and i’m debating if i’m i’ll buy the VIP or just the lower tickets?

    but I’m just so shy to buy the VIP coz, there might be celebrities going there as well and surely they’ll be at the VIP and i’m not comfortable with that.

    so anyone can tell me if what ticket is the best to buy?

    thanks XD

    • CarlaHearts2ne1 said:

      don’t be shy. am going solo and i’m not a celebrity. to see them up close, i’m willing to do just abt anything lol.. sure there will be celebrities but on that nite they’re just fans like us, so no biggie. ^^

      • Hey, are you still going for the VIP slot? As much as I want to be very close to the stage, I’m not comfortable w/ the standing room only >.> . I might go for the lower box instead, Then hold on to the excess money for official merchandise that might be sold during the event.

        • goin to buy lower box….not because of anything else but because thats with in my budget….still have to buy my light stick

        • CarlaHearts2ne1 said:

          …sigh.. still waiting for the stage layout. i have a friend i met thru DGH who’s getting the lower box. i might go for it too. just waiting for more info. too bad we can’t access the old comments. if i go for the lower box i’ll email you ok.. i was gonna do the same for all the other solo-ers but the comments are all gone 😦

          • For now I’m also going for the lower box, can I come with you guys? πŸ˜€ How much is the light stick by the way? thanks. πŸ˜€

            • CarlaHearts2ne1 said:

              they’re selling (official?) lightstick for P960 on fb. another
              one’s selling it for 90php, i guess unofficial lol (from the same people who made ss3 all these info frm
              lurking on ms Happy Sy’s fb page btw πŸ™‚
              since we can’t pm, no other way arnd this πŸ™‚ guys, my email address is, yours? let’s make arrangement once we have the ticket already.. πŸ™‚

          • chimzzyful said:

            just upper A for me. .spend too much on other things. .if i just knew this sooner. .i still dont have anyone to go to the concert with. .this is the first time im going i dony really have a clue about this. .hayzt. .anyone help?

            • illusionsii said:

              upper A for me 2.and this is my first time to attend a concert πŸ™‚
              .and i’m all alone:( still don’t know if my parents will allow me :*(

              • f they allowed you to come. .let’s meet up. .its my first tym too. .f thats fine with you add me n facebook. tell me who you are ok. .tnx hope they allow you so i dont have to go alone

  59. i still want to read the old comments of this article, where can i click it?

  60. hi! will this be a solo concert? ‘coz i have heard that they will only be headliners for the event? is that true? thanks.

  61. i will travel to Philippines in April just for this concert! will definitely in the VIP just to see them…so excited πŸ™‚

  62. I can only afford the upper A for now~ I hope my brother will buy the ticket for me instead coz he said if he watches…he will be at the VIP area! If ever this will be the first ever concert I watched of any artist local or foreign! For My love Dara I’ll spend my last money (bye bye savings) just to see her again!

  63. Wow everyone’s being friends now! this is so sweet! πŸ™‚

  64. glazelovesdara said:

    I’m going at ARANETA this MAY :)) VIP :> wooo. no matter what happen I will be there :p

  65. ckjack_bla said:

    their concert is so sudden!!! we need to formulate fanchants!!! aaaaah!!!

  66. bubbly chubby, i’m from batangas but currently working in san juan… let’s go together!! keke

  67. who’s from davao that wants to go???

  68. justsomerandomguy said:

    i wanted to watch too but my mom will surely won’t allow me since i’m still underage.. T_T. and right now i’m thinking of how to earn money so a shoutout to the rich people, please share your blessings! thanks.. ^_^

    and i wish YG will release a statement.. since i’m still doubting things.. ke!

    • underage? some one here wants to bring her 7 years old daughter eh… come on join us!!! ask your mother to come w/ u…

      • CarlaHearts2ne1 said:

        lol yeah the mom and her 7y.o. daughter. sooo sweet! just go and ask already ^^

  69. i want to watch too.. nobody wants to go with me. =(

  70. i want to go!!!1


    lets meet….
    waaaa..cant wait..

    what ticket should i chose…
    PVIP- P8,500

    Lower Box- P4,500

    Upper A- P2,500

    Upper B- P1,200


    • daragonlove said:

      i’m planning to get the lower box…can’t afford the vip…

    • daragonlove said:

      pick the lower box

      • good hehhe atleast we could go together hehehhe… my mom will put me on rehab if ever ill but the vip ticket hahaha so im really goin for the 4,5 ticket….hus with us?

  71. hello lilith! ^^ i for one, completely understand how you feel… thanks for pointing these out btw~ couldn’t have said it any better. πŸ™‚

    oh god… i hope ms. happee sy addresses these concerns soon. most blackjacks are getting quite antsy. -.-

  72. bubblychubby said:

    ok, is there anyone here coming from REGION IV-A, province of BATANGAS?? hahaha πŸ˜€

  73. CarlaHearts2ne1 said:

    guys who’s going with the vip ticket solo? am going solo cos i can’t find a friend willing to spend that much to accompany me the crazy one.. lol those going solo, wish we could go together, the more the merrier πŸ™‚

    • Depending on the details that I hope will be released the soonest possible time. I might be going (VIP) solo.

      • CarlaHearts2ne1 said:

        great!! other solo-goers hit us up! πŸ™‚ i’ve read ur questions and they’re pretty legit. am wondering abt the same things too..however, i can’t take the risk of waiting for a stage layout and reserved my ticket already. vip tix are not gonna last.. tho i hope they do release more info. i’m only 4’11” and vip is standing room only ryt? i’d wish for a reserved seating but i’m not sure how far it’s gonna be from the stage. first time to go to a concert in araneta, do u think i’ll see the stage from the sea of people arnd me, considering my height? lol

        • Asked the BF regarding the seating. He recommended that I should just get the lower box, it’s usually not that far from the stage anyway, and worth it because of the price difference. Since he won’t be able to go w/ me he is also concerned about be getting crushed because of the excitement. So.. yeah, kinda leaning to lower box. I hope the layout will be released soon

    • bubblychubby said:

      we could go together πŸ˜€ I’m going solo too :))

      • CarlaHearts2ne1 said:

        yay!! it’s great if we all go together so we all could scream our lungs out together. i can’t totally let go if im screaming by myself lol. btw someone on fb is selling light sticks for P90. i need that cos im not an official bj yet. i was planning to register but now i need the money for the ticket..:)

        • bubblychubby said:

          oh yes, we are going to scream our lungs together, I hope they will performe all their hit songs πŸ˜€ and do you know who are the local bands that will perform on the concert ?? only 90php? wow πŸ˜€ I want to buy πŸ™‚

          • CarlaHearts2ne1 said:

            yup, from same people who made the lightsticks for ss3. the best part abt this is 2ne1 will be performing new songs from their album which will be out in april, epic right!! am sooo excited! as per the local bands, no news yet but it think they’re having a survey of sort..

            • Ack, I prefer reserved seating, I don’t think my body can withstand the excitement if it’s going to be a standing room.

    • glazelovesdara said:

      me…. VIP :)) SWEaR MAJOR CONCERT OR NOT πŸ˜€

  74. I was prepping for 10k , glad that it’s 8.5k. However, I don’t want to reserve tickets yet. As Nin said I want to see the layout , and most importantly the event details itself. Up until now, no clear cut details have been announced as to what type of concert it’s going to be. Is it SOLO concert for the girls with a couple of opening acts from the local industry? Or is it going to be a Music Festival where the girls are going to one of the performers?

    (I know the organizers are reading this site, so any reply may it be directly or indirectly will be highly appreciated.)

    • I dunno if this would answer your question but here it is anyway..

      Ms. Happee: “every concert, may opening act…thats the reason im asking you guys sinong local band type nyo.”
      “In SummerSlam, headliners sing a full set”

      • Thank you, but unfortunately that does not answer my question/s that are running through my head. 😦 She sited SummerSlam as an example, I call that a music festival and not a SOLO concert. If that’s the case, and if compared to SuJu’s SOLO concert, I think 8.5k is a bit steep don’t you think?

        As a fan who is dying to see 2ne1, I have tons of questions. But I’m afraid the more questions I ask the more some people here think that I’m against the event.

        But because I’m a fan and I know this is might be a once in a lifetime experience, Am I at fault for wanting to manage my expectations?

        • Green Mango said:

          Spill. You will feel better. Now, you have the chance. Others might feel the same way but are unable to express it. πŸ™‚

          • Thank you, you comment made me so much better! *virtual hugs*

            I’m apprehensive because of the following

            1. Since the article says 2ne1 is going to hold “a concert”. It is “assumed” by most people that it’s going to be a SOLO concert. If it is, I find it really, really, weird that YG would allow 2ne1 to hold a their first ever concert here instead of in Korea.

            2. It is looking like a Music Festival type of concert but again, no one has come forward to clarify this thing. But in the light of what the organizer has posted, siting SummerSlam as an example, that it is going to be a Music Festival type of an event.

            3. It’s only a couple of months away and yet not other details can be provided? An event this big is usually planned at the very least, 6 months before, so they should have more details by this time right? It seems that 2ne1/YG got on-board VERY recently, if that’s the case a “rushed” SOLO concert doesn’t sound so good.

            • 4. In the light of the recently released pricing of ticket, I’ll focus on the VIP price w/ is 8.5k . If a solo concert, it is fair. But for a music fest, it’s not, I need to see at least the list of other artist who are performing, if they still don’t have even a partial list at this time, then that’s another thing to consider.

              That’s all for now because I’m still at work.

              erratum: I meant “citing” not “siting”

  75. OMG!! I know ate Happee..But i think reservation is for VIP only..

  76. I won’t buy tickets first. I wanna know the layout of the stage. Because sometimes, lower box is near the stage so it is better to buy lower box rather than the vip.

    Im going to wait for the stage layout first. πŸ™‚

  77. madz_Parker said:

    huhu, i want to go…so close yet so far..;/

  78. ohmyjoella said:

    VIP πŸ™‚ I wonder what would be the stage set up and the seating arrangements.

  79. Napoleona said:

    I need a job! those VIP tickets wont last! i need to grab one of those! ahhhhh! going crazy!!! i was expecting 10-12K but man 8.5K is nothing if it’s to see my girls! But i need a job!!!!!!!

  80. daragonkeke said:

    OMG!!! so expensive!!! isang term na ung 8,500!!! but i really really wanna go and i wanna get the front seat! T_T so i’ll start saving money!

  81. jiyudragon said:

    Reserved my ticket… VIP!!! WOOT!

  82. pinoy blackjacks must full araneta so that yg would let them go again please…………

  83. im choosing bet 2k plus or 4 k plus ticket but i really wanna be with my oh dara pips/dgh friends so we can spazz together….we need dgh badly so we can organize this hehehee

    • CarlaHearts2ne1 said:

      im with you. i might go solo cos i reserved the vip ticket. but i also want to be with dgh pips..

  84. 2ne1doll said:

    Hope the ticket prices won’t go up anymore! *crosses fingers!*

  85. wooohhhh… soo expensive!!! but i need that vip ticket T_T hope i get my job right away so that i can have my reservation!!!

  86. Ms. Happe Sy: “May 15 : The Party tickets are NOT YET available for sale. But tickets breakdown are the ff, so you can prepare your moolah. πŸ™‚
    VIP – 8,500, Lower box – 4500, Upper A – 2,500, Upper B – 1,200. For VIP reservations, pls call Charles / Rizza at PULP office 687-1709.”

  87. gonutzjonats said:

    I’m so happy that they’ll come this year because it’s my graduation andI’m gonna ask my mom for VIP tickets! yes!!!! thank you YG!!!!

  88. daragonlove said:

    is there anyone coming from makati?

  89. marace10 said:

    See you all blackjacks in Araneta!!! I am bringing my daughter who has been a fan of 2ne1 since she’s 5. thankfully she’s 7 this may and can be permitted to watch the concert.

  90. I am an avid lurker of the pex forums – specifically, the kapamilya or ABS-CBN Thread. There’s one person there who is somewhat an insider at ABS-CBN. He sometimes spills things that the network is cooking up – whether it be new shows, artists leaving and coming to the network, artists to be launched as lead stars and some other stuff that only the upper echelons have access to which had never been announced. Mind you, he has never been wrong. So far, all that he shared did come true with great accuracy. A recent example of which is the Kapamilya Gold propaganda of the network which only surfaced around last week. Yet, he was able to provide the pexers an idea of it a month before the network even made hints of it.

    Now, the connection of all that to the topic at hand is that he also gave us hints of things that were not yet mentioned by the network. I mean, just recently, they unveiled their new shows to the public. Actually, those aren’t all of it. There are still some other plans that the network has. After the shows were made public, he also dropped more hints about more things to come but not blatantly. He only gave general and, seldomly, more obvious photos so that the forum visitors could get more ideas of what were coming up. One of those photos were of 2NE1. Some thought that it was for the kdrama of kim eung jun where she played a female band member that ABS bought the rights to air on free TV. And so did I. However, when I read that thing from MB, I guess my first hunch was right all along. I thought that 2NE1 was coming to the Philippines and that ABS-CBN would be the official media partner of their concert. And yep, he said most of those things might happen this summer and that a huge thing is happening in May. I thought it was the beginning of ABS-CBN broadcasting in Digital format but lookie here, 2NE1 is coming in May!

    • arzeemendoza said:

      If that is really the case, I am glad that ABS has taken the initiative to bring 2NE1 in Manila. I admire their advertising/promotion skills and if they will go full blast with this, it will bring benefit to both parties. Thank you!

    • one ABSCBN staff also tweeted before (late last year) that 2ne1 is coming and to anticipate it..^^

  91. Wow awesome news if indeed they are coming. Me and my sis have been anticipating them for so long. Hopefully YG will confirm if this is really a full concert or just performing as guest in the festival thingy.

  92. anastasia said:


    CALLING ALL THE ADVERTISERS!!! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! I hope you guys sponsor this event! I’m pretty sure your money won’t go to waste because it’s Dara (plus the rest of 2ne1)! Anything connected to her i’m pretty sure it will sell! πŸ˜€

    I hope soon we will get to hear a confirmation from YG’s camp. I think that’s what everyone is waiting for. Their word will put everything into stone.

    Personally I don’t want to think that this will be a 2NE1 concert. I would like to believe that this is just something like a musical festival where 2NE1 is the main act/ one of the main acts. I mean how can 2NE1 held their FIRST ever SOLO concert abroad when they haven’t even had one at Korea? And I think i read from somewhere na this is just very sudden. Not really planned I guess because if it is they should have been promoting 2NE1’s concert months before this. Pretty much this might have been due to their halted Japan promos.

    I really really hope that the tickets will be affordable. If not i don’t know what will i do. i might rob a bank just to be able to get a hold of the tickets. I CAN’T FREAKING MISS THIS EVENT!!!!!!! (T ^ T)

  93. a concert, right? for how many hours? a major concert?

  94. The organizers are conducting a survey..

    What local band will you choose on May 15?

  95. I AM SO JUMPING UP AND DOWN RN! asdfghjkl;sdfghjklsdfghjkl!

  96. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m soooooooo late already! argh!:[
    gosh! 2ne1 in Manila!!?? a super dream come true! aaaah! i really really hope and wish that i could come and watch the concert..but i just have like a 1.1% chance to watch it! my mom would surely not allow me! argh!:[ this is really a sudden shocking news. 2ne1 first SOLO concert will be in Manila. i hope it’s true:) Filipino BJ’s are surely on the hype now! are you guys already counting the days huh? haha. so lucky to those who can watch, i’m jealous:( but i’ll still try to save money for the ticket though. keke!:P anyways..happy for 2ne1 especially for dara unnie:)) Yay!
    2ne1 will surely bring the house down!:)) Fighting!:)

  97. I’m so sad. why held the concert on november? this is so frustrating. 😦 to those Lucky fans, you’re so blessed 😦

  98. twinklebelle said:

    Papa God, please give me a chance to watch it..It will be One of Da best Bday Gift in my whole life!…
    I didnt have a chance to watch Super Junior twice but for the 3rd time..Please Grant my wish!!!!

  99. madz_Parker said: ohdara updates yet?? o.O.
    dalong , pls update your metu..missing you already.

  100. FOR ME, I don’t care whether it is not a major concert or they will be joined by other artists. The mere fact that they will come here in the Philippines and will be able to perform in Araneta is worth my money.

    Though there aren’t any news about the concert except the one in the article, it is safe to say that we should be all excited and supportive about this event.

  101. i so want to go! but its too far.. huhuhu

  102. i am a bit confused since some are saying that it is not yet 2ne1’s major concert but they will only be performers on a music fest.. i think, we really need some confirmation from YG about the real status of 2ne1’s performance here in the philippines. if they are just performers, it does not matter as long as they are performing. but i wish they will be performing a lot of songs… and please only include great Filipino performing artists and not the girl or boy groups here because i don’t think they are good enough…

    i think i gotta save now, better yet, find some work…

  103. hope i’ll get a job right away for 2ne1’s concert i’m so excited no matter how much it is…. ^_^

  104. OMG!!

  105. Ok, based on the comments and such, it is not a 2NE1 “solo” concert. 2ne1 is just going to be one of the main/big acts that is going to perform to a Music Festival of some sort. Not bashing the network involved but I think 2NE1 is gonna perform 2-3 songs at the most. And suffice to say, they “might” be blowing this out of proportion to build hype for the event, that almost all networks in PH tends to do that . (As much as I love 2ne1, I refuse to hand over my money to some sort of “false advertisement) .My mind will not be at peace until I hear from YG himself.

    As for the ticket price, I don’t mind if it’s as expensive as SJ’s as long as 2ne1 performs more than 3 songs, and the other bands that will be there are the bands that I like.

    PLEASE PLEASE let it not be “XLR8”, “PopGirls”, and “1:43” . ~_~

    • Hmm, I feel like somebody from the production crew is watching this site. If you do, please do not get offended, my comments are far more milder than what you receive in other occasions. Please do take time to re-read my comments, I think I expressed quite well that I am interested in going despite my apprehensions because I’m a 2ne1 fan.

      And please do understand that my apprehensions are coming from the fact that aside from that 1 news article, there are no other forms of FORMAL announcement / press releases that contains more information that would-be concert goers need.

      I’m apologize if hearing that 2ne1 is coming is not enough to satisfy my curiosity as to what this event is all about.

      • the organizers are just waiting for final details from YG.

      • Agree. They could at least adjust the number of their song to more than 3. Say 10 songs? That would be fair enuf ^^ Well what do they expect, right? 2ne1 is not a small time band. They deserve more than appearing as guest in a fest.

  106. One thing’s for sure.. It won’t be too expensive compared to Super Junior’s 10 thousand worth of ticket since 2NE1 is composed of 4 members only πŸ™‚

    I’m very excited if this will push through. We filipino Blackjacks have been waiting for this πŸ™‚ And it is Dara’s dream to perform in Araneta.

    Well hopefully this will come true!

    See you on May 15th Blackjacks all over the world πŸ™‚

  107. ohmyjoella said:

    I wonder if 2ne1 fansites will have their projects in 2ne1 concert.

  108. MiyokoNakamura2011 said:

    ahh..Oo nga pala..huhu..HOW MUCH IS THE TICKET sa concert? i’m sure 1000 plus yan.huhu..2ne1.huhu

  109. MiyokoNakamura2011 said:

    Gosh..I hope i can god to Manila..@Manila pipz: ang swerte niyo naman..huhu in davao kasi eh..mukhang malabo yata yang mang yari for me :'(huhu…..sana pupunta din ang shinEe..huhu..@all Kpop Fans: may lahing pinoy ba si dara?diba wala?..

  110. is this really it? super sure?

  111. omo!! this is really a 2ne1 concert!!! ^^
    Ms Happee posted this just now “every concert, may opening act…super show lang wala coz 3 hours na yun, my gosh. thats the reason im asking you guys sinong local band type nyo. i can put anyone i like but it will be nice if its your likes syempre. of course d pwede yung band sabay kanta sa 2ne1.. my gosh! anung labas non!? kaya it doesnt mean im asking for local band e kasabay nang kumanta ang 2ne1. hmm..sometimes stressful ah.”

    • Whoa! the news gets better and better..First, it is just a music fest where 2ne1 will just be one of the performers and it will be held in SMX Convention Ctr.. then they moved it in a much bigger venue – Araneta.. and now, the other performer/s are just going to be opening acts for 2ne1.. ^^
      So, this is really 2ne1’s concert..if i’m not mistaken first solo concert right?.. I will be there no matter what!!!~^^

    • If you know the organizers behind it, please tell them DO NOT include β€œXLR8β€³, β€œPopGirls”, and β€œ1:43β€³ in the line up! Or better yet no girl or boy groups! The quality of girl and boy groups in PH totally sucks.

      Why not invite the artists that Dara likes, it will makes things easier, minus Regine Velasquez tho’ coz she’s w/ the rival network.

      HipHop group “Seven Shots of Wisdom” will be a great addition. That group is so underrated. 😦

      • Green Mango said:

        But Yuki is sooo hot. πŸ˜‰

        • Lol, but I’m feeling a bit “Thunder-like”.

          Mag improve muna sila bago sila mag pakita kay Dara. Para hindi naman nakakahiya.

          Kinda like, only the best should share the same stage as them. You dig? πŸ˜›

  112. final fantasyqueen said:

    I want to go……. i want to see dara unnie.. for real!!

  113. ahcedaragon said:

    i think its a yg family concert since it was mention earlier that family

  114. darajjang=D said:

    hope admin will help us how to purchase d tickets…plssss can u help us??

  115. Twin-twin said:

    For those people asking on where you can buy tickets..go to site officially sells the tickets for araneta coliseum..once the event is posted officially you can buy and reserve tickets need to register though:)

  116. oh finally!!!!! 2ne1 in araneta!!!!! I’m so gonna attend their concert! Hope to get the tickets soon. πŸ™‚

  117. oh i am going to watch, i’ll get the front row! omo, i hope they’ll bring bigbang also kekeke..

    please update us where to buy tickets pls,.. thanks.

  118. Though I’m excited for this and am watching this, I don’t think it’s 2NE1’s solo concert.. it’s a music fest and 2NE1 is one of the performers along with local bands.

    • well i don’t care as long as they are here.. kekeke

      • That’s why I’m watching it too. Even if it’s not a solo concert as long as I can see the girls that’s the most important thing.

        I hope they could guest on ABS-CBN shows too like ASAP. πŸ™‚

        • i really hope that abs-cbn will be their official media partner, but i believe it will be since dara is in 2ne1… abs-cbn will never let go of this chance…

  119. yehey im so excited happy im gonna watch this no matter what

  120. mary_pink31 said:

    blackjacks at yg ladies said that this is not really 2ne1s major concert? I mean there are other local bands as front act? but the article said there are having a concert in araneta. And also a blackjacks friend said that she saw at PEX that an insider at ABS-CBN posted a picture of 2ne1 as a clue to one of ABS-CBN Pasabog sa 2011. YG should really confirm this because many are confused if it is a solo concert or not.

  121. OMG! This is their first official concert!! 2NE1 HWAITING<3

  122. Wah! Is this for real! I wanna watch, so excited! I’ll pray hard that I will be able to afford the ticket coz I’m sure my piggy bank might not be enough need to beg my Mom to give me extra cash haha all for the love of D’ and the rest of the 2NE1 girls!

  123. Twin-twin said:

    Oh im gonna watch this..if your an official blackjack you will have a great advantage in this concert.or if your not registration is until march 30.for those peeps who dont know how to get there..ride an mrt3 to cubao station its directly in front of araneta col..see you there..

  124. instead of japan promotions…
    philippine promotions?!!!!..haha….nice thought…

    • miss.ticism said:

      yeah but I hope “tsunami” won’t bring the tsunami here.
      2ne1’s too strong, the tectonic plates can’t contain themselves!!! but one thing’s for sure…

      2ne1’s gonna be ROCKING the Big Dome!!!!!!!

      I hope this isn’t too much to ask but I want a special number with BB please? hahahahaha

  125. madz_Parker said:

    btw, if this news is true…its like 2Ne1’s first solo group concert ..^^ dara unnie, you are so influential… filipinos are so lucky..but damn, can’t go!! expecting for fancams..i know there will be..;p

  126. what??i’m from leyte T_T..otoke?????????? I want to..but I can’ parents wouldn’t allow me to..but maybe I can if I’m with someone?like a group of hehehe

  127. Plan ahead peeps, this will be a sell out concert so purchase your ticket soon. Buy on proper outlets and dont put yourselves in big hassles when leaving behind important stuff so you can go to the concert. Carefull planning is a must. Better go collectively as fans. It will be good idea to extend your fun with each other after the concert. Make sure this will be a great time of your life.

  128. can you guys tell me where i can get tickets?please

  129. Hope i can go on d big event! Blackjacks be there!

  130. aaaaaahh!! i’m so far from Manila.. I’m from Iligan city in the Philippines.. aahh.. too far.. ottoke? ottoke? i want to go.. i just hope that the ticket would not cost that much.. 😦


  132. superstar79 said:

    don’t care how much the ticket is. doesn’t matter if i go alone.not bothered if i’m probably the oldest to watch. this is the one and only KPOP concert that i’m gonna watch!

    • miss.ticism said:

      coz we don’t care eh eh eh eh eh for anything else but 2ne1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

    • miss.ticism said:

      coz we don’t care eh eh eh eh eh for anything else but 2ne1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^___^

    • LOL “,)//….Jjang…we don’t care eh eh eh eh eh just for 2ne1…Dara hope to c u soon πŸ˜€

    • i’m old as well. ^^ let’s get together lol

      • @jangy, i would love to go with you but sht! i just remembered it today – i have a prior work engagement on may 12 – 21 to a place that’s 400+ miles away from quezon city. there’ll be limited access to internet as well. oh noooo! i am seriously disappointed with my job! you think it’ll be better if i should just resign? LOL

        so you guys that are watching, pls. have mercy on us and provide us fancams, in HD πŸ™‚

        sayang! i could accomodate maybe 2-3 guests in my house sana since i live nearby araneta (walking distance from araneta coliseum actually)

  133. 2ne1 at Araneta (aka Big Dome)… BigBang at Big Dome should follow…

  134. madz_Parker said:

    yeeeiii!! concert!! dara’s long time dream will now come true..!!! so happy!! though i can’t go,..^^!! just glad its araneta coliseum..dara always dream that…and i am the only one wishing that it is better if its earlier?? LOL..excited,.. ^^..bring bigbang next ..;p

  135. i’m so excited about the news at last my wish will come true.definitely i’m going to watch this concert it’s once in a lifetime event.i’m starting to save money from my salary so i can buy ticket for their concert.huhuhuhu!!!!!!

  136. miss.ticism said:

    my friend said that ticket prices would surely be more expensive than SS3, omo omo omo omo

    • I don’t think so..I heard Upperbox B cost only Php1200, ss3’s Gen Ad tickets even cost higher than that..
      And there are no sponsors yet, ticket prices will go down once the sponsors started flooding in..^^

      • miss.ticism said:

        that would be great! ahhh i really hope so TT_TT where have you seen the ticket prices?

        • On Ms. Happee’s FB page..Actually, there are no other infos about ticket prices aside from the one I mentioned above.
          Ms. Happee just said that Upper B (there would be no Gen Ad) is the cheapest for now ‘coz there are no sponsors as of yet..

        • I meant Php1200 is the cheapest for now.. ^^

          • miss.ticism said:

            thanks ^_^

            I’ll try to check her site from time to time to get updates πŸ™‚

  137. daragonkeke said:

    oh my gawd! oh my gawd!!!! im so getting the front seat!!!

  138. daragonkeke said:

    OH MY GAWD OH MY GAWD!!!! im so getting the front seat!!!!!!!

  139. Augh, procuring tickets is gonna be hard, not only kpop fans, but also all DARA fans are gonna clamor for the tickets. >.>

  140. tamtamie said:

    waah~ i really want to go!! TT-TT
    i hope i can afford the ticket..this will be a one shot chance..haha! even in a far view i’m ok with it.. πŸ™‚
    just to see Dara and 2NE1 perform on stage right in front of me i’ll be proud of it.. haha!
    btw, are the OH!DARA staffs and peepz will be going??
    i want to meet all DARA fans. πŸ™‚

  141. wow I need to be there my husband promise me to treat me to their concert once they gonna hold it here…yahooo…besides it’s near to my bday!!!

    • me too… it’s near my birthday… if this is true this would be the best birthday gift i could give myself… πŸ˜€

  142. miss.ticism said:

    PH BLACKJACKS!!!! omo omo omo omo omo! I might have stood John Mayer up, but 2ne1?!?!?!?!?!?!


  143. glazelovesdara said:

    Oh my god! is this for real? Waaa.. I have to save money waa.. SWEAR WATEVER WILL HAPPEN I WILL GO TO ARANETA FOR 2NE1 πŸ™‚ I LOVE THEM SO OOOOO MUCH

  144. NidzUnni said:

    If its true, see you there BlackJacks!… i really want to participate or join the project but i think im too old for that kkk… i just want to see Dara again! and of course 2NE1!!!

  145. santoshi said:

    I wonder how much would be the ticket. And I have another problem, I don’t know who to go with if ever I have money to buy ticket. I live far from Manila. 😦 But I really want to go to the concert!

    • lets all go together hehehhee and shout we love u DARA!!!!!

    • (about the tickets & where/who u go with u stay coz ur not familiar w/ a place) Im sure Admin will help you about that, or the welovedara staff, JUST WAIT… BJ oh yeah!

    • issahgannee said:

      same problem with santoshi… T__T

    • Let’s go together guys. kekeke. I mean the more the merrier right? Good thing they changed the venue, Big Dome is more accessible and it’s Dara’s dream concert venue. πŸ˜€

      • yup lets all go together but the problem is the ticket/seats we r goin to avail i mean for me im on a budget im upto 3k only… in times like this i really wish dgh is available…

        should we wear our dgh shirts?hahhahaha im not spazzing im just proud appler kekeke

        • I hope too but let’s not talk about that here, kekeke. We don’t want misunderstanding right? πŸ˜€ But anyway we can meet before the concert then hang-out after. I want to meet all Dara fans, especially D-G fans. Sorry can’t help it. kekeke.

        • CarlaHearts2ne1 said:

          same thought but the other fans might not like it.. but yeah we should get together before or after. i might go with a couple applers i met during the 1st gathering. i wish our other site is up so we could make plans there..:(

      • pinkprincez_mya said:

        me too… wanna join….

  146. mine2love said:

    see you there Blackjacks!!! we should have a fan project for Dara!!!! uggghhh!!!! I only met one blackjack frm Cebu, if youre from cebu DM me in twitter: mine2love so that we can arrange a tarp or anything for Dara!!!

    • issahgannee said:

      hey.. i’m from Cebu.. are you going?.. i soooo want to go but it’s kindah far.. but if i’m with someone, maybe i’ll change my mind.. so?.. weeeeeee…. excited!!!

      • yukirochan said:

        I’m from cebu too….I can go if I can save money for the plane ticket and the concert ticket… I wanna go!!!! T_T

        • wow.. am from cebu too … am just waiting for the confirmation bout the tickets .. hope it wont be very expensive..

          • im from cebu too.. bt im just a mere college student with no money to afford a single ticket.. pls help.. i sooo soo want to go so badly..

            • im from leyte but im currently in cebu.. hope i can meet u guyz so i can share my excitement.. the people here just cant relate..

    • shellmaprain said:

      hey i’m from cebu too…i also would like to go…oh i can’t wait to see dara and the girls…

      • it seems that there will be a lot of bisaya during the concert..:)

        • They can relate to sandara’s beautiful filipino accent, thats why ^_^

          …. just like my beloved mom ^^

          • dara’s always been loved by filipinos .. heheh i even remebered the time when i went to the SCQ fanmeet thru BNY before.. heheh i didnt go to school since i watched.. :))

  147. I sooooooo wanna be there! I feel bad not being able to attend. Dara so near yet so far! I feel near her by reading things about her here in the internet and watching pictures and videos. So far not being able to see her in person. T_T

  148. guys!!!!!
    we have to make this successfull!!!!

    as in super duper to the next level after one minute sold out tickets kind of successfull!!!
    because if we do…
    then it means….
    after 2ne1…!!


    B! to the I to the G…BANG!!!!!

  149. yaaaaa I’m new here. heeee dara dara dara! kawaaaaaii neh!

  150. LET’S PARTY PARTY!!!..^^,

  151. i think its accurate cause happe sy (one of the organisers of super show 3) & UNIVERSAL RECORS (the distributor of 2ne1 albums in the philippines) posted it @ 2ne1philippines fanpage… see it here:!/photo.php?fbid=188785484490909&set=a.188785374490920.34648.160789647290493&theater

    and go to their site:

    scroll down and see how there’s a message from happee sy about changing the venue from SMX CONVENTION TO ARANETA..aish!! money!! i need to save a lot of money now!!! lol

  152. mnemoncz said:

    yeah…love this…i will already start to save money for the tickets and expenses needed in going to manila….im really excited with this…SUPER!!…

  153. smiley18 said:

    yeah, I agree the MB is one of the leading news paper in the Phil. but like the others, I want to hear a confirmation from YG himself or any of the girls. I live in the UAE for more that 4 years now and I didn’t have a chance to come back home since I left Manila becoz of my work here. But if the girls will be really be Manila in May then I will take my leave of by then instead of August.

    I made a promise for my friends that I will come back home once 2NE1 or Big Bang will be in the Phil. Now that we hear this news they are bugging me now that I have to come home in May. And I hope my boss will let me. keke

  154. MB is one of the leading newspapers in PH. I’m still on hold since there were no announcements from YG’s side and since DARA is famous in PH, any bit of info that involves her is “news worthy”, for all we know maybe the promoter is just spouting this just to drum up publicity for his event.

    Anyway, if this is true, the Dara will be able to fulfill one of her life’s wishes… to hold a concert in Araneta Coliseum

    • the promoters dont need anything like that. it’s kinda offensive, what u said. pls be more mindful of ur words.

      • Sorry dear if you got offended, but I can’t help but think that way since there is no word from YG yet, nor any hints from Dara’s me2day or anything. Announcing something this big with very little information as to what the event is about, it bound to get a lot of questions.


      FYI Hapee Sy is Pulp Live Productions’ Vice President. And she’s the one who brought Super Junior’s SS2 & SS3 here in the Philippines. So, I don’t think there’s a need to doubt her credibility. (just saying)

  155. Is Manila Bulletin trust worthy? Anyways, I’m happy for the BJs in the Philippines, you guys are so lucky! But hope that Dara can update you guys about this though! Fighting, and please for those who are going to watch bring Dara’s banner w/ you guys, and also a camera so that you can update us! Kekeke! πŸ™‚

  156. apple_mango said:

    say na na na na,na na na na “BOOM”
    This gonna be “eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh” 2ne1
    “BOOMbastic concert”..
    but huhuhu,,,sad to say that i can’t come coz i’m too far from MANILA..
    but i’ll be happy enough even if it just a fancam…
    guys upload your upcam ok…
    “Lets go party”…

  157. Time to stalk the ticketnet website! I hope they release the prices soon so fans can prepare.

  158. woooh! punta tau sa fiesta~ lets go party!!

  159. im gonna watch this!

  160. wanna know how much is ticket….i need to be there i promise to be very good girl 24/7 for 1 whole year….


    • I really wanna go.. When Dara said she wanted 2ne1 to have a concert in araneta.. I said to myself that I would definitely watch.. But I have no savings yet and I’m not in Manila… Definitely lots if fans will watch especially it’s summer so no class….I Hope ABS-CBN will do a coverage of their concert for fans who can’t be able to be there ,, invite them to perform on ASAP!!!!

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