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Comments on: "Photos: 2NE1 for a New Camera CF?!?" (19)

  1. super love 1st pic. she looks great…stylish and personality

  2. i’m liking this:)) goddess D is now starting to wear more girly clothes/dresses. thanks stylist:)) i hope there would be a CF or release of official photos. wanna wanna see it:))

  3. ^-^speèchless*

  4. wow!! new cf for them!! yehey!.;p
    i wonder what brand it is??
    let just wait! keke.;p

  5. ia dara gaining some weight? i noticed on the last pic… i hope she does coz she will better… she will look more gorgeous and younger… wanna know what brand is that soon…

  6. ia dara gaining some weight? i noticed on the first pic… i hope she does coz she will better… she will look more gorgeous and younger… wanna know what brand is that soon…

  7. Pretty Dara on the 1st pic looks like she’s holding a Sony Nex 3/5 camera, with the big lens in front… You’re endorsing another camera again Dara-yah! It was cannon before, back in the Phils… Keep up the good work!

  8. Yipiiiiii new cf!!!!!! Love the 1st pic<333

  9. Show me your guns Dara! lol did she gain weight or she developed muscles? either way, it looks good on her. i don’t like my girls skinny rofl. she looks smokin hot in the first photo with her muscled arms, seriously! loooove her in the dress and the rest of her photos of course. Go! go! Go! Dara girl. Go 2ne1!

  10. Haha! Finally,they know what’s hairstyle that would fit for looks really good on her!

  11. I hope OhDara staff would not mind but guys please join WeLoveDara’s First Ever Project!! just visit and leave messages for our Goddess. Mechanics on how to leave the message is there. Thanks! (BTW, I am not connected with welovedara. I just think that what they are doing is really great)

  12. she looks like she got tanned in that first pic. 😀 I’m so glad that D gained some needed weight. I hope she keeps it up. Can’t wait for their japanese debut.

  13. Dara’s a fashion photographer – I loved it! and all Dara’s pics with Bommie, CL & Minzy looks so cool and chic. ^_^

  14. She is perfect for a Camera ad coz she likes taking pictures all the time. 2ne1 girls always look beautiful in whatever they do. I love the first pic a lot.

  15. i think its a cf for a camera or something..

  16. Oohh..La~ La~
    My Sweet Darling Goddess D~
    Why be soo irresistibly hot then be too adorable for words the next?! 😛
    Can’t wait for th girls new CF!!
    <333!! Love Dara solo shots!
    and the group pics are really cool as well~

  17. !!!!!!beautiful!!!! super like this pic….

  18. The first picture was just…drop dead gorgeous and also when she was wearing a dress!!! God she seem to be getting younger each day… Is this a curious case of sandara park??? Haha kidding.. She is just so stunning hot and innocent, pure yet smoking… Gee I can’t describe it!

  19. dararose29 said:

    Cuteness! Superlike !

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